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Clash Royale Update: February Balance Change (2/12)


Hey Clashers, as always, Supercell is releasing a new balance change on February 12th to keep things balanced.

This time, Mega Knight, Knight, Skeleton Barrel are getting nerf.

Let’s take a look!

Clash Royale February Balance Change

Clash Royale Mega KnightMega Knight

Spawn and Jump Damage -25%; Deployment radius reduced (deployment won’t hit beyond bridge and river)

Clash Royale Skeleton BalloonSkeleton Barrel

Skeleton count 8 → 6

Clash Royale KnightKnight

Hitpoints -6%

Clash Royale Inferno DragonInferno Dragon

Switches between targets slower

Clash Royale ValkyrieValkyrie

Hit Speed 1.5sec → 1.4sec

Clash Royale BanditBandit

Minimum Dash Range 4 → 3.5

Clash Royale Dark PrinceDark Prince

Hit Speed 1.4sec → 1.3sec; Hitpoints +5%

Magic Archer

Preparing for the Arena..


  1. WHAT ?!?!!?!? You are destroying my deck !!!! The Mega Night was perfect !!!!
    Goodbye clash royale !!! I don”t play no more

    • the mega knight was not perfect. He was broken. playing against a mega knight deck meant that you would never have a counter push, because they would just drop a mega knight on your counter push and then tada no more push.

      • He was pretty overpowered though, just saying learn to counter him doesn’t make him balanced, tbh I think he needed it as shown by his win/usage rates

      • I never said i didn’t know how to beat him. I usually beat mega knight bait decks. I play various kinds of miner control decks, so defense is always great, its just sad to see that i usually don’t have a counter push if i counter the mega knight with ground troops. the pekka isn’t really a hard counter because the inferno dragon. which you could say that pekka decks have an ewiz, but that can easily be distracted with a skele barrel or just dropping a MK on it.

  2. I could have been first as I’ve clicked the notification immediately but I have many tabs on the browser open and many things that made my computer lag and not have this page load.. rip

  3. why the frick would they nerf the knight yet again, he already received a nerf to his HP, he isn’t op anymore, Supercell, stop!

      • And Mini P.E.K.K.A, basically SC is trying to increase usage of other mini tanks because they were overshadowed by knight, similar to when ewiz was overshadowing cards like ice wiz (not anymore tho)

  4. side topic: I just realized that you can’t have a legendary card be 0/2 in the real game. Of course, I know that they took their balance changes deck screen shot in their private server.

  5. One of the worst balence changes ever . It nerfed 3 cards in my main deck 1 in my secondary deck. Also indirect buff to ebarbs and nerf to gyard cause of valk biff

  6. 2 comments: Knight didn’t need to be nerfed again, and Mythical Archer sounds better than Magic Archer as a name.

  7. Worst patch ever. MK was okay, Skelleton barrel was ok(the bait is the problem), knight was already ok or even a bit underpowered, inferno dragon was okay. And then the buffs, bandit was already op, dark prince was already balanced. The only good thing about this patch is the valkyrie buff.

    • Agreed. Worst and most undeserved patch ever. Valk buff was great, everything else was completely unnecessary. Bandit has already been nerfed to the point where she was balanced perfectly. Mega Knight was tough (should be for the cost and PEKKA hard counter!), but beatable. The just nerfed inferno dragon last patch, now they are nerfing it into Oblivion.
      Seriously, just because people were tired of the Mega Bait decks, doesn’t mean that every card in them was OP.
      Worst patch ever, for real.

      • It wasn’t just the mega knight bait decks, pretty much every kind of deck has a bait element now.

  8. yay bandit buff >:D my deack will be OP again buwhaha and
    why is there only one black troop in the game ( hog) all the others are white XD

  9. Also, why do we need more range cards? Seriously, Hunter, archers, musketeers, dart goblins, all with range weapons, witch, wizards, all range abilities, and we’re going to add more balloon killers?
    So much for the lava hound buff last patch.
    I’m seriously hating this patch.

  10. Not a big fan of these balance changes, but they won’t really affect me. Magic archer looks very interesting, I wonder what he will do.

  11. All these people playing that MK gob hut skele barrel deck getting salty its hilarious xD not particularly affected by these changes so I really couldn’t care less

  12. WHAT THE HECK SUPERCELL?!?!? I know MK is slightly OP, but THIS!?!?! Geez. I use level 2 MK in my primary deck, and now it’s equivalent to less than level 1. Besides this, Yay on Bandit.

  13. damn kit supercell, you buffed like every single card that can kill mega knight! come on, now it will be almost useless!

