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Golem 5.0 – Beatdown God?


Hey guys Lolman here (Again) with this cool new currently off meta deck. (Not for long) Now this deck was made by TMD Yao Yao. I went and tried it out in a tournament to see how easy it is to pick up and came first place.

This tournament did have good players in it whom I defeated with ease. I went with a single loss in the tournament which I believe is great considering that this deck is 5.0 average Elixir cost. Yes 5.0.

Before you guys close the guide, bear in mind this deck has a Collector and 3 Muskets and Golem. You also do have several *somewhat* cheap defensive troops but this deck is mainly focussed on offense.

This deck was featured in 2 videos which I will link below, check them out. In surgical Goblins video the deck is the last 2 battles and it’s the deck featured in Clash With Ash’s entire video.

Golem Beatdown Deck

Insane Golem Beatdown Deck with 5.0 Elixir Average!

Clash Royale GolemClash Royale Three MusketeersClash Royale elixir collectorClash Royale Minions
Clash Royale Minion HordeClash Royale The LogClash Royale LumberjackClash Royale Goblin Gang

Cards Breakdown

Elixir Collector– Probably the most important card in this deck.

With the 5.0 cost you want at least 1-2 Pumps down by 2x Elixir. Though it’s not impossible to win without having Elixir collectors down.

Protect your pump at all costs. (That being said there’s no way to protect it from a Rocket but if someone Rockets he can be punished with 3 Muskets)

Golem- The main tank.

This deck is flexible. In some games your win con might be Lumberjack + Horde, other matchups you might use your 3 Muskets to do most damage but for the sake of simplicity your main goal is to get your Golem to the Tower so this is your main win condition.

In my opinion where this deck shines is it’s comeback potential so dropping a Golem at the start is fine as long as you are sure you won’t loose a Tower.

Taking damage doesn’t matter with this deck, I always go for the 3 crown with this deck.

Three Musketeers- This is one of your 3 main Fireball bait cards.

Try not to give opponents value + a Tower when placing them in one lane. Ie- If you put them to defend Lavaloon but opponent Fireball + Zaps and takes the Tower.

I almost never split the 3 muskets unless I haven’t drawn out the Fireball or unless I use them in defense. There’s really no need for it. The moment your opponent Fireball + Zaps, push with Minion Horde immediately (This is only if your opponent doesn’t have cards like Wizard etc.)

Splitting 3 Muskets is up-to you and what sort of match-up you have. Unless I know opponent has a direct counter in cycle I avoid doing so.

Lumberjack- This is a win more sorta card. It’s your main ground defense.

*Can* be replaced by Knight but the Rage is why this is here. For quick LJ+ Horde pushes if opponent Fireballs your pump etc as well as to add to your push. It shreds through defensive troops.

Lumberjack+ 3 Muskets + Golem + Minions etc usually = a three crown.

Minions- Air defense troops. If you want to draw out spells before you place your Minion Horde on defense. Eg- Minions on Balloon -> Arrows? Then Minion Horde should be placed. Similar principle vs Graveyard Freeze etc.

Minion Horde- Fireball bait but also defense.

This is good if you notice your opponent Fireballs your pump and you have a general idea what your opponent deck is you can slip in a Lumberjack + Horde for a quick Tower etc.

Its DPS is amazing but play this card wisely. Similar to 3 Muskets because those 2 cards, because they are so expensive are prone to receive negative Elixir trades.

Goblin Gang- Log/ Zap bait and along with Lumberjack mainly used on defense vs troops like e-barbs etc. Can be used in your deathball push as well as with a Lumberjack for a quick push if you have a window.

Ie- Opponent overcommits to get rid of Pump. I’ve had that happen and was able to take a quick Tower in one of the games I’ve played.

The Log- Only spell in this deck, mainly for offense because of how many answers there are for Goblin Barrel in this deck but initially at the start of the game, logging the Goblin Barrel is a smart idea.

General Gameplan

Quick summary on the deck

In a nutshell this deck is a bait deck.

Typically decks these days run either a Fireball, a Lightning, a Log etc. They don’t carry multiple spells. This deck utilizes that to the maximum.

