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Double GG Deck for Arena 7+


This deck is called Double GG (a play on words), and it is a Double Giant Push Deck for Arena 7 and Arena 8.  If you don’t like the common decks used in Arena 7 and Arena 8, this a different style deck that uses both chip damage and surprise pushes to attack the opponent. My name is Bookworm, and this is my first guide for a Clash Royale deck. Let’s begin!


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Clash Royale ArchersClash Royale ZapClash Royale TombstoneClash Royale fireball

Double Giant Deck

Royal Giant: This is your main win condition and source of damage. The standard push using it will involve it, Archers/Princess (depending your opponents counter to Royal Giant), and Fireball/Zap (again, depending on how your opponent counters the Royal Giant). This push, however, isn’t a huge push meant to take down the opposing tower in one strike; It’s a chip damage play, doing a good 800-1000 damage each attack. You want to cycle to this card when it is not on your hand; cycle Archers or Princess in the back as soon as you can to get a push going, then repeat. You also want to maintain pressure on your opponent using Royal Giant; letting your opponent get some breathing room will minimize your momentum. Overall, keeping the pressure with quick pushes will be able to whittle down their tower, which will be your main source of damage. Pursue this with gusto; Get on them ASAP, and they will have to go on the defensive.

Giant: Unlike the Royal Giant, this isn’t your main win condition. However, it is a perfect way to take down their second tower in a single push. You will only ever bring out the Giant once you take down their tower, or if it is of extreme importance that you defend your tower by using Giant as a tank. Once you’ve taken down your opponent’s first tower with the Royal Giant, you will change your attack style; A double giant push. Allow me to put you in a scenario: You are battling a Royal Giant deck. You each have eliminated a tower, but your opponent’s tower is at half health, and yours is untouched. You are confident that your Inferno tower will be able to stop their Royal Giant until you can finish them off. They put down their Royal Giant, and you place your Inferno Tower in the middle to counter it. But suddenly, your opponent drops a Giant on top of it! The two giants kill the Inferno Tower, and with the support of a Princess, Archers, and a Fireball, they make short work of your tower. You lost. This scenario is something you will find yourself in frequently; Hog decks and Bowler decks can chip a tower as easily as you chip theirs. However, when you can spring a Giant on your opponent when they don’t expect it, the duo will annihilate any defenses or defensive troops your opponent can muster, with your support troops and spells. The Giant is a troop you will use to finish your opponent’s second tower; it is a decisive way to win a battle in overtime, or even before it starts.  

Archers: Archers are crucial to this deck’s survival; They counter Goblin Barrel, Miner, Hog Rider, Graveyard, Lava Hound, and other dominant threats in the metagame. You can cycle them easily, and they can counter Mega Minion, among other threats, on offense. When you have Archers in your hand, you shouldn’t be keeping it for long; If your opponent isn’t attacking, you should be using them to cycle to and support your Royal Giant, and when your opponent is attacking, they provide a great secondary defensive card, after Mega Minion. I usually drop both Archers behind my tower to cycle; I don’t usually split them, but sometimes, you can use that technique to counter threats coming from both sides (NOTE: Archers DO NOT split behind the King’s Tower after one of your opponent’s tower is down. You Must split them in FRONT of your King’s Tower).

Princess: This is another valuable support card, both on offense and defense. On defense, Princess counters Goblins, Spear Goblins, Goblin Barrel, Graveyard, Skeletons, Skeleton Army, Guards, Barbarians, Fire Spirits, Ice Spirit, Minions, and Minion Horde. On offense, it counters those same cards. It is also worth noting Princess hard counters Spawners in general, and paired with Royal Giant, will demolish Goblin Hut, Barbarian Hut, and Furnace. This card’s placement is very important; One must understand Princess’s range to use it well. Have foresight when putting it down; If your Royal Giant is pushing one side and your opponent is pushing the other, then place your Princess on the side of the Royal Giant, but close enough that it is in range of those troops. Also, when pushing, don’t drop it on the bridge next to the Royal Giant; This will make it susceptible to Baby Dragon, Mega Minion, Musketeer, and the like. Put it down a bit farther down behind the Royal Giant.

Mega Minion: I’d like to preface this by saying this card is amazing. No, really. It offers so much utility, and even with the nerf from the last balance changes, it performs amazingly well. It hard counters Bowler and Hog, the two most common deck builds on the ladder, and it provides great defensive coverage. On this deck, Mega Minion will serve as your go-to defensive card. It will be, unlike Archers and Princess, one of the troops you don’t cycle, but keep on hand to defend your tower. This is mandatory. One of the biggest mistakes a beginner could make with this deck is throwing this card on to a push, or cycling it. Chip damage won’t do a thing if your opponent takes down your tower before you do theirs; You must be able to put up a solid defense. That being said, deploy this card to defend anything that does as much or more damage than a full-health Baby Dragon would to do your tower. Musketeer? Check. Miner? No problem. Hog Rider of Bowler? Why even ask? As I said before, cycling Mega Minion for the sake of cycling is a bad idea, but defending your tower, even against something as (seemingly) insignificant as a Musketeer, will also have the side effect of getting you the Royal Giant faster, and if you can get your Royal Giant and put up a push, your opponent won’t be able to attack (just a note: if you have both a Tombstone and a Mega Minion, reserve Tomb Stone for tanks and Hog Riders. More on Tombstone later). Also, once you’ve defended Mega Minion, it can provide a valuable support troop for a counter attack (again: DO NOT use Mega Minion only for the sake of a push, only for defending. If it can be involved in a push after it has defended your tower, that is a good side effect). Overall, Mega Minion provides huge utility on defense, and if it can transfer into a push that is good too.

