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Get to Arena 6 with Hog Rider Control Deck


Hello guys, to day I am going to show you an impressive Arena 5 Deck which helped me push to Arena 6 (Builder’s Workshop). I know that a lot of players struggling to get to Arena 6 right now. No worries then! The author of this deck, TheMazi, even pushed from Arena 5 to Arena 7 in just a few days and I am pretty sure you can do that too!

Push to Arena 6 with Hog Rider Control Deck

I am not going to explain very thoroughly how to play this deck as it is pretty easy and I have posted a lot of tips about luring troops and dealing with lots of troops on Clash Royale. You can read more about them at here. Also, I am going to give you 2 pretty nice replays of this deck as requested. Hope you will like it guys!

The use of cards:

Skeletons: This is possibly the best card in this deck beside Hog Rider. Skeletons can be effectively used to defend against almost every troop in Clash Royale. I posted a detailed guide about how to use these small guys yesterday. You can take a look at here for more details.

Zap: You can use Zap on both defense and offense. On offense, assume that you attack with Hog Rider on 1 lane and usually when he reaches the enemy Tower, your opponent will try to defend by using Goblins, Spear Goblins, Minions, Skeletons, … You can use your Zap right there to kill those defending troops immediately and stun the Tower for 1 second. On defense, you can use Zap to kill either swarms of small troops (Goblins, Spear Goblins, Skeletons, …) or to stop Minions and Barbarians. Zap can’t kill Minions and Barbarians but it will reduce their HP, stun them for 1 second and your Tower can easily 1 hit them. You should zap them at the bridge.

Spear Goblins: Use them to defend against Hog Rider, Prince, P.E.K.K.A, Giant Skeleton, Giant and lots of other troops in the middle of your side. Beware when use them to defend against Hog Rider, don’t place your Spear Goblins next to your Tower as your opponent will drop his Freeze Spell onto your Tower and them. Place them in the middle!

Barbarians: You will want to use them defensively most of the time. They are excellent against most troops. You can even use them to counter Wizard and Witch! Yes! Take a look at here for more details about this. Don’t place them behind your Tower If your opponent has Rocket or Fireball!

Minion Horde: You can use them to deal with defensive buildings such as Bomber, Inferno Tower, Cannon, … Minion Horde can be used offensively If your opponent doesn’t any great counter (Arrows for example) on his hands.

Musketeer: Very effective at dealing with Wizard and Baby Dragon. She also deals tons of damage on both offense and defense. You can also use her for a counter push while your Hog Rider is at the other lane. Your opponent will have to decide which side to defend.

Baby Dragon: You don’t like Hut Decks? No worries! You can easily deal with them with your tanky Baby Dragon.

Frequently Asked Question:

  • Zap always kill Spear Goblins.
  • Level 7 Goblins can be only killed by level 7 Zap and higher.
  • If you throw your Hog Rider at the center of the field, he will jump the river. That makes him untargetable.
  • Don’t drop your Barbarians behind your Tower until you know your opponent doesn’t have Fireball/Rocket.
  • Sometimes you can deal more damage than you received. Be smart at trading.
  • Try to level up your Hog Rider as soon as possible.

Screenshots and Replays

I know that lots of players are looking for this :D. As requested, here you go guys! Replays and battle logs of this awesome Arena 5 deck!

Okay guys I hope you have found this post helpful! Hopefully you can get to Arena 6 as soon as possible! Don’t forget to comment If you need any help about this Clash Royale deck! Also, please share this with your friends If you like it!


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