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Free Legendary Trick – Glitch or Algorithm?


Okay guys so today I am going to give you a super amazing trick letting you get a Free Legendary Card from the Free Chest in Clash Royale. This method works extremely well. It has been confirmed by lots of fans of Clash Royale Arena, including my friends from Altar of Heroes (Thank you so much guys!).

Free Legendary Clash Royale

I heard about this trick 2-3 months ago and just like lots of you guys, I thought it was just a joke. I have no idea who is the first guy revealing this trick (that’s great If someone can help us find out). A few days ago, I decided to give this “method” a try and surprisingly, I pulled out a Miner from the Free Chest.

Okay I think I should start talking about the main topic right now xD.

NoteThis is an extremely specific trick and you need to follow every single step below. Don’t skip any single one otherwise you will break our algorithm.

Steps to get a Free Legendary Card from the Free Chest

Step 1: Just play until you get a Magical Chest dropped. No! Don’t unlock it yet!

Step 2: Clear all recent existing chests, except the Magical Chest of course. Then, unlock the Magical Chest and just open it as normal. Hopefully you can get a Legendary from the Magical Chest this time ;).

Step 3: Open 11 Silver Chests. Yes, 11 Silver Chests. Don’t open anything else (Free Chest, Crown Chest, Gold Chest or even Super Magical Chest).

Note: This is the tricky part because not all Magical Chest can be used in this method. There are only 2 Magical Chest in the cycle allowing you to open up to 11 Silver Chests before your chest slots are filled by Gold Chests. Please take a look at this page to see the whole chest cycle. In short, the 2nd and 4th Magical Chest are those ones.

Step 3: Open 2 Gold Chests. Again, don’t open anything else during this time!

Step 4: Wait 24 hours. Seriously, don’t do any battle or open any chests in 1 day.

Step 5: Open 2 Free Chests: By now, you have 2 Free Chests stored so just open them. This step take you no more than 10 seconds.

Step 6: Open 1 more Silver Chest.

Step 7: Open the Free Chest. This chest should obtain a Legendary card for you.

Sounds like a joke right? Yes, it is. But, I got a Miner for my small account yesterday by following this method:


Okay, here are some last tips for you:

  • You can join any battle before the Step 4.
  • Don’t GEM these Chests. I don’t know why, it’s the algorithm and this is confirmed by my friends.
  • All chests must be dropped from the SAME Arena. Yes, seriously. If you really want to get a Legendary, why don’t try to stop the pushing progress for just a few days, right?

Doc Storm uploaded a video about this trick a few weeks ago and there are lots of players confirming that this method work wells. You can take a look at here for more details.

Okay guys hopefully you can get the Legendary Card from the Free Chest.

Don’t forget to attach the screenshot of your Legendary in the comment section. I really need the confirmations from you guys! Good luck!


  1. Play till the 11th silver and then stop. You should have 3 golden chests there and an empty slot. Open the golden ones in sucession doing nothing else for those 16 hours. Then the 24hr wait. Then open the free ones and battle for you next gold. Don’t open that. Then battle for the next silver and open that one.

  2. In Step 5 you said to”Open 2 Free Chests: By now, you have 2 Free Chests stored so just open them. This step take you no more than 10 seconds”.

    Then step 7 says to open the free chest again

  3. Can I open silver chests and gold chests that I get after getting magical chest?so I don’t have to worry about my chest slot full of gold chest before I am able to open the 11silver chests.

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