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Elite Barbarians Poison Deck for Arena 8+


Hi guys and gals Galbers Gaming here with a 3700 trophy Elite Barbarian Poison Deck with troop levels no higher than 10/7/4/1. I should also state here that I have recently, unintentionally and disappointingly leveled up to level 11 but I still believe that this is a 3500+ deck, the trophy par/bar that I set for writing Clash Royale guides.

Elite Barbarians Poison Deck

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Elite Barbarians Poison Deck for Arena 8+

The Elite Barbarians have gone through a huge buff, a quick reminder on the buff:

  • 19% increase in hitpoints
  • 14% increase in damage
  • Attack speed increase to attacking every 1.4 seconds from 1.5 seconds

You may think that you have seen some bigger ‘number’ buffs before but these have generally been on stats which have been small. The Elite Barbarians however had high stats prior to their buff and so the c.15-20% increase is huge, certainly sufficient enough that we are now going to see the card included in decks.

Since the Elite Barbarian’s buff I have been playing around with them and quite casually waltzed to 3700 trophies which despite their huge buff surprised me as when they first came out I dropped 700 trophies with them!

Cards Breakdown

Elite Barbarians: The win condition of the deck, just a few swings on the enemy tower from both of these beasts and the tower will topple.

Due to their speed I have been playing them on the bridge, if the opponent does not act quick enough one if not both will start their tower smashing.

By playing them offensively you need to be able to deal with the opponent’s offense or be sufficiently ahead in Elixir. They are also exceptionally good at killing Hog Rider pushes, they can kill a Hog Rider before it gets to your tower, setting up an extremely strong counter push.

If you spot your opponent putting down an expensive card, six plus elixir, then try pushing out immediately with the Elite’s, I have had pretty good success with this strategy.

Knight: A cheap tank which also does damage, I have been trying out swapping this guy with the Ice Golem but despite the extra 1 elixir cost the damage on units is very useful.

Ice Spirit: One of the cheapest cards in the game which allows cycling of your deck as well as providing a 0.5s freeze which is extremely useful in defense as well as offense.

Archers: Despite their slight indirect nerf through the Bomber and Elite Barbarians now being able to one shot them, they are still a difficult card to efficiently remove from the field. They alongside the Mega Minion are your (air) defenders.

Elixir Collector: I felt that with the Ice Spirit, Knight, Elite Barbarians and Archers I had sufficient cards able to counter a Miner drop on the Elixir Collector hence why it is included. I was also a little curious to see how this card performs.

Mega Minion: alongside your Archers Mega Minion is your other air defense. It is also difficult to remove from the field and despite their nerf still provides good damage. This card is generally played only defensively.

Poison: I have been coming up against a few hut/spawner decks and decided to include Poison instead of Fireball, I was also curious to seeing how it would perform. Also useful in the late stages of the game to whittle down your opponent’s tower

The Log: a fantastic card, perhaps the best card in the game right now – helps cycle through your deck through its cheap elixir cost as well as delay (push back) and damage oncoming units as well as a Princess killer.

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General Gameplan

The strategy revolves around building up an Elixir advantage either by defending efficiently or through the Elixir Collector and then pushing out with the Elite Barbarians, your win condition card.

Depending on how your opponent defends versus your Elites you may wish to use Poison along side them. Your Poison (and Log) will also come in handy in tight games to whittle down your opponent’s tower

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Despite not putting much thought into this deck, with the exception of trying out the Elite Barbarians, Elixir Collector and Poison, this deck has done surprisingly well. If you haven’t already give the Elite Barbarians a go and let me know what sort of deck you are using them in. If you have any questions let me know.


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