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Electro Wizard Challenge – Best Tips and Decks


Okay so the Electro Wizard Challenge is available right now in Clash Royale! Good luck with the tips and deck I shared here guys!

It is never a bad idea to take a small heads-up of the upcoming event in Clash Royale!

Clash Royale Electro Wizard Challenge

Clash Royale Electro Wizard Challenge

Like all other events, this new event is just temporary. It will last for only 3 days so take the opportunity to get the Electro Wizard (but I bet that it will be extremely competitive since most players want him).

The first entry is free then It will take 100 Gems each time you want to Join.

In this Challenge, you will be able to use all cards (yes, even the ones you haven’t unlocked yet) to build a deck revolving around the Electro Wizard!

As soon as you enter into the Challenge, you are required to make a deck with the Electro Wizard. There isn’t any time limit so take your time to build a great deck! You can change your deck any time while playing in the Challenge. You don’t have to stick with only one deck. Also, you will have 3 deck slots so you can build up to 3 decks and easily switch between them (see the screenshot below).

If you get the biggest Chest, you will unlock the Electro Wizard permanently even before the official release. After unlocking him, you will be able to pull him out from any other chest.

It offers not only the same rewards as the Grand Challenge but also a guaranteed Electro Wizard If you can get 12 wins!

Number of Wins Total Prize
Gold Cards
0 1,400 20
1 1,900 30
2 2,500 50
3 3,200 85
4 4,000 130
5 5,000 185
6 6,200 250
7 7,600 330
8 9,300 420
9 11,500 530
10 14,200 670
11 17,500 860
12 22,000 1,100 + Electro Wizard

All cards will be set to the Tournament Standards, even when your cards are low leveled.
For example, If you have level 7 Barbarians, they will be set to level 9.

Also, please remember that you can play this Challenge with your friends in Clan via the Friendly Battles menu!

This GIF will give you a lot of motivation!


How to build a great deck for the Electro Wizard Challenge!

Here are a few tips which definitely help you build a great deck for this Electro Wizard Challenge:

First, let’s talk about his HP

The Electro Wizard has 550 HP, meaning the Fireball can easily one shot him. That’s why you should have the Fireball in your deck while playing in this Challenge. I am pretty sure that we will be able to see the Fireball in literally almost any deck. With that being said, most players will not use Three Musketeers decks.

Fire Spirits can’t one shot Electro Wizard even If they can hit him. Bowler needs 3 shots to take out Electro Wizard.

Ice Golem is probably the cheapest counter to the Electro Wizard. Just make sure you place the Ice Golem in time otherwise the Electro Wizard can hit both your Tower and the Ice Golem, resulting in a waste of 2 Elixir and a heap of damage. Personally, I strongly recommend using Ice Golem over Fireball to counter the Electro Wizard.

Mini P.E.K.K.A can one shot Electro Wizard and Ice Spirit. You should take a note of this.

The appearance of Ice Golem, Fireball and Electro Wizard will reduce the userate of bait deck and 3M deck a lot in the future.

Now let’s talk about his damage

Electro Wizard’s damage is 200, which is pretty great, this is equivalent to Lumberjack’s damage.

He can solo kill Musketeer/Wizard on defense. He one shot Minions and Guard shields.

Also, remember that he calls Zap upon so you can drop him right on top of a Skeleton Army or Goblins to defend. Against Goblin Barrel, you can drop him next to your Tower where he can Zap 2 Goblins.

Don’t place him on a Minion Horde otherwise he will get shredded badly (he won’t die but will have just sliver of HP left). It’s better to place him far away from the Horde and let the Tower help him taking them out one by one.

Electro Wizard will definitely give Hog Rider loads of troubles getting to the Tower, meaning we will see Miner control, Siege decks and beatdown decks a lot in this Tournament. Don’t worry about the Royal Giant, he is only deadly If overleveled. If you want to be success in this Tournament, make sure your deck can counter these deck archetypes.

In shorts, here are a few tips for you before joining the Electro Wizard challenge:

  1. Don’t use Inferno Tower in your deck. It is not going to work well against Electro Wizard.
  2. Use Fireball and Mini P.E.K.K.A in your deck to shred through the Ice Wizard. Also, use a card which dies to Fireball in your deck to bait out Fireball.
  3. Chip decks will not doing well.
  4. Beatdown decks and Siege decks will be very popular!
  5. Electro Wizard is great on both offense and defense but his main use is support.
  6. Remember that Electro Wizard hits 2 targets at once so avoid using swarms. For example, it’s better to use Mega Minion instead of Minions in most situations in this Electro Wizard challenge.

This is my Miner Bowler control deck. I strongly believe that It will work with the Electro Wizard very well!

Clash Royale Electro WizardClash Royale MinerClash Royale fireballClash Royale Bowler
Clash Royale TornadoClash Royale Ice GolemClash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale Mega Minion

  1. Miner: Works great with Electro Wizard. Don’t worry If your Miner is a bit late! The Electro Wizard with hit stunning hit will reset the Tower, force it to re-target the Miner.
  2. Fireball: To deal with the opposing Electro Wizard and chip away the opponent’s Tower.
  3. Electro Wizard – Dudeeeeeeeeeee
  4. Tornado – Very strong at the moment after the huge buff! It now can easily change lane of any troop nearby the center, pull Hog Rider/Golem/Giant to your King’s Tower. You can deal tons of other tricks with the Tornado. This card is absolutely pivotal in this deck.
  5. Ice Golem – This is the cheapest counter to the Electro Wizard. Ice Golem also synergies with the Electro Wizard very well. Ice Golem + Electro Wizard’s Zap can kill Minion Horde. Very useful against Siege Decks and Beatdown Decks.
  6. Mega Minion can solo kill the Electro Wizard without the support of any Tower, prepping for any deck using offensive Electro Wizard.
  7. Bowler: Great against swarms and pretty tanky.
  8. Ice Spirit

In short, Miner Control, Siege and Beatdown Decks are the best ones you will want to use!

Shared by hoover_fishslap

Another screenshot of the last chest by Justin Bartholomew:

Electro Wizard Challenge Deck

I takes some information and the GIF above from Yarn – Orange Juice. You can watch his video below for more details:

Good luck!


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