Lightning bait is the Pump, 3 muskets. Fireball are Minion Horde, 3 Muskets, Pump. You capitalize on opponents mistakes and misplays.

This deck has no Zap but can demolish an Inferno Tower in a heartbeat. Takes care of Inferno Dragon etc.

Early game( 3:00- 2:00)


This is the main goal of this phase.

Though I have had games where the pump was my last card and cycling in this deck is horrible. It’s okay to start off with a Golem but don’t try and overcommit to the push.

Focus on defending.

If your opponent doesn’t rush you, maybe at most go with Minions behind that Golem to gauge out counters.

You don’t want to waste Elixir but it’s okay to be aggressive and take damage with this deck.

With a Collector down before even the 2 minute mark you can start a big push with a Golem.

With this deck, it’s okay to take damage but this early on… best not to loose a Tower just yet. Otherwise your opponent can simply focus on defending which isn’t always good for you if they have several cards hard counters. Ie- Arrows and Lightning.

If you are pumping up and defending Golem the lane that has damage, smart players will rush other lane but you can also capitalize on it and defend + counterpush the opposite lane with a healthy Golem walking down the damaged lane.

TL;DR: Pump up. Defend. It’s okay to Golem during this time but don’t overcommit to the push. If Tower is damaged push that lane so opponent plays into you and keep track of opponents cycle

Mid Game- (2:00-1:00)

By now you should have at least 1 pump down. (It’s okay if opponent uses spells on pump. This is the only case it’s fine not to have one up.)

Now you have 2 options.

If you have a pump up and running, start up your pushes. You want to sent wave after wave of Golems at opponents Tower. With your opponents cards, cycle and counters in mind be a little cautious. I usually am very aggressive with my pushes. Log is a key card here. A typical push at this stage by myself would be a Golem in the back.

If my opponent is focused on defending which is a bad idea because of just how violent this deck can get I would usually add in a Lumberjack + Goblin Gang, followed shortly by Minions (To avoid value zaps). The Log would be in hand. With your Elixir Collector and 3 Muskets on defense going this far is fine.

If opponent pushes then it’s a 3 crown, if opponent defends you get more Elixir and can pump up again leaving opponents base in chaos. Remember the Golemites also tank.

Around now your opponent will also have an idea about your deck so the dilemma of “Should I use my Poison or Fireball on his/ her Elixir Collector” will be present so you usually are able to pump up because 3 muskets is a bit too much of a threat for most to ignore. If your opponent does indeed use a spell then go for it. 3 muskets right behind your Golem. Your Collector will still give you a few Elixir.

TL;DL Well you want to keep pumping up. If you have pumps then push with Golem. 3 muskets should be used in defense. You can draw out spells using cards like Horde etc on offense for that to be possible

Late game- (1:00- Overtime)

During this time all hell will break loose.

This being a beatdown deck, not a lot of skill is required here. Especially if you have 2 Elixir collectors down. I just place troop after troop.

Similar to Goison, behind the Golem. Just play smart though.

Ie- If opponent is defending with a Wizard and is yet to target on your Golem, don’t Minion Horde on top. One thing I like to do in this part is to 3 Musketeer behind the Golem, especially if opponent is defending with an Inferno and then drawing out spells you just Minion Horde center to take down the Inferno Tower letting your Golem move to the Tower and you have a fairly healthy Horde for your opponent to deal with.

The more Collectors down the more you can add to the push. It’s not too hard to know what cards to place down depending on what your opponent defends with. Keeping your Golem alive isn’t *That* important because Golemites still tank for you but all the same, try to do so in your pushes.


Now that I spoke strategy onto the juicy bits. Match-ups.


Lavaloon- This is probably the easiest match-up to face with this deck.

You have Minion Horde, 3 Muskets, Minions. I use Minions to draw out Arrows and Horde to actually kill the Balloon.

Like I said before it’s okay to take damage. If you see Lavahound in the back, with or without your Collector it’s wise to Golem the same lane.

