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Golem Clone Deck that Works!

Golem Clone deck
Golem Clone deck

It was my boring days in Clash royale, playing the same old decks. Until I recently found the synergy between Golem, Night witch and clone. I have found the synergy a beast. The golem air decks deck. Just seriously though, there will be lots of bats and dragons when the enemy is overwhelmed.


The creation for this deck is not as easy as you are supposed to think. I am starting this deck with a lumberjack and night witch also furnace. I mean to have a raging bat too but it failed when facing against inferno as I have no zap also pekka rekt me because I got no distraction.

Then I also have the deck with inferno dragon but it is just reliant and quickly switched to the mega minion. And here it comes. The beautiful Golem clone deck. The beauty of this deck is that the clone is played as a surprise card. Which means you can play this deck with only seven cards and still win the game. The clone is supposed to be the game changer when you place it. As it can instantly turn the tide of the game into your favors.

So without further ado, Heres the fantastic deck.

Golem – The Main Tank

Golem has always been my favorite tank. I just like beatdown archetype very much and never going to miss any deck that includes this card. I have been testing a lot of golem decks since the meta of goison. Decks. The reason I like this card is that of its tackiness and beatdown-style that gives a lot of big beatdown deck idea that is unstoppable. Another reason why I like golem is because it is suitable for crown farming, especially back in the day of clan chest. There’s a lot of 3 crowns that I gave to my clan.

The reason that golem is good with a clone is that of 2 reasons.

It gives double the explosion damage that at tournament standards, gives 730 Area damage from a cloned golem and golemites death. Instantly killing any squishy troops that come in contact with the golem.
Golem Clone gives a lot of distraction. It can take up to 3 more hits from the enemy crown tower. Not just that, we haven’t counted the cloned support troops that give way too much value.
Baby Dragon – Splasher

Baby dragon will be your golem main supporter in this deck since splash supporting unit is always needed.

Whether you want to run any deck with a golem. I will always try to have a baby dragon with a golem. Why? 1. When enemy run a lightning card, baby dragon is usually the beefiest of all support troops. Meaning that it will always support the golem because of the tankiness of baby draggy

The Splash that baby dragon offers can be a quite solid choice for only a four elixir card troops. So it likes if you want a solid splasher that has a good amount of health for just only 4 elixirs. It perfectly suites with the golem archetype where you want to have good support that is not expensive.
Baby dragon can also be decent when cloned, giving some splashy area damage that surely can help you to kill that swarm or tower faster than before.

Night Witch – Slayer

Night witch is the ultimate hog killer in this deck. You must save this melee troop since we have only one melee troop targeting unit in this game. And also night which is a bit squishy for a melee troop, always try to use either tombstone or night witch to kill the hog. Having two of those cards together for defending will give your opponent spell value. Especially if they have poison.

So here are some tips to play night witch. When building a big push, try to have the night witch deployed after golem. This will give more time for the NW to produce more bats to assist her and also don’t forget to separate the night witch from the tombstone

Mega minion – Aireal Defense

Mega minion, oh I love it. This troop only cost 3 elixirs and is fireball resistant. He can be your cheap defender alongside with guards.

So what’s the function of mega minion in this deck?

– As a cycle to be placed in the back

– Paired with guards. It can defeat elite barbs and also other ground troops like pekka if unsupported.

-Destroy enemy chipping miner

Clone – The Secret Recipe

Okay, commonly called as one of the worst spells in the game. But I have tried out a lot of decks with this spell. It seems not to be working correctly until I created this deck. So basically, You can play this deck with only  7 cards. Yes, 7 cards.

The clone is like the suprise card. Remember when you watch an action movie, and the villain always has a devastating secret power that they hide. You are the same with them. It means that you should not use a clone when you are not pushing. It is okay to lose a tower early on as long as you can keep those elixir advantages.

In a very critical moment, using clone on defense is usually unrecommended but you can use it if you think you really need to.  The strength of the clone comes when you are going to push to the crown tower. When all of your troops have come near the crown tower, it is the time to clone. NEVER EVER play the clone when your beatdown push has just passed the bridge and not yet reached their enemy crown tower because usually, they have some spells and troop that still can defend well.

The Best moment to play the clone is :

1.when your troops have reached to the enemy crown tower

When your troops are fighting against their enemy troops on the enemy side.
When your push has gone but there are some troops that have a sliver of health left attacking their crown tower. Example: a dying night witch and a dying mega minion. The enemy will think that their crown tower will just finish them off. But when you clone it. It will take more hits for the push to be destroyed. thus making a clutch tower destroy.
The weaknesses of the clone are when the enemy have poison or tornado spell. Really, they just wreck you off. The best tip is just to clone it after they placed  the spell and never before they place it. Try to separate your troops. Example : your baby dragon is supporting your golem to kill that tesla and your night witch has just been deployed to attack the enemy crown tower.

