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Giant Skeleton + Graveyard + Freeze = Anti-Meta At 4100 Trophies


Hey guys, Leonex here with an anti-meta deck that I’ve recently been playing. It started off as a semi troll deck when i was just paying around with some friends but with a bit of tweaking here and there, it seemed to have evolved into my tourney/challenge deck. If i had high leveled Legendaries, i would use this as a ladder deck as it seems to counter the current meta really well; beatdown decks. Tanky stuff like Giants and Golems.

I won several classic challenges and 1 grand challenge with this deck and got me up to 4137 from 4001 despite my underleveled cards and level 1 Legendaries


Giant Skeleton, Graveyard and Freeze

Deck breakdown

Giant Skeleton: Amazing at defense as it can take out so many stuff when it dies, which is why it’s such an anti meta card. Place it behind you opponent’s tank and it’ll blow up anything that killed it (usually Mega Minions, Musketeers, Ice Wizards, etc.) and significantly damage Bowlers. Additionally, it can also attack troops, which matches fairly well with the Graveyard as you don’t need another damage dealer (like the Giant or Golem). Taking out support troops is the main focus and what this deck needs.

Graveyard: Your main damage dealer. Graveyard is all about timing. Know when to play it and know when not to, and even when you should play it for a last resort defense. With your Giant Skeleton tanking, the Graveyard can deal massive damage. If your opponent tries to deal with your Graveyard, then the higher the chance of your Giant Skeleton to reach the tower. I think you should take a look at this page to read more about the Graveyard If you are still new to it.

Freeze: Your hidden weapon. Can be used during offense or defense. Paired with the Graveyard, this can be very deadly. I’ve played multiple games where my opponent leaves right after i take down a tower with the Graveyard Freeze combo. However, like the Graveyard, timing is very important. The rule of thumb is to play it when you can take out the cards trying to counter your Graveyard. For example, if your opponent plays a Valkyrie, then it can be a wise choice to Freeze her and the tower. However, if he plays Minions, then best not to unless you have something to take the Minions out as they will survive and you will be faced with a deadly counter push.

Ice Wizard: One of my favorite cards in the game. Great for defense and support during offense. Also a great starting card to play as it’s cheap and versatile. Additionally, he can slow down troops to prevent it from escaping the Giant Skeleton’s bomb radius fast enough.
Substitution: Archers – Air defense

Mega Minions: One of the most used cards in the game right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if it receives a nerf soon. For only 3 elixir, you can take out glass cannons, defend against various troops, or deal a LOT of damage to enemy towers. Practically everyone uses the Mega Minions in at least one of their decks, so I don’t really need to elaborate on this any further.

Arrows: Your only damage dealing spell so you should use this wisely. If you can take out some troops without arrows (like with the Ice Wizard or Mega Minions) then try not to use the arrows, especially against spell bait decks. Only use it if you must.
Alt: Zap or log (they cant take out Minions though)

Ice Golem: A great cycle card and distraction. Also a great pseudo tank if you want to counter push real quick after getting some positive elixir trades. A great way to deal with the Skeleton army as well if your Ice Wizard and arrows aren’t available.
Substitution: Log, ice spirit – great way to prevent enemy troops from escaping the Giant Skeleton’s bomb radius.

Tombstone: A great distraction for defense, whether against tanks, hogs, or chip damage cards. Paired up with the Giant Skeleton, it can be a near perfect counter for beatdown decks. Please take a look at this guide to read more about the Tombstone!
Substitution: Inferno Tower – a bit too expensive and can’t be used to distract slow and hard hitters (like Mini P.E.K.K.A or Prince)

General Gameplan

Usually i’d start off with the tombstone or Ice Wizard and occasionally the Mega Minions. The worst hand you can get is the 2 spells, Giant Skeleton and Graveyard. If that happens, then you have no choice but to play the Giant Skeleton. If possible though, avoid play it as a first hand as it’s too expensive and save it for defense or counter pushing.

Try to defend first and then counter push. Put defense as your first priority and go for counter pushes unless your opponent invested in something expensive like the Elixir Collector. Like i said before, sometimes you cant play your Graveyard, especially when your push fails quickly. Save that 5 elixir for defending the counter push. If you can’t do a Giant Skeleton push, then an ice Golem Mega Minions + Graveyard counter push would suffice

Notable counters:

Spell Bait Decks: As you only have 1 damage spell, spell baits can be a real pain. Play your Arrows (or Zap/The Log) wisely and use other cards when possible. Arrows are best for Minions Hordes as they’re the toughest to deal with. It may be hard, but it’s very possible to win. If you know you can’t win, then try your best to go for the draw.

Hut Decks: It’s very unlikely you’ll be facing them but when you do, it can be VERY annoying. Your Graveyard would be almost useless against them and your Giant Skeleton can stop so many hordes, resulting in a stalemate. Find a time to play the Graveyard Freeze as it’s probably your best chance of winning.

That’s pretty much it for this deck. Like most other decks, it takes time to master this deck. The first time i played this deck, i keep forgetting about the Giant Skeleton’s and ice Golem’s death damage and I kept throwing Arrows at hordes when they would’ve died anyways. So take your time to practice with friends and in classic challenges. If you have mastered this deck, then this can be really fun to play. Good luck!


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