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Double Prince Cycle Deck for Arena 8+


Hi CRArena!

I’m VozPirate, and today I will be showing you my DOUBLE PRINCE CYCLE deck. This surprisingly fun deck consists of Prince, Dark Prince, Spear Goblins, Fire Spirits, Ice Spirits, Tombstone, Mega Minion and Zap.

I was inspired to make this deck after getting 15 Dark Princes in an epic chest. This will probably be able to push me out of Arena 8. Also, this will be a shorter guide than my previous one. Enjoy!

Double Prince Deck

Clash Royale Dark PrinceClash Royale PrinceClash Royale Spear GoblinsClash Royale Fire Spirits
Clash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale TombstoneClash Royale ZapClash Royale Mega Minion

Double Prince Cycle Deck


This cycle deck is no different than others. The only way you can win is by cycling to your two Princes, while still defending like you normally would. Your push is your double Prince combo + Ice Spirits, Fire Spirits or Zap.

Your backup troops will allow your Princes to kill things like Wizards, Musketeers and Inferno Towers while taking minimum damage to your Princes. Also, it will reduce or kill air troops to let them get a few more hits. Doing this push twice or thrice usually results in a crown.

As usual, you need to defend like any other player. You need to get a general idea of your opponents cards and counters and play accordingly. For example, if he has a Hog Rider or Sparky, keep your tombstone in rotation etc…

Cards Breakdown

In this section I will be going over the cards in this deck, what they do in this deck, and a few (possibly better) replacements for some cards.

Prince – This is your first win condition. This also does good DPS so use it to take down tanky troops on defense. Make sure to position this card so that it will charge before it reaches its destination.
No replacements for this card because this deck is based around it.

Dark Prince – This is your second win condition. This card is one of the splash damage troops in this deck. It also does quite a lot of damage so you can use it to take down tanky troops too, just let it charge. Also, this card does not do 360 degrees splash damage, remember that.
No replacements for this card for the same reason.

Spear Goblins – This card is vital on defense since it targets air troops and deals good damage with the arena towers. It can also be used to draw troops to the middle. Do not use this actively on offense unless you really feel the need to.
Could be replaced with archers or other air-targeting, high-DPS ranged troop.

Fire Spirits – This card is your main splash damage troop. Very useful on both offense and defense to kill off swarms of troops.
No replacements for this card.

Ice Spirit – This card is also very useful on both offense and defense because it offers a unique stun for only 1 Elixir. Use this as much as you can on defense, the stun saves games.
No replacements for this card.

Tombstone – This is your defensive building, great for Hog Riders, P.E.K.K.As, Knights and the like.
No replacements for this card.

Mega Minion – This card is your main defensive troop. Very good against archers, lava hounds and balloons and other squishy troops.
Normal minions can replace this card. Also, you can try Ice Wizard.

Zap – One of the most versatile cards in the game, it is vital in many situations such as wiping away those pesky Skeleton Army on offense, or reducing those minion hordes to nothing on defense.
Can be replaced with Arrows, Log, or Princess, although not recommended for this deck.


This deck really only has one viable ‘push’, being the Double Prince + Support Troop. Here is a list of combinations you could use.

Prince + Dark Prince + Ice Spirit: This is your main push. Prince should be dropped closer to your arena tower while Dark Prince and Ice Spirit closer to the river. Get ready with Zap in your hand in case. Use this to start off the game if you have the right cards in hand, the enemy usually won’t be ready for it.

Prince + Dark Prince + Fire Spirits Similar to the main push. Use this if you know your opponent uses Barbarians or Minion Horde to stop your Princes. You probably won’t Zap.


Any other combos that you can think of, as long as it is right for the situation.
Of course, you can just use Prince + Fire Spirits or any other type of offensive push as long as it is right for the situation.


  • Spell Bait Decks: This shouldn’t be too hard theoretically. Half your deck does splash damage.
  • Lava Hound: You can try to shut this push down by taking out the support troops with Dark Prince and kill the Lava Hound by cycling Mega Minions, Spear Goblins, Ice Spirits and Fire Spirits. Also, you can use tombstone to distract the lava hound.
  • Giant/Royal Giant: This can catch you off guard. You do not have a swarm troop so you won’t be able to melt the tanks. Cycle through your deck quickly to take out the support troops and the Giants.
  • Hog Cycle: Tombstone in the middle can kill off a hog, taking only 1 hit. Tombstone + any other card will deny him of any hits.
  • Spawner/Hut Decks: These are extremely annoying. Cycle through your cheap troops to minimize damage. Once 2x Elixir time hits, spam your Princes, which will be distracted by the troops from the spawner. During that time, try to cycle your troops so you have a massive cluster of Princes and support troops. Or you can play for a draw.
  • 3 Musketeers: If they split, place your Dark Prince on the side with most, and position him so that he can charge. Use Fire/Ice Spirits accordingly. If they don’t split, Dark Prince + Fire/Ice Spirit will kill them.
  • Sparky Deck: Place your Tombstone down with the skeletons spawning on the same lane as the Sparky. Use the Mega Minion or Dark Prince to kill the Sparky. Also, remember to use your Fire/Ice Spirits to help kill the support troops.
  • Golem: Try to kill his support cards first, let the Golem get a few hits. He will melt if you cycle your cards quickly to get many Mega Minions and Spear Goblins. You honestly won’t be able to do much against this in reality.
  • Balloon: Mega Minion, Fire Spirits, Ice Spirit, Spear Goblins…
  • Elite Barbarians: 6/8 cards can be used to counter these bad boys. Fire Spirits + Spear Goblins etc…

The defense on this deck relies on cycling your cheap troops.


  • Try to memorize your opponent’s offense so you know which cards to use and which to hold onto for defense.
  • Nearly all of your troops are vulnerable to Fireball. Space them out accordingly, especially on defense.
  • You must think hard about the positioning and timing of placing down troops on defense. Little mistakes can cost and hurt a lot.
  • Remember to cycle your cheap cards on defense especially in 2x Elixir time.

Ok guys, that’s the complete guide for this deck. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below. Have fun while playing this deck and good luck getting out of Arena 8!


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