When you are facing the executioner. I think it is still easier to be defeated. Just poison the executioner alongside with the building or supports if they have it. Then wait for your golem to go to the enemy crown tower. The way I usually get a tower destroyed is the power of cloning golem and night witch. It is okay if the night witch is not cloned, but the golem is the main priority. As a golem and golemites dying creates over 360 Damage. Clone it and their crown tower will take 720 death damage. It might not seem a lot, but remember. It is only dying damage. If the cloned golem ever give a punch to the enemy crown tower, that’s pretty much a tower down.

Remember, this deck can be played with only 7 cards. When you think the enemy can play their poison or tornado perfectly. Just save your clone when you think the moment is right. Spending 3 elixir for nothing is one of the most common mistakes when playing a deck with a clone.

Guards – Main Defender

You may want to save this troop exclusively for defending especially when it is still 1x elixir. Guard is the prime defender against Prince, Dark Prince, Pekka, Inferno dragon, and many more. Yes, a lone guard can stop a charging dark prince . You can see the tech on OJ video.

Guards will be the main banker for enemy support troops also. For example, when the enemy push with golem and hunter. Quickly place the night witch and mega minion to destroy the golem. The job of taking support troops can be given to the guard with the help of your spells.

When pushing and you know the enemy have either pekka, inferno dragon or inferno tower. You can deploy the guards in front of the golem. Saving hitpoints for your golem to be able to reach the crown tower.

Remember to use guards as creatively as possible to defend.

– Split guards to minion hordes.

– Guards in the middle to defeat elite barbs single-handedly

– Guards in the middle near the river to distract enemy mega minion that is supporting enemy lava hound

-Guards in the middle near the river to distract enemy inferno tower

– Guards to take out enemy miners.

– Guards to take out graveyard if the enemy uses poison. Use the guards to take care of the tank that is tanking the graveyard. The job of clearing the graveyard can be given to baby dragon or mega minion and also night witch.

– A well-placed guard can let hogs to take only one hit to the tower. The trick is when the enemy hog rider is deployed. Place the guard in front of the hog rider asap. The hog movement will be blocked by the guards or a while. And when the moment the hog is going to land his second hits, the guard has already killed him. Remember, Timing is crucial. Even if you lost a split second, it can cost you over 250+ damage to your crown tower.

In case you think that you want to have a building, you can switch guard to the tombstone. It can handle lavaloon a bit better while I think having guards will give you more advantage when pushing. As cloned guards can take 6 hits from enemy pekka.

So, Guards for more offensive style, Tombstone for more defensive power. But if you play tombstone, you will suffer from poison and log a lot. Tombstone sometimes cannot be a reliable distraction because of how common poison and log is. While guards can still do a bit of distraction when logged and also take more time to be killed even when poisoned.

Poison – Area Denial

I have a feeling that poison is one of the best spells in beatdown deck. You can kill three musketeers with this card and also kills tombstone which is an annoying building for beatdown decks to face.

Poison will always be your go-to spell for pushing. When the enemy playstyle is to kill all of your support troops whether its exenado or rocket. Then just do a push with golem and poison. It is devastating and works even if the golem is unsupported. When you want to take the tower down clearly. The clone can also be your best option.

When defending, clone is hardly trusted to be a defender. That’s why you have a baby dragon. This dragon will be your main defender for swarm troops except gobs barrel.  A minion horde and charging units like a bandit, ram, or princes is also found commonly. You can use baby dragon and zap to take care of that. Sure you may take some tower damage. But you do get a lot of elixir advantage that can be saved for your push. If you don’t want to take any damage, Baby dragon and guards can also be your best choice.


Zap – To defeat that pesky inferno

Since I’m a no fan of lightning and electro wizard. I will always have zap in any of my beatdown deck. I just can’t play if there is no zap in my deck. Facing inferno will just be hard to be won. Save your zap for goblin barrel. If there is a charging troops heading to your tower, don’t forget to zap them so they won’t get double the damage on your crown tower.

Facing against spell bait user. This is one of the most common mistakes that I found when spectating golem player with zap. When you deploy a golem in the back of king tower.

Usually the enemy will throw a goblin barrel to your tower. What I will do is just ignore it. Yes ignore it, why?

If you zap their goblin. It means that you cannot deal with that inferno and also there is no way to cycle back to zap with a golem deck. Means that your push will be likely to fail
If you kill your goblin barrel with your troops. It means that your support troops will be in front of your golem. Meaning that you have wasted your elixir that if not wasted. Have a potential for you to destroy the tower.
Remember, when facing against spell bait user, you may want to deploy the golem when you know you have that elixir advantage. Because if you aren’t and you do not defend that goblin barrel. Your opponent will still likely to be able to defend against your push. So, always keep in mind that to start a push, always have the elixir lead first to be able to overwhelm your opponent.

Deck Matchup:

– Golem Decks

Golem deck is usually a fifty-fifty win percentage. I believe it is up to the skill of the respective user to control their own deck. Always poison the pump if your enemy has one. Don’t forget to gangbang their supports with guards and kill their golems asap with your Night witch and Mega minion.

– Lava Hound Decks.

