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Giant Skeleton Chaos Deck: A Weird 3 Crown Deck


This is one that I’ve used since arena 8. The deck is composed of Giant Skeleton, Inferno Dragon, Night Witch, Wizard, Baby Dragon, Skeleton Army, Mirror, and Rocket. There are many ways to play it, but I play by using the first 2 minutes to learn the opponent’s counters and out predict their cards, getting actual Elixir trades. There are no exact win conditions here, all of them are. The main point of this deck is to punish your opponent for the following patterns heavily. I know. That’s another reason why this deck is weird. However, the versatility it has makes up for it.


Giant Skeleton: Not only is it a good tower destroyer, it’s also a good push destroyer too. See a push coming your way that you can’t counter with attacking? Drop the Skeleton on top. It’s HP will buy you time to collect Elixir and plan your next move. When pushing, the Giant Skeleton will prove very useful in clearing the way for your other troops to reach the tower, and place another one down if your opponent has run out of Elixir trying to counter the last one.

Inferno Dragon Card

Inferno Dragon: The main tank killer, and a good one too. Usually survives every time it has to kill a tank and helps destroy the opposing counter or at least injure it greatly.

Night Witch

Night Witch: Perfect for destroying pesky counters to your tank. Paired with Giant Skeleton and Wizard, kills a Valkyrie meant to destroy the Wizard and then proceeds to wreck the tower. The bats help a lot too, providing cover for the push and supplying extra damage. You could replace her for the Lumberjack, but it reduces some of the control this deck has for brute force. It does work out well.

Wizard Card

Wizard: The best at destroying the Minion Horde, and dealing with swarms that are meant to destroy the Skeleton. Many players assume he has a longer range than he actually does, so they place weak distractions that get immediately obliterated by his fireball. Other than that, he has a great attack with the splash.

Baby Dragon
Baby Dragon: A good air Splank. Deals with many things and serves as a mini tank for the Glass Cannons, as well as splashing. It’s like the Wizard, except more health and less DPS.

Skeleton Army: The main defense you have against heavy hitters. Use it in the middle to kite them, and to avoid the prediction Log. If they get  Zapped, no worries because you have the…


Mirror: What else could you ask for than a second chance. This is the ultimate card in this deck because you can reuse your Skeleton Army to counter, double Rocket to secure the win, bring back your Giant Skeleton that baited the Inferno Tower, surprise with a new fireball Wizard, and more. Use it as you see fit, as long as you don’t waste too much Elixir


Rocket: The perfect spell to clean up large counter pushes (I prefer using Giant Skeleton instead), but it works better as a pocket card, only revealing it when necessary. It destroys Elixir pumps, and if the opponent used it as bait, the Mirror is there for you. Use it wisely and you’re more than likely going to win.


There are many ways to start, but here are my preferences:

Night Witch in the back: Your opponent will be forced to counter the Witch or suffer hundreds of damage, and you get to learn part of their rotation if countered.

Baby Dragon in the back: I know what you’re thinking. Too bad. This deck is very weird, so don’t play it if necessary. However, it has been very useful because either they put down a card which easily dies at the bridge where the Dragon can kill it (For example Goblins), or they counter it when it reaches the tower, revealing heavy counters.

Wizard in the back: Sometimes the opponent rushes in with troops easily countered by the Wizard, and if they Fireball, you now know one of their spells.

Never start with an Inferno Dragon or Skeleton Army. It’ll leave you vulnerable to heavy hitters like prince, P.E.K.K.A. and Mega Knight.

The second minute is to counter your opponent to leave you with an Elixir advantage and build up a push that reveals more of your opponent’s cards.

During Double Elixir time is where you punish your opponent for the patterns they repeat. Build up a big push in the back, preferably starting with the Night Witch because of her Bats. Put a Giant Skeleton in front of her just before she crosses the bridge, followed up by a Wizard. Continually apply pressure until the tower is down, and then move for the King. Defend if the opponent sends troops in the other lane because you’re more than likely going to win at that point, but don’t underestimate what 30 seconds can change

Try out different combos, they all work well. If you know your opponent used Minion Horde or Goblin Gang to counter the Giant Skeleton last time? Use the Wizard. Incoming tank and Electro Wizard? Either of the skeleton cards on top of it and melt the tank with Inferno Dragon. Out-predict your opponent and devastate their towers with brute force in Double Elixir time. This deck is difficult to overcome. After I returned to CR after a few months of not playing, I jumped up 2 arenas from 9 to 11 in 2 days with this. I wish you good luck if you try this deck.

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