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Getting Social: How to Connect with CRA!


Hi guys it’s RADIOACTIVE and most people here at CRA know me for annoyingly spamming and irritating people on Discord (Which you’ll know about in a bit), but today I swear that this guide will make good use of your time.

As you know, Clash Royale Arena has many different connections across the Internet, and today, you guys (if not already) are gonna know how to connect with CRA on many different platforms, not just this one. Here they are:

The Website:


Yep, here it is. CRA’s official website is just awesome, with the best decks, guides (including this one), a full list of cards currently in Clash, and so much more. Basically, if you need any help with Clash or with your obviously despicable life, then this is the get-go.

(Also a quick shoutout to Will for creating this site! You have made many addicts’ dreams come true!)


Disqus is the mainframe for chatting with others in an embedded platform, all within the website.

On every guide/deck/tip/article, the Disqus embed will be found near the end of the article and is available to everyone who has a Disqus account. You can embed a Disqus chat page onto any of your websites. My profile (In case you wanna check it out) is right here:https://disqus.com/by/megaknight_ftw/

Make your account today!


Oh yeah, Discord.

Discord was originally created for gamers to get more connected to each other through a chat platform designated into separate categories, dubbed by hashtags. The CRA Discord server has different areas for a chat, including #global-chat and #stats-and-bot-commands. In order to connect yourself with Clash Royale Arena’s Discord, click the link on the side of CRA which says Discord.

Here is the link for the Discord invite: https://discord.gg/KNFb6GQ



Oh yeah, Clash Royale Arena is getting social! CRA’s newly founded Twitter account posts new decks, guides, and tips posted on CRA itself! Also, get new card ideas, including Baby Buddies, and lots of other fun stuff! Twitter is a great way to get modernized “notifications” from CRA on almost anything there! Follow us on www.twitter.com/ClashRArena.



Facebook has remained one of the hotspots for Clash Royale Arena activity, and currently, there is a fan page in which people can ask questions, have fun, and bind a bit more with CRA activity. Follow the page for decks, guides, and everything listed above in the Twitter section.

Check us out here: https://www.facebook.com/clashroyalearena/

Clash Royale:

Now you may be thinking: “What, that’s a lie. How do we go to CR and view CRA?”

Well, you are right. How?

Well, Clash Royale Arena has created a clan (Yes a clan) a quickly overflowing player base. See everybody on CRA with the accounts, live. Play with guys and gals which you have chatted with but never fought with. There’s Lolman, Adam, and many other frequent CRA contributors (Including myself) who are active every day and fight to keep our name. Join today by searching up CRArena on the Clans section of the Social tab on Clash Royale! Hurry up, cuz if seats are not already full, they will be soon! The requirement to enter is 2400, and we aim for multiple other clans in our family, with a full eSports team, active members, a 10/10 Clan Chest every week, and much, much more!

The Official Account on Discord:

Yeah, recently, we have created a Discord account specifically for Clash Royale Arena! Why, it remains a mystery! But DM all of the Admins for important notifications, announcements, and anything else that comes to your mind!

Anyway, guys, that is it for this CRA Connect article!

Subscribe to my Youtube Channel, called the Silver Globe Kidz News and Reviews, for more Clash content and fun stuff, including giveaways!

Thanks and peace out,


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