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New Meta Giant Bowler Deck – Push to Legendary Arena!


Hey, what’s going on guys! RSivak back again with another awesome deck I’ve been playing with and I absolutely love it! It’s a new and improved Giant Bowler deck, that works so well right now, with all the Zap Bait, and Beatdown decks that have become popular.

Giant Bowler Deck Clash Royale

Clash Royale GiantClash Royale BowlerClash Royale Inferno TowerClash Royale Poison
Clash Royale MinerClash Royale ZapClash Royale ArchersClash Royale Goblin Gang

Cards Breakdown

Giant: Your win condition, and main tank. The Giant is amazing for what it offers, it costs one more elixir than a Hog Rider, but is slower (allowing you to build up huge pushes), much tankier, and deals just about the same damage. Pair him with a splash troop to wipe out swarms, and he can push his way through enemy defenses, giving your troops the chance to mop up the defense and then focus on the tower.

Bowler: Your main splash damage card, the Bowler deals great damage while being tanky himself. The great thing about the Bowler is his knock back, this effectively slows downs how much enemy troops can do damage because they have to constantly reposition themselves after he bowls them over. He is great on defense, bowling right through any tank and wiping out the support units behind.

Goblin Gang: Distraction, secondary tank killer, and pressure card. Goblin Gang is great at so many things, defense, offense, picking off objectives, distracting troops. Perfect on offense for distracting an enemy Inferno Tower from targeting your Giant. Pair them with the Miner to finish off a tower, and get some chip damage in.

Inferno Tower: Primary Tank killer, and best defense against pretty much any tank your opponent could drop. Inferno should really only be used for defense, and is not cheap, so playing this card properly is important. Combined with the Bowler, you should have no trouble finishing off any Beatdown styled push.

Poison: Perfect card to wipe out swarms that threaten your Giant Bowler push. If they have a building and they also drop troops to defend, then you can get immense value if you Poison their defenses and the tower. Can be used to finish off a tower in cooperation with Miner. Poison should be used only when you get great value, and when playing Zap Bait, your Miner Poison can deal tons of damage.

Zap: Standard utility spell, perfect for wiping the charge on cards, and killing weak swarm troops.

Not much to say.

Miner: Your distraction and mini tank. The Miner can be used to pick off objectives or tank the Inferno Tower for your Giant, giving you the chance to land your Giant at the tower. Perfect for picking off a defensive Musketeer, Witch or Wizard that is distracted by the Giant. Giving you great positive elixir trades. Pick off Princesses before the get to the bridge. He is perfect for tanking damage on defense for a cheap cost.

Archers: Air defense, and great at offense when behind a tank, they pick off enemy defenses with cold hearted accuracy. Archers a perfect for defending against Lava Hounds with the Inferno Tower, picking off Minions, and Pups along with Balloons. Split them in the back for a perfect start, turning the start of the battle to your opponent. Read more about using them at here.

General Gameplan:

Your best start is Archer’s split in the back or a Giant in the back starting off a slow push.

Try to make sure you have some defensive cards in your hand if you drop a Giant in the back, Goblin Gang or Inferno in case of a sudden Hog or Elite Barbarian push on the other lane.

Your first few pushes are unlikely to deal much damage, the point is to keep the pressure up on your opponent and get a feel for the patterns they use and how they tend to counter your cards, and playing predictively.

If you know they use a Furnace to distract and drop off a Musketeer and Barbarians to always defend, then play a prediction Poison to get tons of value.

If they always have Inferno ready to counter, the play Miner Zap to distract and destroy the Inferno giving you a larger advantage.

You want to keep pushing but never overcommit early on since your defense could suffer drastically.

You want your card cycle to become perfect by the time double elixir rolls around to take advantage of it.

The perfect push starts a Giant in the back and a Bowler behind adding Archers Goblin Gang and Miner as needed to distract. Use Poison once you can get value, and as a card to deter placements in a zone.

Poison can act as a dead zone, preventing your opponent from placing troops there or do it and lose a chunk of health for it and giving you immense value.

Once you can get your cycle going you will simply overwhelm the enemy as you can get down so many Bowlers, Miners, Archer behind a Giant and even a second Giant. This deck excels at creating gigantic slow pushes and simply running right through your opponent’s defenses.


  • Lava Loon: Not a major issue, just make sure Inferno pulls them both!
  • Royal Giant: Inferno or Goblin Gang, they both cut right through him.
  • Beatdown: Bowler plus Inferno Tower are your perfect pair for defending any push.
  • Hog: Likely will out cycle you, so you have to use Inferno Tower one time and Goblin Gang another.
  • Zap Bait: Bowler works wonders on Zap Bait.
  • Spawner: You have THE best Spawner counter in the Bowler.
  • Minion Horde + Barbarians: These two just have such a high defense pairing that the seem to be the only one that can effectively completely shut you down in this deck.

Final Tips:

  • Know when to abandon a push, just throwing all you got won’t help you so cut your losses, especially early game.
  • Pay attention to your opponent’s rotation, when you drop a Giant in the back, make sure you have a good counter card for something like Elite Barbarians or Hog.
  • Best bet if you don’t have Miner is Ice Golem or Knight. Maybe Valkyrie…
  • Watch out for Minion Hordes! They can be a menace so have Zap and Archers or Spear Goblins ready to finish em off!

That’s it for this guide guys, hope you enjoyed and hope this decks gives you a lot of victories! RSivak out.


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