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Giant Cannon Cart – Making The Most of Cannon Cart


Hey guys its AxureFangz here back with a deck, a Cannon Cart deck! This card is simply amazing!

I have been using the Cannon Cart for quite a while, and I can see that people don’t know how to defend it properly! They don’t know its characteristic and they don’t know its insane defending capabilities. For more, click here!

It is soooo surprising that one Cannon Cart can take out one whole Mega Knight without any support! Anyways, lets deck into the deck!

cannon cart clash royale

Giant Cannon Cart

Clash Royale GiantClash Royale Cannon CartClash Royale ExecutionerClash Royale Tornado
Clash Royale fireballClash Royale Electro WizardClash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale Bats

The Roles:

Clash Royale GiantGiant – Bruh, This is your tank!

For five elixir, it is as dangerous as a Golem. Support with troops (duh) and do pressure with it when your opponent plays a Golem, Lavahound, Mega Knight, PEKKA and Elixir Pump. Trust me, it always works :D.

Clash Royale ExecutionerExecutioner -Support and main defender.

This card not broken, yet it is not dead. One of the best supports and defenders is right here!

Always pair Tornado with him, both on offense and defense, to make your opponent cry!

Clash Royale Cannon CartCannon Cart – Like I said, awesome defender and a surprise card!

I absolutely love this card. In this deck, it is plain awesome!

Always use it in a counter push. Never use it as fast as you can, since this deck doesn’t have an E-Pump, you really can’t place cards as fast with an E-Pump.

This is like a Mini PEKKA, use it on defense, never on offense. It has a long list of counters, but due to its range, speed and element of surprise, it bypasses these weaknesses.

Clash Royale Electro WizardElectro Wizard – Even with a small HP nerf, it is still managing to stay at the top!

This is you main support and defense unit. With it, no Inferno Tower or Inferno Dragon can melt your tank down. Its spawn splash does great for swarms on defense, too.

Clash Royale Ice SpiritIce Spirit – Cycle and Utility card.

Since this card has a 1.5sec freeze option, Exenado+Ice Spirit is a unstoppable defense combo!

If your Ice Spirit is the same level as you opponent’s king tower, cast this card at the bridge, as it will be able to reach the tower, giving you a free 100-ish damage!

Clash Royale BatsBats – Cycle and Utility card.

Since the buff of adding an extra bat, this card is Bat-tastic! (Cringe)

This card can shred Balloons, Glass Cannons, Graveyards and more! It can be used as a distraction for an Inferno Tower/Dragon, and a starting move, as one bat can reach the tower.

Clash Royale fireballFireball/Poison – Support spell. DUH.

Here is the deal with using a Fireball or Poison. You must choose them according to what decks you oppose.

Let’s say that you face 3M a lot, a Fireball would be a better option, as you can do Fireball+Tornado to ALL THREE Musketeers! Poison does slow damage overtime, leaving more hitpoints on the Musketeers.

Let’s say that you face Bait decks a lot, this mean means Poison would be a viable option this time. Poison lasts a bloody 8 seconds, and all the bait players have is soft troops! Also, for Graveyard, Poison is good.

You should probably know the usages with these spells.

Clash Royale TornadoTornado – Support spell.

Hands down, this is one (if not only) of the best cards in the game to pair with splash units. Tornado can clump up enemy troops, allowing your Executioner execute his way out!

This card can pull Goblin Barrels, Miners, Hog Riders, Golems, Giants etc to your king tower, causing it to activate.

General Gameplay:

Identify your opponents deck! This will make your battle easier, allowing yourself to play with confidence.

Best opening moves are:

  • Giant at back
  • Cannon Cart at back
  • Cannon Cart at bridge (Surprise, I got a Cannon Cart!)
  • Bats at bridge
  • Ice Spirit at bridge (only if the Ice Spirit’s level is the same or higher than your opponent’s King Tower level.)

In 1x, keep pressuring. This is only a 3.6 elixir beatdown deck, meaning you can easily cycle back to the card you need.

In 2x, here is where it get CRAZY.

