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Deck using all goblin themed cards.


Hi there, I’m Bananaghost™, and this is my first guide. First off I’d like to say I’ve always been more interested in playing games the way I like, as opposed to the way that is most efficient. I’m the guy that wears a leather hat rather than a plate helmet on my warrior because I think it looks better. Or insist on using a melee weapon on my ranged character, just because.

Mega Goblins
Mega Goblins

So it seemed inevitable that I’d find something offbeat to try in this game too. Ever since playing in jungle arena, and seeing the release of Goblin Gang & Dart Goblin, I’ve had a growing obsession with a full goblin deck.

I’ve tried many combos for the last two cards in my goblin deck, but finding a balance wasn’t easy. I had some success with Giant/Fireball as the previous two cards and even got to 3800 and the old legendary arena at lvl 11 with 11/8.5/6 cards. But it was a struggle, an uphill battle.

However, with the introduction of Mega Knight, I got a second wind using it and Zap as my last two cards. I got to around 4100 with 11/9/6/1 cards.

After a while by upgrading my cards, now 13/11/8/4 and swapping Zap for Arrows, I’ve just for the first time in my clash royale career, broken 4700 trophies and sniffing at 4800. With my full goblin deck none the less.
While perhaps not that impressive regarding the card levels, I’m still pretty proud of myself considering the deck.

I’m not going to tell you the deck is perfect, pretty far from it. But it sure is a lot of fun and entirely different. And the amount of goblins I manage to have on the field sometimes makes me giggle.

Mostly chip damage and counterattacking.

Location, location. I usually set up Goblin Hut front and center to pull pushes from both sides to the center and try to defend with Goblins, Goblin Gang or Spear Goblins, depending on the push. Then I chip away with the Goblin Hut, Spear Goblins, and Dart Goblin and maybe Goblin Gang.

all goblin
All goblins

Any bigger push, preferably 3 or more medium troops, I try to drop a Mega Knight on, to get the most out of him. Then counterpush with the Mega Knight and any goblin troop I have in hand, hopefully baiting out a spell. If I, at this point see a Log/Arrows/Zap, I usually toss a Goblin Barrel at the tower the Mega Knight is going for. Fanning out Spear Goblins and Dart Goblin on defense is a good idea, to avoid having them all snuffed out by a single Log.


Card roles:

  • Goblin Hut – Defensive front and chip damage.
  • Dart Goblin – Air Defense/Support and chip damage
  • Spear Goblins – Air defense/Support, chip damage, and card rotation
  • Goblins – Defense/Support, kiting and card rotation or chip damage
  • Goblin Gang – Defense, kiting, emergency air defense and chip damage
  • Goblin Barrel – Win condition, chip damage, emergency kiting
  • Arrows – Air Defense, swarm defense. The only spell, use sparingly
  • Mega Knight – Tank, splash, protection against anything ground-based. Best dropped on a push and counterattacking from there, to get the most out of him in my opinion.


Spells and splash units. The newly buffed Valkyrie is a nightmare. If at all possible, I try to let those units target my Mega Knight, Goblin Hut or if need be, my crown tower, then swarm them with Goblin Gang, Goblins or try and take them out with Dart Goblin or Spear Goblins, depending on the troop.

Aside from those, a few decks have proven especially hard: Golem/Night Witch, some Hog cycles and spell baits come to mind first.

Mostly the surprise factor probably, nobody expects this many goblins. And saving the Mega Knight to be dropped on their big push usually seems to mess with their game.




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