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Double Barbarians Hog Deck


Hey guys, I’m FuzzBreez and this is my first guide on CRA, the Double Barbarians Hog Deck Guide! I got 16 wins in a row with this deck so I thought I could submit it here.

I always like decks where I can attack quickly and have strong cards to defend against Golems, Giants, Lava Hounds…

I use the Electro Wizard here but you can definitely use Archers, Princess or Musketeer instead.

Double Barbarians Hog Deck

Clash Royale Hog RiderClash Royale BarbariansClash Royale Elite BarbariansClash Royale Electro Wizard
Clash Royale Ice GolemClash Royale ZapClash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale fireball

Double Barbarians Hog Deck for Arena 8+

Elite Barbarians: They are of course harder, better, stronger and now more annoying for some players. I like the fact that you can use them as attack and defense. They are really fast, if they reach the tower, the opponents are in real trouble. I usually use them with Ice Golem in front, or rush with them if I have Zap, or in Elixir lead.

Barbarians: The brother Barbarians are also very good for defense against Golems, Giants, Hogs… They are slow but after defending they are very dangerous if you don’t take care of them. I also like to use them to distract some troops. Sometimes I put them to distract Lava Hound pups and you can also split them if you want.

Hog Rider: Hog is the main card for attack. Fast and strong but sometimes, if the opponent has a good defense and some buildings, it’s hard to get to the tower, so that’s reason why I like to have the Elite Barbarians. You can destroy buildings with them and then attack with Hog or vice versa.
Couple Hog Rider with the Ice Golem to do the pig push!

Ice Golem: He is one of the most versatile troops at the moment. Most of the time used with Hog Rider and Elite Barbarians. He can kill Skeleton Army, distract troops, damage Minions… After he dies, he slows down troops nearby, which gives more hits.

Mega Minion: Mega Minion is mostly for defending. Although he’s buff it’s still most used. He is useful against Lava Hound, ground troops, Minions…and good in combinations with Ice Golem.

Electro Wizard: The Electro Wizard is really awesome card. You can use them to Zap Skarmy, Minions after death damage of Ice Golem, slow down troops, reset target. He can be destroyed by Fireball but if he gets destroyed then you have Barbarians for attack if you need. Mostly used for defense.
Take a look at here to read more about the Electro Wizard!

Fireball: Very useful and most used card to damage the tower, kill Barbarians, Minion Horde, Electro Wizard and spammy troops. Many times it can happen that you need 1 or 2 Fireballs to win.

Zap: for 2 Elixir awesome card for attack and defense. mostly used for Elite Barbarians and hog when attacking.

General Gameplan

Because in this deck you have Hog and Elite Barbarians as the main offensive troops, you can build up a push with Hog+Ice Golem / Elite Barbarians+Ice Golem or make a quick attack if you are in Elixir lead.

Also Elite Barbarians are great for defending, so for example after Elite Barbarians finish Royal Giant on the right side you immediately have a push in that side and then you can quickly attack on the opposite side(left) with Hog, double pressure and most the time one of them will reach the tower to deal a great amount of damage.

When I play I start with Mega Minion on back or Ice Golem, and play slow to see what the opponent has. If the opponent spends pretty much Elixir for a card that will not deal much damage to my tower ( for example: Lava Hound, Golem, Witch, Wizard, Ice Wizard, Bowler…) I attack quickly on the other side with Hog or Elite Barbarians and then defend with Barbarians.


Elite Barbarians + Ice Golem: Really strong push but if you’r opponent has Barbarians, Tombstone or anything that can distract Elite Barbarians you will need Fireball/Zap prepared or make this push when your opponent has used all his cards that can stop them.

Hog Rider + Ice Golem: Standard push, strong. Most the time you will get at least 1-2 hits if defended by Barbarians, Minion Horde…If used with Fireball, Zap it can destroy the tower. Worst cases are when you play against building.

Elite Barbarians + Fireball/Zap: Often If I don’t have Ice Golem and the opponent has only weak troops I just rush with Elite Barbarians and being prepared with Fireball or Zap they get to the tower.

Elite Barbarians + Hog Rider: This push costs 10 Elixir and it’s a little risky but depending on the situation and playing it right will immediately destroy the tower. In double time you could also put the Ice Golem.


Buildings (Inferno Tower, Canon…): Building can be a problem but because you have 2 main cards for attack, you can send hog to destroy almost any building and then push with Elite Barbarians or vice versa.

Bowler: He is good against Hog Rider so what I always try is to attack on the opposite side of bowler or wait to cross my side and quickly attack with Elite Barbarians.

Golem: Golem is a strong card but he is really slow which gives us time to deal with him countering with Barbarians but it’s important to distract his support or what I do I rush with Elite Barbarians on the other side, because I don’t want him to build his push it can be really hard to defend against such pushes.

Lava Hound: Also a strong card but really slow and the most important thing is to kill lava pups, you can do much things while he arrive. You can counter with Mega Minion really good against pups, Fireball, Zap or distracting with Ice Golem.

Here is also video from me playing with this deck 🙂

Hopefully you guys have found this deck helpful 🙂


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