Can be one of the easiest matchup. Because usually you will win against most of the pushes. Your deck has Night witch’s bats, Baby dragon, and mega minion to stop their lava hound. Also keep in mind that your deck also have guards to distract their supports.

You can clone your golem to kill their mega minion or minion hordes. But I will prefer to just poison them. Try to fight their lava hound in one lane if you can. Because you can kill their hound easily and later on support your golem.

If the enemy uses lavaloon combo. Try to hold the tower, using clone to duplicate your mega minion and baby dragon can also be tried. If you lose the tower, It is okay. Fighting in the opposite lane and ignore the lavaloon to try who get the fastest three crown. This deck has an amazing DPS and you have the chance to win it more.

– RG decks

Night witch to take care of the RG, If they have support troops you have 2 option.

Use poison if their support is swarms
Use Guards if their support is a single unit like musketeer or mega minion.
Not much to say, I think rg is less to be found nowadays. And I believe since this deck is specialized in challenges. you are supposed to win more against only level 9 Royale giant.

– Pekka Decks

A pain in the ass that usually counters golem archetype deck. Though I think we can win against pekka deck easily if you can play the deck carefully. If you cannot go for the win because of their GG defense. Try to go for the draw as I have tried it and success against a pekka poison 2 prince deck in master. The key is, this is a golem deck with a flying support unit. So the enemy pekka won’t be able to hurt the support unit. Overwhelm them with clone if they don’t have poison. If they do and always spams it. It can be hard  and usually I will not overspend and try for a counterpush.

Usually if you want to win the game. Try to let the pekka deck push first. Kill the pekka with your support units tanked by the guards. If the pekka has died. Quickly drop the golem in front of your units. The enemy will be likely to deploy their pekka again, okay that’s okay. It’s now the time for you to stack those baby dragon and mega minion in the sky. Clone the unit is ready. And that is one tower down.

– Hog decks

Pretty much the same when you play other beatdown decks. You will usually lose a tower or take a lot of damage to the tower before 2x elixir. Remember, Elixir comes first It is okay to lose a tower if you got a hella lot of elixir advantage.

Always push when it is 2x elixir time. Try not to do it before  2x elixir since you are not a golem-pump deck. Save your money and be ready for the push. :C

– Giant decks

Giant deck is like the combination of facing a hog and golem decks. It is still a beatdown vs beatdown. But usually when a good giant player fight against golem. They will try to play the giant in a controlled way.

Which means they will pressure you by dropping a giant when you drop a golem down. And you may want to kill that giant with any of your support troops. When it is a beatdown vs beatdown fight. You are the one who likely to win because golem and clone itself can take care of most of their support units. Save the poison if they have swarm or if the giant use graveyard.

– 3M decks

Last but not least, this is what I usually call a tough matchup but very possible to win. Why? let’s see my explanation and how I win a 20 win 3m guy with this deck.

– If they use elixir collector. Don’t hesitate to poison it.

– Their next move which is the most common one is to deploy the 3m on the back of the king tower. Now place the golem on the lane where they deploy the 2 musketeer. and Save the elixir to kill the 1 musketeer. If the 1 musketeer is supported heavily. Use a baby dragon in the middle but is still in the  lane of golem to attack me and use zap to kill the swarms that supported the lone musky. Quickly followed by the guards to kill the lone musketeer.

But if the enemy supports the 2m heavily to kill your golem. It is your time to shine. Quicky use a clone followed by a baby dragon to kill those 2 musketeers. A dying golem clone will leave sliver health for the 2 musketeers. Not to mention that 3m decks usually have a lot of swarms which means a clone golem will take care of all of the swarms.

Example of fights :

Dark prince + Musketeer, Zap the charging dark prince and kill the musketeer with guards

Musketeer + Ram + Minion Horde, Place baby dragon and zap the minion horde to finish em off, Place the guard between the ram and musketeer to tank the unit both.

If you have lost 1 tower, always save the guards to deal with that aggressive 3m placement on the middle of your side.

Remember, Save the clone to clone your golem if you want to kill the unit immediately. Or you can just poison em to kill the swarms slowly.


This is not your traditional golem beatdown deck as it contains the power of clone. This deck works best if your enemy doesn’t know your deck yet. Because once your enemy knows that your deck has clone. They will be ready whenever you clone your unit. Cloning when the enemy got to the crown tower is the best idea because the tower will instantly get busted even if the enemy reacts fast.

Doesn’t mean to show off, but this deck can be pretty versatile against a lot of matchup. I recently won a challenge and tournament with over 16 battles fighting against deck like 3m up to classic hog cycle deck. The key to winning this deck is to defend according to what your opponent deploys. Since this deck doesn’t have any of the building nor collectors. The Defensive power of this deck is reliant to the troops and spells.

However, when comes to pushing, this deck can almost beat any kind of defending type. If you have read through all of this guides. I wish you best of luck to you.

This is B.W.

Peace out

email: brianwgraal@gmail.com

this guide contains 3.4k+ words. Omg

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