  14. Wait so Bandit was buffed right? Sad that they nerf the Skelly barrel, I think now its just not going to be very good at all! I don’t think (Again) That the knight nerf was needed and I’m sad to see the mega knight nerfed so badly!


  16. my reactions:
    Mega Knight: not the nerf that i expected, but decent change
    Skeleton Barrel: doesnt affect me much cuz i never really used it
    Knight: expected
    Inferno Dragon: been dominant since bridge spam meta, so i guess it should’ve been expected
    Valkyrie: *sigh* the only change i was not happy about, i already have problems against it on ladder
    Dank Prince: bridge spam comeback? i hope not, decent change tho
    Magical Archer: well this is gonna be interesting, but its another legendary (WHY!!!)

  17. well I’m gonna go grind ladder with log bait before the stupid knight nerf hits… I mean he was pretty good, but he was the only way to counter ebarbs with ease…

  18. I am probably your above average player. I am very skilled for my level (9) and I do not have a single epic or rare above tournament standard in the Leagues. The mega knight tends for me to be very easy to beat. I can beat it with Hog 2.6, Ice Wizard Cannon cart Hog, Log Bait, Mortar cycle and 3 muskets miner. (the only difficulty is playing against it with Lavahound Balloon.) Although Mega knight was very strong, along with the skeleton barrel and inferno dragon, I was expecting a small nerf. (I.E skelly barrel -less HP, Mega knight -7% damage, and Inferno dragon a little bit more time to heat up.) However they went overkill with this patch and need to do something about it. Knight nerf was unessecary, it’s usage rate was already pretty low. We need another balance change as quickly as possible!

  19. noooooooo..why mega knight!!! 25%!!!!NERF!!! OMG!! guess its the REIGN OF THE CANCER COMBO OF VALK EBARBS WITH ARROWS READY FOR MINIONS!! a though rocket cud do stuff too..

  20. Would anyone like to see a guide on a level one deck? It helped me push into jungle arena, and I saw Orange Juice use a deck like it in the sudden death challenge.

  21. My Opinions:
    Mega Knight:I dont care anymore,SC is doing stupid balance changes and I dont want to be angry about it anymore.
    Skele Barrel:See Mega Knight.
    Knight:See Mega Knight.
    ID:Dont care.
    Valkyrie:See Mega Knight.
    Bandit:Nice buff.
    Dark Prince:Bridge spam’s back+See Mega Knight.
    Magic Archer:Not even excited.

  22. Opinions:
    Mega Knight: just plain stupid, SC really wants this card dead
    Skeleton Barrel: just plain stupid, SC really wants this card dead
    Knight: just plain stupid, SC really wants this card dead
    Inferno dragon: just plain stupid, SC really wants this card dead
    Valkyrie: just plain stupid, SC really wants to see salty ladder comes back
    Dark prince: just plain stupid, SC really wants to see salty ladder comes back
    Bandit: does anyone even remember bandit?
    Magic archer: meh

  23. Quick Analysis

    Well, with both the princes buffed, can’t wait for all the golem/pekka double prince decks… Probably gonna be one of the least skill required metas because of the simple spam of those kind of beatdown decks.
    Valk will gain more playrate alongside Bandit because mini-tanks like Knight and Royal Ghost have been nerfed. I already play Bandit in my ladder deck and she’s already an incredible card, this range buff will suit her to less skilled players with her dash.
    Inferno Dragon wont be very good against the slowly rising golem/pekka double prince decks because of this tempo nerf, not too huge, but pretty bad.
    At last the stupid barrel is getting nerfed, the skelebarrel MK bait meta was too boringly powerful and too repetitive.
    Mega Knight did not deserve this, this is a stupid nerf and my key deck card is destroyed, SC did the wrong choice whilst nerfing this card as this was not the problem of the meta, it was just like hog, yet a bit less op.

    And finally Magic Archer. This is probably going to be a glass cannon that will use a piercing arrow that goes through enemies, something like an executioner but without a radius on the projectile and a bit faster on shooting. I also believe it is more than likely that he has a small trick like a spawn effect, death effect or like a time-limited effect on himself.