Thing with beatdown is, bigger your tank, the better. If your opponent has an Inferno Dragon it’ll be a little annoying but in this case I’d put 3 Muskets at bridge to deal with the Inferno Dragon and then ignore the Lavahound and follow the Golem with a Lumberjack with your finger on your Log. Time this well because typically Lavaloon has Skarmy/ Goblin Gang and Tombstone.

You can also rush the opposite lane with Golem + Minions. This should be done if you have a Pump, then you can punish your opponent who like all smart people would arrow the Minions (You should place Minions a bit late if opponent has Baby Dragon) and then follow up with a Horde post arrow bait. It’s completely fine going for the trade because this deck is much much better with 1 Tower down than almost any other deck.

Other beatdown- Play into your opponents pushes. One thing this deck has is, DPS. 3 Muskets, Horde, Goblin Gang, Lumberjack. These all bleed out DPS. You can take down their tanks much much faster most the time and then aid with your push.

Spell bait- You will take damage, its fine. Especially vs Hog spell bait. Try not to loose a Tower.

I always Golem right after Hog or the main offense is used vs these decks. Log should be saved for Goblin Barrel but later into the game if you Golem and opponent uses Hog+ Goblin Barrel etc. Then use Minions or Horde even to defend it so you add to your push. Offense is really your main goal with this deck.

It’s not a super defensive deck despite the defensive potential.

The average cost is high, the Elixir Collector is there to mitigate your bad potential trades and give you an advantage in building those deathball pushes.

Inferno Tower in General

No Zap, no Electro Wizard, no Lightning. Yes you heard me. Golem will get shredded right?

Unfortunate answer is… in the first 2 minutes it’s more than likely.

Ideally you want a Horde or Minions to distract it as Golem approaches Tower but in the first 2 minutes it’s not too easy to break through an Inferno Tower defense.

Here I’ll include how I work around the *weakness* (not really this deck is op) of this deck. So in a nutshell Minions/ Minion Horde are the main defense. Inferno Tower is usually only found in Hog spell bait decks or Miner etc so this should be only used after drawing out the Fireball. An E-Wiz can be dealt with by your Horde quite easily while distracting the Tower. Only issue you will face is if opponent has E-Wiz + Zap but then that’s a 6 for 5 trade.

Horde vs Inferno though didn’t have enough elixir because I didn’t defend my opponents push very well and dropped Golem a bit too soon so this push was stopped by E-wiz + Goblin Gang. I did win the game in the end.

Here I defended my opponents push and took more damage but it pays off. Tower HP is your resource. I was able to save 3 elixir and drop Goblin Gang and this means that E-wiz cannot, along with 2 towers stop this push and I was able to drop Lumberjack as well with my finger on The Log.

Bowler Graveyard

Since 2 videos were posted this deck is obviously good. This deck is very good vs this despite opponent having Bowler, Tornado and Poison.

Typically Lumberjack is great on defense. You can play mind games with opponent by maybe Minions on Tower for defense + Horde over the troops.

Troops will die super fast and if Poisones Minions you can always Log or just place a Lumberjack who is great at taking them out.

Always put Collector in opposite lane.

Also Bowleryard is terrible vs 3 muskets on defense. Especially since it’s hard to decide what to Poison (This can be fixed by Tornadoing 3 muskets into Poison but all the same 3 Muskets for Graveyard – 5+ Poison – 4+  Tornado 3- is a 12 for 9 trade and not always possible if opponent builds up a push and in 2x Elixir you also are able to drop things just as fast and faster if you have collectors up.

So vs this deck, any sort of Poison is actually beneficial for you.

Ie- Poisons Horde on troops? Your Minions kill the Graveyard. Poisons pump? Lets you use Horde, 3m and Minions. Poisons anything else? You can pump up.

In a way this deck has a rather large advantage in this match-up.


Now that I’ve covered most of there is to cover. I just wanted to share this with you. It’s a very easy deck to play and one that I think will rise in popularity as time passes by. Initially if you are not a beatdown player like myself (Only beatdown I’ve played is probably Goison) you may loose (despite me winning the tournament). It’s a very fun deck and right now quite off meta. Not many will expect a deck this crazy but it is insanely strong and has a lot of potential. Hopefully you guys enjoy playing it as much as I do and crush the competition.

Lolman out.


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