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F2P Elite Golem Deck for Arena 8+


Hello, I’m Ehsan aka San from Gaming w/aSan back with another guide and with the Golem Elite Barbarians Meta Deck. This is a deck which I found on Ash and Nickatnyte’s videos and also saw on the TV Royale.

Nick reached Legendary Arena with his mini account with this very deck and I’ll put a link if you’d like to watch. So, since nobody has yet uploaded a guide on it, I decided to make one. If you want to watch the video of Nick, it’s here.

F2P Elite Golem Deck

Clash Royale GolemClash Royale Elite BarbariansClash Royale MusketeerClash Royale elixir collector
Clash Royale ZapClash Royale mirrorClash Royale Ice GolemClash Royale Mega Minion

F2P Elite Golem Deck for Arena 8+

I tried this deck too on 2-3 Classic Challenges and I got some good results. On an average I got 10 wins on every challenge with this deck. The main aim of this deck is to defend, defend and defend and get Elixir Collectors down and then build a big push from the back.

Pros Cons
Counters the Meta well A bit weak to Graveyard
Good against Royal Giant Weak against cycle decks
Strong against air A bit expensive

Now, without any delay let’s hop into the strategy of this deck.

Cards Breakdown

Golem: This is the main damaging card of your deck. It’s a really expensive card and you’ve gotta think a lot of times before playing it. I’d suggest to play this card only if you have defended against a push and have enough elixir or have a Elixir Collector down at decent hp. Sometimes when your opponent is being over-defensive or being too much offensive, PUNISH them by Mirror the Golem on another side, only if you have some cards on the arena and your opponent has really low elixir, do this only on Double Elixir Time.

Elite Barbarians: The Elite Barbarians were really weak when they came out but after the buff they became the Meta really really fast. So, to make this deck more salty and reliable the Elite Barbarians are used in it. They have really good hp and dps. Just put them behind a Golem to add some more salt and pepper but remember you may get punished by your opponent if you do it when you have no Elixir Collector placed and on Normal Elixir Time. You can also use them to defend against a push then turn them into a counter push. They’re really good at both defense and offense.

Musketeer: This card offers really good value at both defense and offense only for 4 elixir. It attacks both ground and air and also has a decent damage. Use her to defend against pushes and then turn into her into a counter push or just put her at the back of a Golem and watch her do WORK.

Elixir Collector: Since this deck is over 4 Elixir and has pretty high elixir troops like Elite Barbs and the Golem so an Elixir Collector is a MUST! I recommend using it if you have it on the starting hand and you should wait a second after reaching 10 Elixir, to know what your opponent plays  or if you don’t have it on the starting hand it’ll be a bit painful at first but it’ll be okay when you’ve defended against a push and can afford a pump. Sometimes you can also Mirror the Pump when you know your opponent doesn’t have much elixir or already has Fireballed your pump. I don’t recommend using a pump on serious situations like 2x Elixir Time when you’re winning and you have really low hp on your tower and you don’t want your opponent rush  unless it’s a Tournament or a Challenge.

Zap: I really don’t need to explain this card or do I? :p

Mirror: Replacement for the Log and Fireball which Ash used in his video and Nick used the Mirror on his mini account. The Mirror is a fun card to use and has some decent use. A level 3 Mirror mirrors tourney level cards which isn’t that bad, eh? It actually keeps you safe from dangers like you played a Musk on a side at the very first of a game and your opponent plays a Lava on the other side and you don’t know weather your opponent is using Lava-Loon or not which a lone Mega Minion can’t stop. So, you can Mirror the Musketeer or just Mirror the Mega again. Sometimes you can mirror the Golem even because your opponent sometimes gets over-defensive on one side and won’t be able to handle another Golem on the other side but I recommend doing this only on 2x Elixir.

Ice Golem: This card offers awesome value for just 2 elixir and has really good features. You can kill a Minion Horde by coupling him with a zap or kill a Skeleton Army but it only kills skeletons 2 levels above its own level or else not, so keep an idea of that. You can sometimes use the Ice Golem in front of a Golem to soak damage from armies and hordes and zap them if needed, It’ll be like 2 Golem borthers rolling in the arena.

Mega Minion: Many call it as the Meta Minion because it fits in every meta and also matches the name, in my opinion ;). It’s really reliable for 3 Elixir and offers great value. Even after many nerfs recently it stand in its position and faces them breavely. You literally put him anywhere behind a Golem, Elite Barbs and many more. It really really good against Lava Hounds and Beatdown Decks.

General Gameplan:

Starting Hand

With this deck you might sometimes find really bad starting hands but if you play well you can cover it up.

On your starting hand if you have the Elixir Collector try to wait a bit after reaching max elixir and then play it since it’s 6 elixir.

In case you don’t have the Elixir Collector in your starting hand don’t worry try to defend and find the right time to play the elixir collector.

I’d recommend to defend against a push and then play the Elixir Collector which is safe.


Since it’s an expensive deck it’s safer to build up a push from the back instead of throwing a Golem on your opponents face.

While your Golem is walking down the lane play a Musk or a Mega Minion on its back to help him.

When it has reached the Bridge play an Ice Golem in front of it and watch the tower go down. Or you could sometimes use the typical Elite Barbarians and Ice Golem push to crush the tower but it’s only recommended on 2x elixir or as a counter push.


  • Ice Golem+Elite Barbarians –  At the bridge.
  • Golem+Musketeer+Mega Minion – By starting a push the from the back.

Note: All of these combos are recommended only on either 2x Elixir or when you have a pump down.


On defense, you’ve got to play it cool and sensibly because one small mistake can make you lose a whole battle.

You can basically counter any push with this deck if you play well.

  • Against Lava Hound decks you can use the Musketeer and the Mega Minion which are really good against Lava Hound Combos.
  • The Elite Barbarians are no big deal because you have many counters in this deck for them. You can distract them using an Ice Golem and then defend with your own Elite Barbs if you want to counter push with them or just put Elite Barbs in front of your tower if the Elite Barbs are not backed up by a log or a zap or any other troop.
  • If you face Golems too much this deck counters them really good cause you have Elite Barbs, Musketeer also Mega Minion and the Mirror is also an option if you don’t have any of these in your hand.
  • Royal Giants are nothing against this deck because you have the Ice Golem and the Elite Barbs, use your Elite Barbs and then Ice Golem so that the opponent use Skele Army and the death damage of Ice Golem kills them and your Elite Barbs take out the Royale Giant.


  • Musketeer+Mega Minion – Good against Air Combos.
  • Elite Barbs+Ice Golem – Good Against Golems, Giants and Royal Giants.
  • Zap+Elite Barbs – Just in case you don’t have the Ice Golem on your hand.

So, guys this was it for my guide on the Elite Golem Meta Deck.

The last tips would be Don’t be too much offensive neither defensive keep a balance on both and know when to and how to play a card. Try to play the cheapest counter possible. And play in a place away from loud noise and distractions.

Hope you guys liked it and for anymore info and suggestions comment down below. You can also check out my Youtube Channel at here.



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