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From 2.6 Hog to 2.8 Mortar Hog!


Wassup guys, Dark/Dank Prince here with my…4th? Guide. I think it’s 4th, oh well, it doesn’t matter anyway. Nevertheless, this guide is about a deck I half made, half really just changed 1 card in it and how it’s fun to use. It’s my 2.8 Mortar Hog deck! Quick Explanation, I say half made, half modified because this is literally the 2.6 Hog deck, with Mortar not Cannon. Now that I have explained that, let’s get into the guide!

Mortar Hog!


  • Easy to learn
  • Low elixir cost
  • Well rounded defense
  • 2 win condition


  • Weak to big tanks
  • No splash damage
  • It’s mortar and hog, people will dislike you


hog Musketeer Ice Golem Zap FireballCard


  • Hog: This is your main win condition. Meant for some quick chip damage/full towers, or used for drawing out troops capable of taking out your mortar. It only targets buildings though so it can’t do anything on defense but kite troops.

TL;DR- Main win condition, can be used for drawing troops out

  • Mortar: The besterest siege card there is! Also, it’s your 2nd win condition. It’s able to stay on your side of the arena, and hit up to half of the Princess towers, beware though, it has a deadzone meaning it can’t target inside that area. Mortar almost always will need support with your Musketeer, and tanking with Ice Golem. In double elixir Mortar in one lane and Hog in another will almost always confuse your opponent.

TL;DR- 2nd win condition, needs support 99% of time. Beware deadzone

  • Musketeer: Really your only air defense other than Zap + Ice golem/spirit. Also your highest damage defensive troop! Musketeer is perfect for pairing with Hog as you would in just a Hod deck, or to protect Mortar for the most value you can get.

TL;DR- Main defensive + Support card that does well-rounded damage

  • Ice Golem: This in no matter what way you use it, other than kiting or a distraction I guess, is your tank. It can tank for Hog, or for Mortar. It’s your choice!


  • Skeletons: Think of these guys are Musketeer support and a mini distraction that can deal damage. If left alone and with your towers help they easily distract, and kill most troops
  • Ice Spirit: The perfect cycle card, offensive card and defensive card. Ice Spirit has the ability to freeze troops, making it perfect on offense, defense, and at only a whopping 1 elixir it’s perfect for cycling also!


  • Zap: Have any low health support left killing your troops or damaging your tower, or how about Goblins or Skeletons(or any other low health troop) coming towards you while your tower is distracted, well they can kiss their a…butt goodbye! Zap is perfect for finishing off troops, towers, or simply resetting anything you don’t want to deal loads of damage

TL;DR- Kills low health stuff, resets stuff too

  • Fireball: This is your crowd control, and clutch finisher of towers. Use it well.



  • Giant: Easy matchup. Use Mortar to pull the Giant and your support cards to kill it and it’s support. Versus Giant or other tanks rarely, if ever use Mortar offensively
  • Hog: Since you have Mortar, a big problem for most Hog decks, Hog should be an easy matchup. Simply distract Hog and it’s support with Mortar, then push with your own Hog Rider or cycle so fast you can attack with Hog and mortar.
  • Balloon: Easy to Medium matchup. If they have any major tanking then that’s where this matchup becomes a little difficult. The key is to cycle as much as you can. Constantly place mortars and musketeers on the middle of your side while chipping with Hog. If it’s a balloon cycle deck then simply play normal. You have more than enough to kill a simple Balloon and small support.
  • Golem: This is generally a hard matchup. In single elixir you have to get a tower advantage, because in x2/OT most of your effort will be in not letting them build a push. Use mortar and spells wisely, because versus Golem they’re your only hope
  • 3 Musketeers: These generally fall in with some major tank, so just kill the tank, fireball the 3m, and chip away at towers when you can.
  • Royal Giant: Very Easy matchup. Mortar almost completely shuts down Royal Giant. Since you can place mortar to where it both distacts and attacks RG, unless they catch you without mortar, or completely shut down your pushes this matchup is almost always a win!
  • Siege: Medium Matchup. Although you have Mortar, your main win condition is still Hog Rider, and siege causes problems. Playing versus Siege with this deck is completely situational and different almost every time. Just cycle and don’t give up.

General gameplan


Start-2:00: Learn opponents cards/deck, don’t do anything major quite yet. Sit back and relax. Quick jabs with Hog Rider is okay. Around 2:15 slightly bigger pushes are allowed.


2:30-1:30: By now you should know their deck, or have some understanding. Start placing Mortar offensively if safe to do so, if not stick with quick Hog Rider jabs at their tower(s). Wait until double for anything big.


1:30-1:00: Their tower should be relatively low by now. As double elixir begins, start going not quite all in with your pushes, but close to all in. This is when you need to focus on both towers instead of just one.


1:00-End: Take a tower, or 2 if safe and then buckle down and defend. OT is not your friend if possible don’t try and let them push you to there unless you know you can tie or win easily.


And that’s all folks. Hope you liked this guide, it’s once again different yet similar to the rest of my guides. Leave a comment telling me if the deck worked for you, and expect more guides in the future. Peace!

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