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FASTEST Hog Cycle EVER?! 2.1 Elixir Deck is INSANE!


Fastest Hog Cycle Deck EVER 2.1 | CWA Mobile Gaming
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Clash Royale’s Pro Tips series continues on CWA Mobile Gaming! Today we’ll check out a super fun 2.1 Hog Cycle deck played by Distrughy, the Romanian pro from WHAM! Esports. We’ll have a great times recapping his replays taking out amazing players using this insanely fast Hog cycle deck vs. matchups like LavaLoon, Golem, and 2.6 Hog cycle. Enjoy!

►►Distrughy Stats/Profile – https://goo.gl/aPCWJe
►►Distrughy Twitter – https://goo.gl/GQkWsz
►►2.6 Hog cycle (Jack) – https://goo.gl/k5V7zd
►►Shane’s 2.6 Golem video – https://goo.gl/5oq4bV

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