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Tombstone: Yes, the second of the Defensive Duo. Tombstone is your go-to building for tanks and Hog Riders, and combined with Mega Minion, it will shut down anything your opponent can throw at you. When placing Tombstone, the ideal placement will be three tiles left from your arena tower (on the closest side), and four tiles up from your King’s tower. This placement will drag Hog Rider from either side, along with tanks and other troops. I use Tombstone in this deck and not Inferno Tower because this deck is, primarily, a cycle deck. The Tombstone is two elixir cheaper, and does just as well as the Inferno Tower, with the support of the Mega Minion. So, I use Tombstone.

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Fireball: This is your first spell, and a very important one. Fireball is extremely versatile, and I can personally guarantee you it will help you out with whatever deck you face. Its most prominent use is for taking down buildings, and medium-health troops. For troops, it kills defensive troops like Mega Minion, and will leave troops like Musketeer and Wizard with a sliver of health. I recommend using Fireball both when your opponent is starting up a push with Musketeer or a troop with that health, and when your opponent counters your Royal Giant with a troop with as much health as a Musketeer or less, but will not be killed by Zap (It is viable to kill Minion Horde with it). In terms of buildings, any defensive building (excluding Tesla, obviously) will lose much health from Fireball, and when used with Royal Giant, it can easily do 1000+ damage to their tower. In terms of Spawners, I recommend using it against Goblin Hut and Furnace, but not Barbarian Hut. Mega Minion, Archers, or Princess will shut it down anyway, and it doesn’t do enough damage.

Zap: The last spell, and last card in this deck. Zap is a greatly versatile card in general, and in both offense and defense, it shines. On both offense and defense, it kills squishies like Goblins, Spear Goblins, Goblin Barrel, Skeletons, Skeleton Army, Fire Spirits, et cetera. Zap is well used to eliminate the threats mentioned above, on either offense or defense; It will protect your tower/Royal Giant, providing great value. But eliminating enemy troops in not its only use. It has the valuable effect of stunning towers, troops, Inferno Towers, Inferno Dragons, and Sparkies. It is very important to use Zap to take down Inferno Towers when attacking the first tower; If not, your Royal Giant will do much less damage. The same goes for Inferno Dragons and Sparkies on defense; both will destroy your tower utterly if you ignore them. Mega Minion checks them both, but it is still important to reserve Zap for those threats. If you do both of those, then on offense and defense, you will succeed.


When running through a game, this is a detailed guide on how these cards synergies and beat different decks popular in the meta-game right now.

Hog Decks: Between Tombstone and Mega Minion, you have all the tools you need to succeed against Hog Rider defensively. However, you winnings hinges on you being able to put pressure on your opponent even as the put pressure on you; If you go into a defensive shell, you will lose. It is mandatory to always cycle Archers and Princess for Royal Giant. Constantly attack your opponent, and you will gain momentum and succeed. I find that battles against Hog decks frequently go to overtime, even with my defenses. This is okay. If you retain your momentum, then with Double Elixir and your surprise Giant attack, you should have no problem beating these decks.

Bowler Decks: Bowler decks are tricky; Bowlers just so happen to hard counter Tombstone, so when facing one, you have to play cautiously on defense. Keeping Mega Minion on you is mandatory to defeat Bowlers.  Mega Minion hard counters Bowler, so with it, you will minimize damage. However, you will still take damage. This CANNOT be stressed enough. It is unavoidable. To keep up with this, it is doubly important to maintain pressure on your opponent. If you cannot do 1000 damage for every one of your opponent’s 500, eventually you will fall behind. So attack. Chip with your Royal Giant, and if you can keep up with your opponent, you will be able to two crown them with your Giant surprise attack.

Giant Furnace decks: Furnace is the most potent of the spawners, and when paired with Giant, it is vicious. Of the three decks covered, this is the most difficult to counter, as Fire Spirits counter both Mega Minion and Tombstone. However, you have Fireball. And Fireball will nearly kill Furnace. So, when facing Furnace decks, your win condition will be Fireball: Fireball the Furnace as soon as it goes down, then attack with the Royal Giant. This is the only way to beat Furnace; It is a roundabout way, and very painful and slow, but that is how it must be done. When on the offensive, use the same strategies as you would with any other deck.

All in all, this deck is a potent cycle chip damage deck, and can two-crown like no other. It is strong both offensively and defensively, and when used correctly, will surely reward the user.


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