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Giant Balloon Freeze Deck for Arena 8 and 9


I have been playing this game before legendary cards were even a thing, I am also F2P, not because I want to, but because of the US restrictions against my country, anyways, I don’t have a single legendary(boohoo) and I managed to get into Legendary Arena with fairly low level cards 9.3/7/3.5, it was a huge struggle, not gonna lie, but now that I’ve done it, I am gonna continue my own promise to myself, saying that I will delete the game and make my own contribution to this community(Sharing my deck), so, here it is.

Giant Balloon Deck

Giant Balloon Freeze Deck for Arena 9

Clash Royale BarbariansClash Royale ArrowsClash Royale Spear GoblinsClash Royale Minion Horde
Clash Royale ValkyrieClash Royale GiantClash Royale BalloonClash Royale Freeze

General Gameplan

Right now, you have probably figured out that this is a Giant/Loon deck, it is, you are correct, but there is more to it, your wild card will be freeze, it is probably the riskiest card in the deck and it will either make or break the whole matchup for you, as of right now you’re probably wondering, I have the deck, what am I supposed to do? I will give you examples of what to do in different starting scenarios.

  1. You have Giant+Loon at start: This one is simple, as soon as you get up to 10 elixir, place your Giant at the back and wait for your opponents next move, usually they will either place a Elixir Collector or even better do nothing, once your Giant reaches the bridge, you place your Balloon, but do not place your Balloon over the Giant, instead, you place it to the far left/far right(depending what lane your giant is in), for example, if you placed your Giant at the Right lane, then place your balloon at the farthest right tile just behind the river, this way if your opponent places a building chances are the Balloon will ignore it and just continue towards the tower, getting you a hit or two from the Balloon and even at times, completely taking out the tower, if you have Freeze and feeling a bit confident then use the Freeze to help out with taking out the tower, if not, then save up your elixir for your opponent’s counter push.
  2. You have Balloon but no Giant/Vice Versa: Usually your best thing to do in this situation is to cycle through until you have your combo ready, or in better words, wait for your opponent to make the first move, this way you can defend properly and cycle through until you reach the Giant/Loon combo, once done properly, refer to N.1 for your next move.
  3. You have neither Giant nor Balloon in your starting cards: This is a more simple situation that can sometimes completely fuck you over if your opponent plays the right cards, but the chances of that happening are low, usually when I don’t have the cards I need to execute a good offence I would simply do what I would do back in N.2, do the best you can to defend against your enemy and cycle through until you have Giant and Balloon, then repeat N.1.
  4. You have Giant+Loon+Valkyrie/Spear Goblins: Before I go into detail with this one, do note that this is a high risk high reward type of attack strategy, because you will mostly use Valkyrie and Spear Goblins for defense, but in case you are feeling ballsy, you can add them to the Giant and Balloon combo as supporting troops, for example, if your opponent places Barbs to counter your Giant, then your Valkyrie will take care of them completely hence keeping your Giant alive and putting you in an even bigger advantage, but as aforementioned, I rarely do this because it is too risky, proceed at your own caution.


Alright Blocked buddy, now I have the offense, but what about the defense? Have no fear because this deck can defend against almost any type of combos, whether your opponent is using a payfecta because he’s a massive twat or if he’s using some sort of super weird PEKKA+Doot Army deck, you can take him out, I will mention what cards that are used mostly for defense and what to use them for.

Barbarians: You probably already know the deal, but I will help you out anyway, this card is gonna be super awesome if you know how to play it right, placement is key with Barbarians as one wrong tile to the right can fuck up the whole thing for you, use Barbarians to mostly defend against:

  • Royal Giant
  • Hog Rider
  • Giant
  • Skeleton King (Place them behind the SK so they won’t be killed by his bomb)
  • Golem
  • Prince
  • Bowler (If you have no other choice, surround with Barbarians)
  • Musketeer (If you have no other choice)
  • Wizard (If you have no other choice, surround with Barbarians)
  • Bomber (If you have no other choice, surround with Barbarians)

Valkyrie: This card will mostly be used against the splash damage troops, such as Wizard, Bomber, and whatnot, the Valkyrie is quite versatile and can be used to defend against almost everything you place against it, which is why I love this card, use the Valkyrie to defend against:

  • Wizard
  • Ice Wizard
  • Princess (Once at the bridge)
  • Dark Prince
  • Bomber
  • Sparky (If pushing solo)
  • Cheap Troops (Goblins/Spear Goblins/Skeletons/etc.)
  • Bowler
  • 3 Musketeers (Freeze the Musketeers then place Valkyrie in the middle)
  • Guards
  • Barbarians
  • Knight
  • Archers
  • Witch
  • Skeleton Army
  • MPekka tip
  • Valkyrie

Spear Goblins: Spear Goblins are used for defending against pesky troops such as Minions/Goblins, I won’t go into much detail with them because they are supportive defense troops and are mostly used for either luring or mainly supporting the other defensive troops.

Minion Horde: Minion Horde is a very risky troop that can pay you off very well if the enemy doesn’t counter them properly, Minion Horde can be used to defend against either air units or as a substitute for Barbarians, so everything you use Barbarians to defend against you can also use Minion Horde to defend against(Excluding splash damage troops), so to put it into simpler terms, use Minion Horde to defend against:

  • Everything listed in Barbarians section excluding splash damage troops
  • Lava Hound
  • Balloon
  • Barbarians
  • Valkyrie

Giant/Balloon: This is super situational, only use your Giant and Balloon to defend if you have no other choice, basically, you will use your Giant or Balloon as a meat shield to suck up the damage while your Crown Tower takes out the troops, as aforementioned, this should be a last resort type of defense and I would stay away from it as long as I have a different choice.

Freeze: Just like the Giant and the Balloon, this is super situational and should only be used when needed, for example, if your opponent has a Sparky+Wizard combo use Freeze on them then drop Barbarians to defend properly, this card can be used to defend as a “better safe than sorry” type of method.

Conclusion: I would’ve wanted to make this an even longer and more detailed guide but honestly I want to get back to studying, this took a long time to write and I only hope that it will help anyone out there, if you have any questions about the deck and the strategies, please don’t be shy, your question will probably be asked by 10 other people so if I answer yours they won’t have to ask it, have a good day Clash Royale Arena!

Shared by Blocked99!


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