  24. Opinons
    MK- Pretty big nerf will lead to a fall in usage in this meta
    SkeleBarrel- This nerf will lead to death of this card
    Knight- Valk might be a better option now
    ID- idk like wt even..
    Valk- Hog trifecta returns????
    Bandit- See ID
    DP- Pekka double prince or bridge spam may be usable again
    Magic Archer-Can’t really say anything without more info on the card

  25. My opinion:
    MK-Needed a nerf but maybe bit too much of a nerf
    Skeleton Barrel – It needed a nerf but this nerf will make the Skeleton Barrel fall in usage
    Knight – Why did they nerf the knight again?Little nerf but ice golem will be viable and maybe valkyrie
    Inferno Dragon – Needed a nerf this nerf was fine.Inferno Dragon will still be good
    Valkyrie – Never seen some love but maybe could rise in usage.Hog trifecta?
    Bandit – I think it needed a buff after the royal ghost’s release so it will see more usage(hopefully).
    Dank Prince – I think it needs a buff so double prince could shift into the meta with prince buff aswell.
    Magic Archer – Preparing for the Arena…

  26. It shouldn’t be a surprise with MK’s nerf, he rules the metagame for such a long time!
    At first, they fixed dash and jump’s bug, now they made bandit’s dash op again…
    That makes sense, bandit counter princes’ charge mechanic, so DP shouldn’t be too op
    But why they hate knight that much? Or maybe they just want to give valk some love
    I don’t play skelly barrel much, but i know your feeling, like when spell cycle got nerfed

  27. Everyone was using mega knight and now rip practically all mega knight decks. (Good thing I don’t have mega knight :D)

  28. My Competely Biased Opinions:

    Mega Knight: Needed a nerf, but 25% was way too much. It’ll have a lot of trouble countering things if it can’t jump to them. Expecting a slight buff to MK next update.

    Skeleton Barrel: This is good. Skelly Barrel will still be viable, but it needed a nerf. It was just a bit too powerful.

    Knight: THANK THE PEEKO AND JEEBUS!! It’s about time Knight got a health nerf. It was completely broken in that it could shut down entire pushes seemingly by itself. I know people don’t like this nerf, but it is actually a good thing for the game. Other mini-tanks will finally see more usage. People are losing their minds over this nerf because they are losing their OP defense tank. You will actually have to have skill now to counter things!!

    Inferno Dragon: Inferno Dragon was a strong card, but only because of the current meta. It didn’t need a nerf because the meta will change

    Valkyrie: Another step in scaling down the OPness of the Knight. Valkyrie should be the card that acts like a Knight did. Because it costs one more elixir, Valkyrie should be a stronger, more expensive mini-tank than the Knight. Knight will fall back into a role of cycle-esque decks, while Valk will be used more in beatdown. Hopefully Ebarb Valk won’t come back tho…

    Bandit: This is making a weak card in the current meta a viable option. It was pretty frustrating when it seemed like she should dash, but she didn’t. Makes bandit easier to use. Expect to see more Guards as a result.

    Dank Prince: I use the DP in my main deck right now, So i’m excited about this buff. This buff is also an indirect nerf to Knight. Supercell want’s to see this unique card used more. Hopefully, this (along with Valk buff) can help end spell-bait’s reign of the meta

    Magic Archer: Seems pretty cool. Spwendid Spwaloh gave an explanation which is pretty much exactly what I was thinking. I’m interested in how it’ll change the meta

    Just my opinions. I tell it like I see it.

    • I agree that MK probably got hit too hard but I think he’ll still be usabe. He was far too prominent in the last 3 challenge metas so it’s a good thing in my opinion if he sits out of this meta. My guess is he will be in more specific decks like with the nightwitch and ghost nerfs, as opposed to slotting into each and every control deck seamlessly like he did before. That’s good for the game for me.

      Knight… I disagree. He was OP before the last nerf, but his reduced attack speed made him much more balanced. In challenges, ice golem far outranked him since the previous balance changes, I think in the ratio of 2:8 if I remember right? Now Ice golem will dominate the challenge scene as the cheap mini tank, which is 10 steps back to when ice golem was in every deck. Like last time, if they wanted to nerf knight then they should’ve made a corresponding nerf to ice golem to keep a semblance of balance. Knight is overused on ladder but that’s because he’s a common and can be easily levelled up highly so it’s easier for F2P to max out. If they want to be consistent, they should either nerf all commons to a point where they aren’t too strong overlevelled on ladder at the expense of making them underwhelming in challenges, or make all cards viable in challenges at the expense of commons dominating ladder. It can’t be both ways and they seem to be going back and forth between these. If they did it to give more love for Valks and Dark Princes, I think they should’ve buffed those two more and nerfed knight less. Or nerfed ice golem at the same time as mentioned.

      Valk and Dark Prince – Great news as a counter for the annoying spammy spell bait meta. More usage will be good because they weren’t being used enough, but I do think ice golem will overshadow these as mini tanks still, at least for challenges. I don’t like that double prince behind a tank like Golem or Giant will be a thing again though. I think that’s toxic to the game.

