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Giant Double Witch = New Unstoppable Deck?


Lolman here again with an insanely powerful Giant Double Witch Deck!

Giant Double Witch

Giant Double Witch Deck for Arena 9+

Clash Royale GiantClash Royale Night WitchClash Royale WitchClash Royale Lightning
Clash Royale elixir collectorClash Royale Electro WizardClash Royale The LogClash Royale Skeleton

With the Tornado nerf this entire Deck got a significant buff. Now 2x Witch should die to Exe Nado right? WRONG!

It is slightly difficult but I don’t have trouble vs Exe Nado. If it is Poison with Exe Nado that will be very different because defending with a value Poison hitting your troops is very hard, other than Poison this Deck really has no bad match-ups.

Unless you face like an Elixir Collector, P.E.K.K.A Exe Nado Deck that can keep up with your Pumps but all the same P.E.K.K.A isn’t really a problem because P.E.K.K.A -> Giant = +2 trade for you!

Cards Breakdown

Giant- Main win condition! Lightning is also a win condition once you get the HP of Tower down to a certain amount.

This will tank while Bats and Skeletons are building up behind Giant to protect him and the 2x Witches.

Because of the fact that these 2 spawners are behind Giant push can’t really be countered by Lightning and maybe a Knight because Bats and Skeletons will whittle away HP of defensive troops.

You typically don’t want to start off with a Giant unless they tank in their back and you don’t have a Collector. You will want to push the same lane.

Elixir Collector- This is very important. Pumping up is key!

You need to build Elixir to build your death ball of a push.

Witch, E-Wiz, Night Witch behind the Giant. This is a very hard push to stop.

Exe Nado really is the only way to stop if but you have Lightning Log. If you are able to Pump up it’s very easy to deal with Exe Nado.

Lightning is not a problem you get a +1 trade with that. Also, if they run say Giant or Golem Lightning you can use troops to defend without worrying and then placing a Giant in front.


Try to not give your opponent value. I don’t have a screenshot for this but in a game vs Hog Exenado. I pumped up in the center. Defended Hog with Night Witch. The opponent used Lightning on Pump, Tower and Night Witch for a +4 trade. (I did beat the guy though by forcing a defensive Lightning and then Pumping upmid game. You need only 1 Pump in 2x Elixir to destroy Exe Nado also it’s okay to be down damage early on. That is natural with beatdown)

Elixir Collector Placements

  • Center: Should be your typical placement to make sure opponent has no Miner or Rocket. Rocket does insane damage and you don’t want to repeat mistakes.
  • Behind Towers: If your opponent runs Miner Poison then always place it behind the higher HP Tower after they chip away at a Tower. Switching towers with Miner Poison can be disastrous.
    Also, if your opponent uses Lightning, place it behind healthy Tower that way no value by rushing damaged Tower and getting a Lightning on Tower, Pump and defensive troops.

Witch – MVP of this Deck! 5 Elixir so don’t cycle this card.

You can cycle E-Wiz, Night Witch, Skeletons and Log but don’t put a lone Witch at the back without having Giant in front.

She’s your only splash attacker so always play cautiously if opponent has a Minion Horde.

She does her work well, takes down Graveyard well. Just be sure to place her out of Poison range!

I like to bait out Poison with Night Witch and place Witch away because Witch is more important in your push and she’s ranged as well so will stay out of Poison.

Using this I’ve beaten Splashyard, P.E.K.K.A Graveyard Poison etc.

She is often also underestimated but her DPS is no laughing matter.

lone witch

Ignored Witch does 1000+ damage (1023 in that mini push to be exact to his Golem+ Mega + Night Witch doing 783 damage.)

Morale of the story… Witch is actually pretty good guys. Surprising, right?

keep witch safe

Keep Witch safe.

Night Witch – She’s mainly a defensive card. Play her like a Mini P.E.K.K.A!

If opponent uses Fireball + Log, you want her to die, not the Witch, because her Bats offer value as well and it’s okay if she dies.

With her and Witch behind Giant, she will protect your Witch very well!

