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Giant Witch Deck for Arena 5+ – 25 3-Crown Wins in A Row!

Hello everyone, today its Unstoppable with a deck that’s perfect for both lower arena and higher arena players.

Let me tell you a story. I have a friend who has been strugging in a lower arena, and I offered to help him out. He doesn’t have a lot of cards unlocked yet, so I built him a standard Witch Giant deck, with a few extra goodies added.

I promised him a Three Crown if I helped him out with my deck, and amazingly, we didn’t stop until we won 25 games in a row, all of them 3 crowns. By then, I had to leave, so I let him continue the streak onward by himself.

Giant Witch Counter Push Deck

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Giant Witch Deck for Arena 5+

I would much rather use this deck, Giant, Witch, Prince, Fireball, Zap/Log, furnace, Archers, Minions, however he did not have many of these replacements unlocked yet.

So I will explain my preferred Giant Witch Deck and how it is so strong for getting three crowns and how to use it.

Deck Analysis:

Giant – The win condition of the deck. It is literally the first card you receive in the game, along with Knight, Archers, and a few others.

It has never really left the meta, always being able to combo with some other cards like Balloon, Witch, lightning, and various troops at various levels of the game.

It has a MASSIVE amount of HP and is certainly the best health to Elixir cost ratio. Sometimes you can use it on defense to soak a Prince’s charge, for instance, or to distract a Musketeer. But the majority of the time, you want to start a massive push behind the Giant consisting of Witch, Giant, and Minions.

The Giant will tank tower hits and any other troops targeting the Giant, while the Witch and Minions decimate the tower and whatever else is targeting the Giant. Try not to clump troops up behind the Giant, or else you are giving your opponent a value Fireball.

Prince: One of the biggest problems to this deck is Executioner. Hence why the Prince is in here. It is one of the first cards unlocked in the game.

The Prince is one of the best counters to Executioner due its high DPS as well as high HP. Behind a Giant, it is very hard to kill. It is great against Bowler, Valkyrie, Mini P.E.K.K.A, and Executioner, which are all prime counters to the Giant Witch combo.

Skeleton Army is probably the only land troop it cannot defeat one on one when it it is charging, along with Barbarians, hence why Zap, Furnace, and Fireball are also in this deck.

Prince is just really strong and underrated with its high HP and DPS right now.

Witch: A very controversial epic right now, with Bowler and Executioner and Valkyrie so popular in the current meta.

Although almost a little underpowered, I mainly use her on defense, as she spawns Skeletons to protect herself while damaging troops with its high hitspeed.

She is great at taking out swarms, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Prince, and Lava Hound decks. Then she translates into a deadly counter push.

If you see your opponent constantly counter her with Valkyrie, bowler, or mega Minion, use your Minions to help her out, or use the Prince to help her to kill the bowler. Otherwise, she spawns a ton of skeletons behind the Giant and provides an insane amount of damage.

Zap/Log: Two cards that provide very similar utility. Zap is much better against air, but Log does more damage and is a much better control card with its knockback effect. Both will work.

One benefit of Zap is resetting Inferno Tower, which is very needed, as Inferno Tower hard counters this deck pretty badly.

Fireball: Another nemesis of this deck is Minion Horde.

Fireball is great against this, and can also get so much value against troops like Barbarians, Archers, Musketeer, Princess, ¦izard, Witch, etc. Great on both defense and offense. It can also clip the tower for 200+ HP especially clutch in overtime and you need to spell cycle your opponent out.

Furnace: Many of the best YouTubers claim the Furnace is the best card in the game, and in all honesty, it probably is.

It has enough HP to stop a Hog Rider completely, and can come close to stopping a Giant. It provides thousands of chip damage per furnace if left ignored. Provides great support and can take out a Minion Horde. Takes a chunk of health of barbs, and can kill most of a skeleton army.

Very strong card and probably will get nerfed soon, but take advantage and use it while you can.

Minions: Such a great support card. Great with helping out a Witch against Valkyrie and Bowler, as well as distracting Inferno if placed in the center. Although weak by themselves, if they get to a tower, they do so much so much damage.

They are great on defense too. A very valuable card to have in your deck!

Archers/Skeleton Army/Tombstone: Although they got nerfed both directly and indirectly. I primarily use them on defense, then counterpush.

  • If you use Skeleton Army as an alternative, you will have much better defense, but less support cards for your Giant.
  • Archers are not as weak to lightning like Witch, which is why they are a great alternative support card for your Giant.
  • Tombstone has pretty much the same effect as Skeleton Army. It is your choice for any of these alternatives.

Gameplay and Tips

The idea behind this deck, is once again, to build up a massive push behind your Giant, preferably in Double Elixir. Concentrate on making positive Elixir trades, and then translating that Elixir into damage on your opponent’s tower.

It’s best to see what troops your opponent has that counters Witch. If he counters with Bowler, use Prince next time along with the Witch. If its Valkyrie, use Minions, but be careful of clumping your troops together. You don’t want to get Fireballed.

In the beginning of the game, always play something first. Start with the Furnace, or the Giant behind the king tower.

I don’t like to split Archers with this deck, in case he has a Elixir Pump you will not be able to punish the opponent as easily.

Witch behind the king tower works as well, there are many opportunities with this deck as for starting hand.

Do not hesitate to Fireball opponent Elixir Pumps, as you CANNOT allow them to gain that advantage. It can easily cost you the game.

Once again, focus on building positive Elixir trades, like countering hog rider with Skeleton Army or Witch, then counterpushing with the Giant and turning that positive Elixir trade into damage.

Double Elixir works well with this deck, as you will have more Elixir to create the optimal furnace, Witch, Giant, Prince push that is so deadly at lower arenas.