      Bandit will still be weak I think. Prince and Dark Prince offer similar threats with their charging on offence but are harder to deal with behind a tank than bandit and offer much better defensive utility than bandit. Good to see the buff though.

      Inferno dragon needed a small nerf, but I would’ve gone with a small HP nerf. He is too tanky for his cost and utility. Inferno tower is being pushed out of the game, inferno drag is too useful in the same role of tank killing for a cheaper cost and with counterpush potential.

    • MK interactions barely change other than needing an extra hit on higher level troops and the fact that he can’t squish underleveled glass cannons in one jump/spawn much anymore. Tourney standard play has not changed much other than taking one more hit on certain troops.

      • TF its HUGE. Most fireballees will take an extra hit from the knight and when is mega knight ever higher level than a glass cannon???? 90% of the time its my level 1 MK vs. a level 8 or 9 musketeer. Plus he wont hard counter hog anymore

      • An extra hit usually means he will take about 200-600 extra damage, which isn’t much against the MK. Hard countering Hog was probably the reason everyone used him so this makes him one hit less effective.

        Largest changes is just one hit more so not that big of a change.

  29. Got some siege potential here, might wipe minion hordes and goblin gangs with an ice spirit to help a bit and chip the tower as well, dang he looks good. Something I want for my deck

  30. MK finally got what he deserved, but his usage rates will probably still be through the roof: basic interactions won’t change much, his spawn damage just won’t one-shot underleveled glass cannons.

    Skeleton Barrel change makes me a little salty, a health nerf may have been enough, but I can see where they are coming from.

    I think a knight can finally die to 2 PEKKA hits now, about time

    Inferno Dragon really needed a health nerf tbh, rocket is the only thing that can for sure shut him down. Dying to lightning would make him squishy but nerfing it halfway there and buffing lightning the other half to be able to kill it would be wonderful.

    Valkyrie has a fair buff. She needs it. But, Dark Prince buff might actually be a better choice.

    Bandit should have had half a tile taken off minimum AND maximum dash range, tower currently only shoots her once and she dashes barely avoiding a second shot which is very annoying. She would still have a bigger dash range compared to non-dash range.

    Dark Prince was unneeded but wow, will he be a choice. Still hits faster than valkyrie and deals a more powerful hit when played right. Does the same job as valkyrie but has offensive potential.

  31. My opinion(s):
    MK: Doesn’t change SQUADOOSH!
    Skeleton Barrel: I literally said that this change should be done on the previous CRA page…
    Valk: Attack of the Ebarbs?!?
    Knight: Totally unnecessary, I would have preferred an attack speed nerf.
    Inferno Dragon: Indirect buff to Zappies.
    Bandit: Good choice Supercell.
    Dark Prince: DP Bridge Spam rises again???
    Magical Archer: Wonder how this is gonna go…

  32. What is worse yall, bait or bridge spam? I think bait is worse, at least bridge spam has much less defense than bait

    • Bridge spam is worse because it encourages mindlessly throwing things at the bridge as an attack strategy. It’s more fun for lower levels but makes the game more skill-less at the higher end when Supercell allows that kind of play to work too easily.

      In terms of being more annoying to face… I think bait in the hands of a skilled player is incredibly annoying but nothing is more annoying than someone taking a tower by sheer force with mindless bridge spam.

      • At least bridge spam is punishable, so if you manage a good positive trade you can counterpush for an easy win.

      • Bait is punishable too, it mostly boils down to your ability to defend their cards without relying on spells as much as possible. That way you can save your key spell for what you need it for most (e.g save zap in beatdown for inferno drag/tower. Log for offence with hog exenado for goblin gang for example.

        With the old bridge spam, you could have a double counter deck with tombstone and guards but if you’re missing those two in the opening cycle that could be an immediate tower down. Just from the basic RNG of the opening hand. It’s harder for that to happen with this prince spam meta but overall you can be done in with 0 skill so I think that’s more annoying. That’s only my opinion though-

      • Bait is hard to punish compared to bridge spam. Bridge spam, even if you lose a tower in the start, is easier to counter once you get the goodies in cycle, making it more of a rinse and repeat: they push with elite barbs, you play your tombstone and guards and use them to counterpush with giant or something, repeat until they lose. Bait is pure defense and pure chip damage, so they always have the cards and the elixir to stop any push you make and use some of that elixir to get a few hundred damage on the tower with just 1 card. Not even Wizard stands a chance with knight in play distracting all the support while Goblin Gang mauls everything for only 6 elixir. If you use a spell, they are just going to place something else in it’s place.

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