This is the time where you can freely place any troops down. Got a half-dead Giant? Throw another one down! Oh, you think you need another Cannon Cart, go mad!

Your counterpushes will also be more deadly, as you will have a crap ton of troops for defense, and you’ll throw a Giant down in front and it GG.


Clash Royale GolemGolem –EASY

Use Executioner+Tornado+Ice Spirit (if needed) to get rid of support.

But, first, use Giant whenever they place their tank at the back, or an Elixir Collector, on the opposite lane. This is called pressuring.

For Golem, Cannon Cart can easily eradicate a Golem, even you can let enemy support units to destroy its shield, pulling the Golem back towards it. However, this requires skill, perfect timing and a lot of elixir. Even a Lightning can do the same!

Clash Royale Lava HoundLavaloon – Really simple.

Use Exenado+Ice Spirit. When Lavahound is placed, go Giant+Cannon Cart+Bats (optional) on the opposite lane.

Try to cycle back to Bats to help takeout anything else.

Keep placing Elixir Collectors, so they may waste a Fireball/Lightning on it. E-Wiz does do good against this stuff, too.

Clash Royale GiantGiant- Easy, but be careful.

I’m saying that you should be careful, as they will have more Elixir to support their Giant.

If they place their Giant in the back, then place yours on the opposite lane at the bridge. This will make them decide to support their giant or defend your giant.

Clash Royale Hog RiderHog Rider – Pretty easy.

You have Cannon Cart, Tornado, Bats and Electro Wizard.

Ideally Tornado should be used for a lone Hog, but for big pushes, Cannon Cart and E-Wiz got it.

Remember to place Giant down right after.

Elixir Collectors won’t be TOO important in this matchup.

Clash Royale Battle RamBada Bada Ram (Battle Ram)- It may not be common, but sometimes can be a pain.

E-Wiz should clear up the Battle Ram. Bats can also do the work, but it is risky, as they could Zap them!

Exenado or Fireball+Tornado for support.

Clash Royale Three MusketeersThree Musketeers – Also pretty easy.

If they place Elixir Collector, you can

  • Place your elixir collector
  • Pressure with Giant and Bats at bridge.

If they split their 3M, you can Tornado+Fireball them into the most damaged tower. Or you can have Cannon Cart+Ice Spirit for 2M+Support and Bats for 1M.

Clash Royale Goblin GangLog/Zap Bait-Real annoying matchup.

A Cannon Cart does great for defense, but when they are too many troops, you’ll need extra support.

For Goblin Barrel, Tornado it to your King Tower.

Executioner and E-Wiz are priceless, as they will be 101% needed on offense.

Bats do wonders for Knight, Goblin Gang and Princess. They can also distract an Inferno Tower. Ice Spirit, too, can take out a Goblin Gang-you need to place it behind the Spear Goblins, attracting the stabby Goblins back, freezing every Goblin for 1 elixir!

Just try to beef your defense and then throw a Giant in front. Always throw the Bats at the bridge. They may rocket your support, so keep things spaced out!

Clash Royale P.E.K.K.APEKKA/Mega Knight-Medium to Hard matchup. It depends on their support.

Cannon Cart is key to defense. Really, Cannon Cart+Executioner+Ice Spirit/Tornado, can destroy a PEKKA plus its support. Throw a Giant afterwards. Keep loading support troops behind your Giant, so your opponent can place a PEKKA to kill your Giant.

I was surprised as heck when I saw a lone Cannon Cart take out a lone Mega Knight! Including it’s jump, it wasn’t able to kill it!

E-Wiz and Bats should do well for support. Add Executioner or Ice Spirit if needed. You guessed it, THROW A GIANT.

Clash Royale MinerMiner Poison/Control-Cannon Cart and Tornado is a blessing!

A Cannon Cart any support, and Tornado can keep pulling the Miner to your King Tower. If they Miner your Elixir Collector, use E-Wiz, not Bats. A smart player would use their Poison, though.



Thanks for reading this massive 1400-word guide. I really enjoy this deck, and I hope you will too!

Peace out!


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