For example, Keep Valkyrie and Cannon from countering the push. The Night Witch + Witch will demolish the Valkyrie. Vice versa if opponent uses Minion Horde.

Electro Wizard – This card is mainly for spawn Zap.

I like to use him when I want to Log on offence. Just practice the timing. Even I’m not too great at the timing myself but all the same it’ll come in handy.

Using E-Wiz on offence can be used to get Giant to Tower with good HP as stunning P.E.K.K.A, keeping P.E.K.K.A alive for several more seconds. Also, he helps you get rid of careless Infernos.

You can also use him along with the 2x Witches to bait out Lightning and to take care of backend troops as well.

E-Wiz is great at taking down pushes like Minions + Balloon but not alone. Vs a quick push like this which can happen, if you commit to Hound with Witch you want to place Skeletons with E-Wiz. Balloon will get a hit but you are +3 Elixir and opponent splits damage, allowing you to counterpush with Witch while still up 2x towers.

This is also a secondary Battle Ram counter. He comes in handy if they see your Night Witch is out of cycle. Vs Ram you don’t want to place it on top of the Ram. Just beside Tower so that he doesn’t immediately get shredded by the 2 Barbarians. So you don’t always really care about spawn Zap.

Also, E-Wiz and Skeletons shut down any tank push. P.E.K.K.A especially.

Lightning – Main Lightning counter. Ideally you don’t want to use Lightning on opponent’s Elixir Collector unless you get value. Counter Pumps with Pumps or rushes.


Log – Used for defense initially but later on when it’s okay to overdefend you can always defend Goblin Barrel with Skeletons + E-Wiz, taking 0 damage while saving Log for offence.

You definitely want Log for offence vs Executioner. Get it off the map ASAP!

Skeletons – Cheap kiting unit!

Even post nerf, they’re really good because they only cost 1 card.

Can be used to cycle really fast to a Pump. Semi solid Graveyard counter on ladder if your Skeletons are higher levels.

General Gameplay

Early game (3:00 – 2:00)

Best early move is to drop an Elixir Collector!

You will need the advantage and surge you will get once you pass the 1 minute left mark. Placement is addressed above but depending on your opponents move you will ideally react differently.

If the opponent Pumps up, you either will rush (without over extending) or Pump up as well. Try not to Lightning a Collector unless you get value and cycle to your own Collector.

Or If they place a tank at the back, you can place Giant at the back as well.

If they place like a Golem at the back and Witch is not your 5th card, try to avoid Pumping up because you can be punished. Defend first then Pump up, if lucky you might be able to draw out a spell allowing you to Pump up for free.

Try not to over defend and Pump up. It’s okay to take damage during the first two phases of the game (early and mid game) because you want to make positive trades and Pump up while using your towers HP as resources.

That being said, if you get a chance to take the win early on, don’t play it safe. Just go for it as long as you are comfortable with defending the potential counterpush.

Mid game (2:00-1:00)

Around now you would have 1-2 Pumps down.

Assuming they don’t get Rocketed or Lightninged off. Lightning is fine, Poison as well. Lightning is  +1 trade and Poison is I believe an even trade as you get 2 blips out of the Collector.

Just if they use Poison, try to place it behind your higher HP Tower because center placement won’t do much other than let the opponent Poison weaken your Tower.

Drawing out Poison is really good! Because if you are playing vs Graveyard or Giant for example, they cannot destroy your DPS (Bats and Skeletons) as well as take care of your counter push.

So, Pump up and start to send slow pushes. Don’t expect to break through all that much. 200-300 damage per push should be okay. Get the value of Lightnings!

Late game

1-2 Pumps almost always give an easy and sure win but if you get no Pump, you will want to focus on taking opponent’s Tower by throwing in everything you got.

This Deck is really easy to play in 2x Elixir. Just spam troops behind Giant. Be wary though to not do this if they have Poison on defense

It’s okay if they kill your Night Witch because Skeletons and Bats will build up behind the Giant.

This Deck can either get the 2nd crown or 3 crowns with ease. It’s up-to what you feel like really.

It’s typically a 3-crown Deck though. Similar principle to Clone decks with cloning Night Witch Bats etc but without Clone.


