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Giant Musketeers – F2P Challenge Deck for Arena 7+


Hey guys, it’s Exordium Clash here, back again with a detailed analysis of my Giant Musketeers Deck and a commentated guide to go with it! Hope you all enjoy…

Giant Musketeers Deck

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Giant Musketeers – F2P Challenge Deck

This Giant Musketeers Deck is very balanced, features no Legendary Cards, but works incredibly well in Tournament/Challenge play. It incorporates some difficult strategies and combos, though, and so requires lots of skill to utilize to its highest capabilities!

When playing this Deck, work from a defensive position or play style towards an offensive, but controlled, set of pushes. In the hands of a more advanced and specific player, this Deck can be used exactly the same against any opponent; stages must be adhered to, to reap the benefits and play in a cautious but advantageous manner! Let’s explore these in a simplified way:

Stage 1:

You should always attempt to begin the battle defensively. This involves, if starting with a hand containing the Three Musketeers, using them against pushes such as Hog blitz (Hog + Ice Golem, Hog + Ice Spirit, Elite Barbs solo, etc.).

When defending in this way, split the Muskies. See more about splitting below in the guide.

During the first stage of play, you must attempt to sustain a medium amount of Elixir, make equal Elixir trades defensively, and effectively just ‘hold the fort’.

Stage 2:

During the second stage, you must begin to think more offensively. This stage begins at around 30-50 seconds into the battle.

Try to push using split Muskies, and use Knight to tank in front of the single Musketeer. This will confuse your opponent, allowing you to select the Tower you want to attack.

Stage 3:

For this stage, the battle should be in the last 60-90 seconds of the battle. This is when you must rely on instinct and offensiveness to win you the battle.

During this time, huge comebacks can be made, clutch wins, and other amazing finishes. In stage 3, you need to work on whatever needs ‘fixing’ at this point in the match.

If you’re winning, or your enemy is about to take one of your Towers when you are already 1-0, then clutch their second Tower.

One of my favorite moves is to simply chuck the Three Muskies down in the center of your enemy’s area. This will allow you to destroy their Tower in seconds; it is almost impossible for them to react quickly enough to it.

This is the most offensive, and arguably the easiest but most tense stage too, as you can make lots of devastating moves in short spaces of time!

Three Musketeers Tips:

  • Try to always split the Three Muskies between both lanes. Also, a good trick is to always aim to deal more damage on the side with ONE Musketeer, and leave the side with two as a bait for Fireball, Valkyrie and more. Knight and one Muskie on the opposite lane will still deal ridiculous damage.
  • Only ever place Three Muskies at the edge of the bridge when in a clutch situation, or when you are sure you have baited out all their spells and counters that now cannot be in rotation.
  • Three Musketeers are not very powerful when used as a solo Card. Instead, team them up with your tanks and mini-tanks in the game. Remember the stages, and never push too offensively.

How To Deal With Lightning/Fireball

Finally, a short piece of advice. Since Lightning and Fireball are hard counters to 3Ms, you must bait them out and switch rotation very dramatically to win against Lightning/Fireball Decks. \

This is hard, but if done can gain you an easy win.

Try and lure your opponent into using Lightning by placing lots of small defense troops around your Tower – although this may actually result in you taking damage, eventually you will be able to deal lots more! There are not many other ways to deal with spells like these, but it is still possible to win against them!


This Deck is strong but can only be mastered through lots of practice and experimentation. Use it in stages, and you will benefit fully!

Hope you all enjoy and check out my YouTube channel above, and Clash on!


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