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Jason’s Deck v2.0 – Giant Hog Beatdown Is Back!


Hey guys! Its Blaze back with my new Giant Hog Beatdown deck. Today, for the first time I will be writing a guide on Beatdown Decks. (Mainly so that people like Ultimate don’t call me a Control Freak. Just Kidding :p)

giant hog

Jason’s Deck v2.0

Clash Royale GiantClash Royale Hog RiderClash Royale LumberjackClash Royale The Log
Clash Royale Goblin GangClash Royale ArchersClash Royale Minion HordeClash Royale elixir collector


 Pros  Cons

  • Great for crown farming.
  • Works well in all formats.
  • Very versatile on offense.

  • Weak to Splashnado.
  • 3 musk is hard match-up as no medium or heavy spell.
  • Difficult to play without the collector.

Now, if you are a old Clash Royale Player you may know about the Jason’s Beatdown deck. For those who don’t read about it at here.

So, Jason won the first ever CR tournament with this deck and then the deck became extremely popular and was considered the best Beatdown deck at that time.

However, due to the updates, new cards and balance changes this deck lost its shine and went out of the meta.

Now, in the current meta, the Hog Rider is mostly used in control, cycle decks. Hog beatdown aren’t seen much. So, I though of creating a Hog beatdown deck and why not just improve and recreate the best Hog beatdown  deck that existed. That’s how I came up with this deck.

This deck is extremely powerful and is great for crown farming and is also good in clan battles as the Lumberjack’s rage buffs your troops as well as your team mate’s. This deck is great in tournaments as well as on the ladder as it has 2 Legendaries one of which is easily substituted and no epics.


Card Breakdown

Giant: Giant is the Tank of your deck. This guy is one of the best tanks in the game at the moment due to its insane HP: Cost ratio.

He will be used mainly to absorb damage while the other troops wreck havoc on the towers.

Hog Rider: This guy deals lot of damage for 4 elixir.

Due to his very fast speed and less HP compared to other tanks it isn’t seen in beatdown decks in order to utilize its high damage. However, the addition of the giant clears this problem making a great combo.

Lumberjack: The first new card in the deck, I use Lumberjack in the place of Barbarians.

For 1 less elixir Lumberjack increases the offensive potential of this deck tremendously and still is good on defense.

Now, I thought of many cards in this slot but Lumberjack fills it best thanks to its Rage Spell. The rage spell increases the attack and movement speed of all the other troops who due to their high Damage quickly take care of opponents defense and towers.

The Log: The second new card and legendary in this deck, The Log is used in place of Arrows.

For 1 less elixir, The Log offers more value and can get rid of the ground swarms and goblin barrels easily. And as for the air support, the support troops can take care of them while the Giant tanks.

Though the Lumberjack is important in this deck, you can substitute the Log for zap. Zap can take care of ground swarms easily but it won’t be able to kill Barrels and that’s why I use The Log. However, on the ladder, Zap is effective as you can overlevel it and it will also help in resetting inferno and sparky and improve air defense a bit.

Everything about The Log can be read at here.

Goblin Gang: The third and final new card, the Goblin Gang is placed in place of Spear Goblins.

For 1 Elixir more, you get more DPS and and the swarming ability of Barbarians which the Deck lost due to the Lumberjack.

This will be your support killer and can be used for chip damage and in defense against not so threatening troops like Miner and Knight.

Archers: These two gals will be also used as support in both offense and defense as well as chip damage by splitting them behind the king.

They are extremely good in the current meta and can help in any scenario on offense and defense.

Minion Horde: Your main tank killer. Minion Horde will be primarily used on defense.

They have a high DPS so they can shred most tanks with ease while Lumberjack and Goblin Gang distract and take care of support.

They also help a lot on offense especially when used with LJ’s Rage as they will shred anything that the opponent drops.

Elixir Collector: There aren’t many beatdown decks without a Collector and the Collector is very important in this Deck.

