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Defensive Miner Poison for Challenges


Greetings everyone! This is my first guide on Clash Royale Arena. Today, I’m going to introduce you to a new deck for challenges and tournaments that I created recently. Without further ado, Let’s get to the deck!


Overall stats:

  • Offense: 3/5
  • Defense: 5/5
  • Counters: 4/5
  • Synergies: 2/5
  • Easy-to-use: 3/5


  • Great at defense
  • 3.3 Total elixir


  • Win depends on miner
  • Literally no synergy
  • Contain 4 legends
  • Not suitable for Ladder

Defensive Miner Poison Deck

Miner: Our win-condition man! Use this guy for chip damages, taking out Elixir Collector or Princess if your Log isn’t ready yet. You must try to deal as much damage as possible in the first 2 minutes with your Miner. Remind yourself that Miner is your win-condition, be carefully when deploying him!


Poison: One of the top spell cards right now. Miner and poison is your offensive duo in your deck and it would take out a good amount of enemy tower’s health. Poison is also good to use on Graveyard, Three Musketeers, Princesses, Elixir Collectors etc.


TheLogCardLog: This deck created for challenges and zap couldn’t kill the annoying Skeleton Barrels?
It’s time for The Log to shine! Wide range, the possibility of resetting charges and knockback effect, The Log is very suitable for this deck.


Goblin GangGoblin Gang: My favorite swarm card of all time! This card contains many flexible ways to use from bait, bridge spam as well as defense/A really special fact about the Goblin Gang, they don’t die to zap but have potential to bait zap. They counter many cards like Hog Rider, Miner or Mega Knight.


Ice WizardIce Wizard: One of the best defenses in the game. It slows down enemy troops and gives you more time for just only 3 Elixir! Pack up with Tornado, and we have the dynamic defensive duo of all time! Try your best to deploy Ice Wizard at a safe place because this is one of the deck core defense.


TornadoTornado: Counters many cards such as Hog, Goblin Barrels etc. This is your key in all emergency, pull them back to the bridge and let fight again!


Mini PEKKAMini P.E.K.K.A: Why this little fella why? This card is fast, rather cheap and especially high damage. With his high damage, you could do better at defense because Mini Pekka could be a medium matchup for Elite Barbarians as well as Mega Knight.


Inferno Dragon CardInferno Dragon: Our tank killer! Pay attention when deploying because the appearance of zappies and electro wizards that could reset your deathly beam. After killing tanks, this dude could use as a threat while counterpush.


General Gameplay:

3:00 to 1:00
Harass your opponent with your Miner. Also defense as much as possible to keep your towers safe.
Tornado and Ice Wizard is a dynamic duo when it comes to defense, pull all of your enemy troops and chill them a little bit. Use tornado to activate the King so that he could help us defending the upcoming attacks.

1:00 to End.
This deck total elixir is 3.3 aka this is a Cycle deck. Pressure them by using Miner and Poison to deal as much damage as possible. The fast and defensive point of this deck is very good, so you could stack some defense at the back while getting damage using Miner. Keep enemy’s attack as far as possible from the towers and try not to place cards near each other to prevent mass death.



Giants: The big guy squad is quite hard to take down but this deck is all about defense and
Counter-Attack. Inferno Dragon is the main Giant killer and it all depends on this pal. Use Ice Wizard to slow down the Giant and pull all of them and finish with The Log if you want. I recommend using Mini P.E.K.K.A to destroy their supports.


Golem: Mostly the same as Giants but focus more on their support since they are quite annoying. Goblin Gang is a good card for defense if the enemy is using Golem Nightwitch or Golem Flying Machine.

Royal Giant Card

Royal Giant: Well, we have Inferno Dragon and Ice Wizard in the deck. Also remind your Inferno Dragon placement to prevent attack reset from Zappies / Electro Wizard.

Graveyard: Poison their graveyard. Also watch out for the glass cannons like Cannon carts – A Mini P.E.K.K.A or Goblin Gang could be useful in this situation.

Spell Bait: Activate the King tower by pulling the Goblin barrels. We have 3 factors to kill the Princesses: Poison, Miner, Log be careful since many baiters are very smart in their moves. Prevent missing your Logs.

Siege: Mini Pekka is your Siege killer, also slow down their attack using Ice Wizard.

Miner Poison

After finishing their push, give them a counterattack with Miner or Miner Poison.



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