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F2P Elite Barbarians Mortar Deck – Tournament Deck for Arena 8+ (CRA Birthday Special)


Heeey what’s up guys! It’s me Zigge here with another deck for you guys.

Today, the 4th of January, it’s CRA and CR’s birthday. So, I decided to make a CRA Birthday Special where I make a guide on every deck archetype that I play, this is a Mortar Elite Barbarians deck that works very well in Tournaments and Challenges.

Let’s see how the deck works!

Elite Barbarians Mortar

F2P Elite Barbarians Mortar Deck

Clash Royale MortarClash Royale Elite BarbariansClash Royale Ice GolemClash Royale fireball
Clash Royale CannonClash Royale ArchersClash Royale SkeletonClash Royale Zap

Pros Cons
Very aggressive Weak against air
No Legendaries required A bit weak to bait decks
Very good against Elite Barbarians Weak to spawner decks

Card Breakdown

Mortar – The main win condition. Use it to apply pressure and chip your opponents tower. Defensive Mortar is not recommended. Use it only if your opponent has a hut in the middle. Mortar can be used for constant pressure in 2x Elixir. Starting of with a Mortar + Ice Golem combo is not bad at all because it catches most people off-guard, seeing a Mortar. With my first push I usually get 2-3 Mortar shots of which is insane 456-684 damage!

You can replace it with X-Bow or Rocket but Mortar is recommended due to its cheap cost.

Elite Barbarians – They are mostly used defensively and there’s a reason for that, the Mortar is your win condition! It ruins the fun playing these guys on offense just watching them slice through a tower. They are very good against a Giant or Hog Rider so save them if you know they have one. Elite Barbarians + Skeletons or Ice Golem works well against other Elite Barbarians and will leave yours with much more HP left. When you  defend against other Elite Barbarians, make sure to place yours so both of them attack the same. This will reduce the damage yours take.

Ice Golem – Ice Golem is necessary in this deck because he can protect either your Mortar or your Elite Barbarians from swarm or other units. If I have the Ice Golem in my starting hand and the Mortar is your next card, I usually place it in the middle and let it work up, letting me cycle to my Mortar and therefore he will protect the Mortar form the two most common counters, Mega Minion and Skeleton Army. If they use Skarmy you can just let it be and if they use Mega Minion you place your Archers and Skeletons.

Cannon – Cannon is very good against a Hog Rider or Giant, as the Elite Barbarians are. But, I like to use my Cannon because it’s cheaper and allows me to save the Elite Barbarians for offense or to protect my Mortar. Cannon also works well against Elite Barbarians paired with the Ice Golem if you know your opponent doesn’t use a building targeting card.

Fireball – Fireball is a key card in this deck because it can easily take out a pack of Barbarians or a Minion Horde. Fireball can also be used to take out a weak tower if your Mortar or Elite Barbarians can’t get through. Fireball + Zap works very well against Three Musketeers for a positive Elixir trade and against two of them for an equal.

Archers – Archers are very good against Elite Barbarians or Mega Minion which are the two most popular cards at the moment. They can also take out a Skeleton Army without taking any damage on the tower or themselves. Archers + Ice Golem is a mini push that can do over a thousand damage if left alone. Archers also work well on defense against many troops.

Skeletons – I love the Skeletons because they can easily distract a Mini P.E.K.K.A or Musketeer, completely shutting them down. They can also be used to protect your Mortar against many troops.

Zap – You really thought I was gonna explain that?

This deck got me lots of wins in Tournaments and Challenges!

General Gameplan

Play very aggressively with your Mortar. Remember that your win condition is your Mortar and not your Elite Barbarians, they are just a defense and in very rare cases used to take down a tower.

In 2x Elixir your basic gameplan is like this:

  1. Place your Mortar.
  2. Place your Ice Golem in front.
  3. Protect your Mortar from their troops with your Archers, Skeletons and/or Zap.
  4. Repeat.

Starting Hand

Cards you wanna play first, in order;

  1. Mortar + Ice Golem
  2. Mortar + Skeletons
  3. Archers in the back, not split
  4. Elite Barbarians + Ice Golem, at the bridge
  5. Skeletons, to cycle

Do I use my Elite Barbarians offensively at all?

Yes you do. Maybe once in a match. The thing is that it ruins the fun using them as your main win condition.

The thing is that they can kinda cover up for each other. If your Mortar doesn’t work you can always try Elite Barbarians. What you have to know is that no deck can be perfect so having multiple win conditions increase the chance of them not having an answer to both.

WHEN do I use my Elite Barbarians on offense?

Basically if your Mortar can’t get shots and you know your opponent doesn’t have any card that you specifically need to save them against.

When do I use my Mortar defensively?

Against a spawner building in the middle or when they have a big push coming.

Offensive Combos

Basically what I pair with my Mortar

  • Ice Golem + Mortar – Main combo. Place the Ice Golem upfront to tank for your Mortar. Place extra troops to protect if needed.
  • Skeletons + Mortar – Only used when I don’t have my Ice Golem. Wait a little before planting the Skeletons because of their pretty fast move speed, minimizing the risk of them running away, not protecting your Mortar.
  • Cannon + Mortar – Only used if I know their best answer to my Mortar is a Hog Rider, Giant or their own Cannon.
  • Elite Barbarians + Ice Golem – The push you’ve all been waiting for. ONLY in 2x Elixir if your Mortar CAN’T get through.

Note: The last push mentioned can ruin the fun drastically

Defensive Combos

You won’t get anywhere without a good defense.

  • Cannon + Elite Barbarians + Archers – Good against the classic Giant + Musketeer + Mega Minion push.
  • Cannon + Zap – Good against a Hog + small unit push.
  • Elite Barbarians + Ice Golem – Good against other Elite Barbarians.
  • Archers + Ice Golem – Good against a small Miner push

Guys that’s it for my guide! Hope you have a good day, comment if you need any help or advice and peace out!



  1. A year and a half later, it looks good. With newly buffed cards, Tesla instead of Cannon would rock, even in ladder.

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