The extra Elixir it provides helps you in putting down all of the troops making your push unstoppable. Elixir Collector helps the Deck reach its full potential.

Please don’t replace it with other buildings like Tombstone or Furnace.

General Gameplan:

The game plan is gonna be a short one cause if you understand the tips I am gonna give below, you can win a crown in the first 2 minutes itself which is basically equal to winning a match when you are using beatdown.

The best starting plays are:

  1. Placing Elixir Collector down in front of the King Tower’s (in order to not receive Tower damage in case the opponent uses Rocket and if the opponent uses Miner, it will die more quickly).
  2. Splitting Archers behind the king Tower.
  3. Splitting the Goblin Gang in the middle or dropping them right at the bridge as the opponent isn’t prepared.
  4. Sending lone Hog Rider.

Never open with a Giant or Lumberjack unless the opponent drops his tank/win condition.

Mainly, you gotta keep on pumping and dealing chip damage. Gain bits of Elixir advantage on defense and once you think you have a lead, place your Giant down and form the unstoppable push.

Your unstoppable push should be in this order:

  1. Place down the Giant behind the king.
  2. Place down Archers behind the king when the Giant reaches the Princess Tower.
  3. Place your Lumberjack behind the Giant when Archers reach the Princess Tower.
  4. Place your Hog beside the LJ when the Giant reaches the bridge.
  5. Then place your Goblin Gang when the Archers reach the bridge.
  6. Use the Log if necessary.
  7. Use your Minion Horde on offense if you think you need to increase the strength of the push or if you have won/ gonna win a crown and have the troops left with decent amount of HP so that you can quickly 3 crown.
  8. Put crying face, say ‘good game’ and laugh. ( Just kidding. Play like a pro and appreciate your opponent with ‘well played’ and ‘good game’ XD)

Useful Tips:

The Giant Hog combo: This combo is a pretty strong combo. No building can withstand the hits of both the Giant and the Hog. So, whenever you are forming a push only on one lane use both of them together.

Fake push: Many a times, your opponent spends too much Elixir on defense only one one lane. Use this for your advantage. Form a fake push by placing a Giant behind your king and follow it with Archers as if you are gonna form a big push. When the opponent place lot of Elixir on that lane to prepare for defense, quickly do Hog+Goblin Gang/LJ push on the other lane. In this way, you can deal lot of damage on the other Tower while the opponent is helpless.

Double lane pushing: This Deck has two win conditions : The Giant and the Hog Rider. The real strength is forming a push on one lane. But, it also has a good double lane push ability. This is like an extension of Fake Push when you are in Double Elixir time. Start with Giant+Archers in the back. When the opponent places high cost defenses on one lane, push with Hog+ Goblin Gang on the other. When the opponent tries to defend the Hog push, place your LJ and Minion Horde behind your Giant so it transforms from fake to Strong Push.

Defensive tactic: On defense, place your LJ first at the support and quickly place Goblin Gang at their back. Then use your Minion Horde and Archers (if necessary) to take care of the tank. Placing LJ first distracts the tanks so that Goblin Gang and Minion Horde can freely do their job. And if the LJ dies, its Rage will help you defend better.

Spell bait aspect: The Deck has Minion Horde, Goblin Gang, Archers and Elixir Collector which bait-out spells. Use this aspect to your advantage as a quick push with Hog/LJ with Minion Horde/Goblin Gang can be devastating when spells and splash troops are not in opponents hand.

Letting the Lumberjack Die: This is also a very important point when using this Deck. Even though Lumberjack has high damage and hit speed sometimes its better to let him die instead of protecting it. After its death, the Rage will help you deal more damage if you had a strong support which will be more beneficial than the LJ’s damage itself on offense and defense.

Against Heavier Tanks: When playing against heavier tanks its basically race to three crown. Forget defense, and form as strong push as you can. The overall DPS of your push will be quite large than the opponents push so most likely you will be the first to three crown.

Thats all folks! Hope you like the guide and have success with Deck. Ask me about anything in the comments or on Discord.


By Blaze Stone


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