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Elite Miner Deck for Arena 7+


Hey Guys it’s PRISM here, and I’m going to show you a funny, fast and shocking deck for Arena 9. While you’ll once lose and once win with other decks, this deck has more chance to win If you practice enough (however it’s so easy to use). Notice that this deck uses 3 different Legendaries (however there are some replacements so don’t worry!) and this deck su**s in tournaments and challenges (sometimes, if you face overpowered Lightning and sh*t decks).

Elite Barbarians Miner Deck

Clash Royale Elite BarbariansClash Royale MinerClash Royale Fire SpiritsClash Royale Goblin
Clash Royale PrincessClash Royale Ice WizardClash Royale Inferno TowerClash Royale Zap

Elite Barbarians Miner Deck


  • Princess: Fireball/Arrows
  • Ice Wizard: Wizard, Bomber, Archers
  • Miner: Miner (Sorry guys!)

Card Breakdown

Elite Barbarians (Ideal Level : 9) – I know guys, this card has been released newly, so for f2p players, it’s not easy to gather lv10 of them in a week! So the ideal level is 9, but the higher the level, it will be better for sure. > There is a big tip you should remember: “Elite Barbarians will change the game, either if you use them correctly or rush. But the results will be the opposite!!” Remember this saying. It’s very important. Use Elite Barbarians only in serious conditions and hide them as longer as possible. Here are some examples for when and where to use them:

  1. If there is a Royal Giant coming and your opponent destroys your Inferno Tower.
  2. If there is a Giant and you lost your Inferno Tower somehow (use wisely – can then use for a counter push too PROBABLY).
  3. If you’re 100% sure [Yes, precisely 100%!!] that your opponent is experiencing a medium elixir disadvantage but you have more than 8, be sure to unleash a Miner + Elite Barbarians push (remember to unleash it when you have Zap, so you can stand against Skeleton Army and Minion Horde or even Mini P.E.K.K.A) (Better not to Zap normal Barbarians if your opponent uses them, just let the Miner deal some damage). This push usually gets you a crown. This push is amazing if you unleash it after your opponent rockets your something, to avenge! (It’s amazing!!). By the way, try to take care of the second tank with other cards than Elite Barbarians if you lost your Inferno Tower (This is for hiding them still). Again, you have to know when to use them, otherwise, you’ll lose with a big percent. Elite Barbarians are sometimes the only winning reason in the match.

Miner (Ideal Level: Any): Well, this is the main card of this deck and along with the swarms in this deck, you’ll try to offend your opponent.

Here are the examples for the offensive combinations you should make:

  1. Miner + Princess on bridge hitting crown tower – This is a very annoying and funny combo, semi-countering Minion Horde or Skeleton Army if your opponent uses them to counter your Miner (You can then finish them off later using your Zap).
  2. Miner + Goblins – If the Zap of your opponent doesn’t vanish your Goblins, this combo rocks (It rocks if they vanish too lol!). Simply deploy your Miner on a crown tower and deploy your Goblins in the same lane.
  3. Miner + Fire Spirits – As simple as the Miner + Goblins combo.

Goblins / Fire Spirits (Ideal Level : 10 ) – As you know, these are used for defense against medium health troops and for offense along with Miner. Simple as sandwiches (I know it’s not related but… whatever).

Princess (As high as possible but no problem even if it’s at level 1) – This card is also used for both defense and offense, but her main task is to offend your opponent, being a dangerous twin with the Miner. You’ll like how she controls nearly the whole arena!

Ice Wizard (As high as possible but no problem even if it’s at level 1) – Yes, he’s not as powerful as he was before, but he’s still a master at defending, and even for offense! He can semi-counter everything, slowing down and dealing fair damage.

Inferno Tower (Ideal Level : 8) – You should know that it’s the best counter to tanks. Even if you think it’s unfair, it still is. Ice Wizard will buy you time even if your opponent zaps your Inferno to deal with the pesky tanks all around!! [Not recommended to use anything else, but: Normal Barbarians, Musketeer (to deal with Lava Hounds)]

Zap (Ideal Level: 10) – To be honest, it’s possible to use it at any level from level 9 onward, but a level 11 Zap would be amazing to deal with the nasty Goblins everywhere in the arena.

So guys, please share what you did with this fast and funny deck. You can also ask for help in the comments section or by visiting our clan – “RojoOjo” – and looking for “PRISM” (me!). Hope you have fun and win matches with this deck, see you in the arena!


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