I will address how you will play vs popular meta decks and crush them using this Deck!

Golem Night Witch

Despite the nerf, this Deck still is really popular. Both the Tornado and Log variants.

This Deck isn’t that hard to defeat. Just make sure you use Night Witch on Golem and Witch on back end troops.

You typically want to out Pump them and also using Lightning on defense is a smart idea.

E-Wiz makes sure that the Bats will die and the spawn Zap helps get rid of Baby Dragon.

It’s okay to take damage vs this Deck as well.

Winning vs this Deck also can be hard if they Pump up and you don’t have yours in hand. Ideally you want to push and Lightning, getting rid of Ctollector and defensive troops. You want to get ahead in Elixir.

Get value of Lightning!

You want to build this advantage and what you can do and they can’t is cycle Giants. You can use one to tank for back end troops. With collectors down you can cycle back to another Giant to place in front of defending troops which is what you will use to take the Tower.

3 Musketeers

Easy matchup if they play passively!

If they spam Ram Minion Horde, you will have to play cautiously with Witch staying in cycle to kill that push.

Otherwise you are 1 Tower down. Which is not good whatsoever but not impossible to recover from.

Something I like to do if 1 Tower down is Pump up at the center. Of course, protect with Knight but 3 Musketeers will hit the Collector and it’ll tank for Tower for a +3 trade allowing you to place a *free* Knight.

If they Pump up and I don’t have Collector I do rush but typically you want to save for a Lightning because you don’t want a 3 musket counter push where they have time to Lightning rod the 3 Musketeers.

Hog Exenado (or Exe Nado in general)

Played 4 Challenges and out of 7 matches I won all 7 vs this match-up!

What you need to realize is because of the lack of DPS, opponents typically will overspend on defense.

I Lightninged away Exe because E-Wiz hit him. Opponent used Log, Skeletons, Ice Spirit and Knight. 6 Elixir for my Giant.

It’s not a 2-tower Deck they are running. Ideally though you need Pumps vs this deck because they can cycle back to Exe really fast which can be annoying. You will want 8 spare Elixir to Log and Lightning your opponents Executioner.

I saw the Executioner and knew if I supported I would face Executioner + Hog on counter push which I didn’t want. So I used a Pump.  Several reasons why I did that, either draw out Lightning or he’d try to defend and I’d Lightning + Log his Exe Knight and Hog on defense and pretty much be able to ignore it (kite Knight with Skeletons to prevent Knight hits). He used Lightning and dropped a Knight, giving me Lightning + Log value. I knew I was down on Elixir but I knew if he used a Hog, I would have enough Elixir for my E-Wiz and with spawn Zap and with 1 Zap he would take down Knight and then proceed to melt the Hog. I would only have to tank 2 hits.
So what I want to convey from this bit is don’t feed your opponent Elixir by giving them value. Exe would have gotten insane value if I put a Witch behind the Knight for an example.

Graveyard Poison

Witch must be protected and used vs Graveyard. Similar to how you wait for preemptive Poison before placing Archers, you want Witch out of Poison. Remember Witch has range so you can place her out of Poison range.

You can draw Poison out using your Collector at the center and Witch at the back corner for an example.

Witch will be your key counterpush unit as well as what you ideally will use vs Baby Dragon. Night Witch does wonders killing the Bowler and Knight. Vs splashyard Lightning is a little underwhelming but all the same if you see value take it.

Try to avoid Knight and hit Bowler and Baby Dragon or E-Wiz. 2 of the 3? Then Lightning them! In particular, Electro Wizard.

Taking damage is fine, just Pump up after you defend a Graveyard Poison push. It will take your opponent a while to cycle back to Poison.

Oh, and this Deck was featured on CWA I will link the video right below.

I think I covered most the match-ups and this Deck is really solid Ive had a lot of fun playing it and a lot of success as well. getting to 25000 cards won with challenges, this Deck can work on ladder as well but it’s somewhat level dependent and a bit epic and legendary heavy. If your levels are to par with your trophy range, go for it! Cheers.


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