X-Bow Beatdown Deck Which Got Me To 5,100 Trophies

Hey everyone, whats up, today its Unstoppable sharing the X-Bow deck that got me to 5,100 trophies amidst all the Royal Giants and Elite Barbarians everywhere!

Recently I found that I had gone on tilt, even dropping to 4600 trophies from my usual deck, so I decided just to play around a bit with an X-Bow deck.

X-Bow Beatdown Deck

X-Bow Beatdown Deck Which Got Me To 5,100 Trophies

Now my X-Bow is only level 5, and most players up at 5000 have level 7 or even max epics, as well as level 13 Royal Giants which completely crush X-Bow, so playing an X-Bow was no joke. However, X-Bow is one of the most skilled deck archetypes in my opinion, after watching top players like Surgical Goblin and Top Notch play them and win in 1000 player tournaments or Kings Cup, I decided to give it a try.

It was a tough gruel, but eventually I made it with this X-Bow deck shown here below!

The ironic thing is how my two win conditions are underleveled (level 8 Rocket versus level 10/11 rares at 5K, and a level 5 X-Bow vs level 7/8 epics), while my legendaries are up to par. I’ll give a quick rundown of the deck as well as talk about the general gameplan behind it.

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Deck Rundown:

Win Conditions:

X-Bow: X-Bow is an extremely underused card below 5000 trophies, due to the Royal Giant.

We see top players play X-Bow occasionally in the top 200, where Royal Giant is far less common. However, I still think X-Bow is a good card and it is definitely possible to win with against Royal Giant.

It is a 6 Elixir epic, which makes it really hard to overlevel, that can target the opponent tower from my side of the arena.

An X-Bow can easily take a tower down by itself if the opponent doesn’t answer it, making it a “noob strategy” at 1000 trophies or so. However, as so many tanks, mini tanks, buildings, and high HP support troops such as Bowler appear later on, players find X-Bow to be less and less effective, dropping it from their decks completely.

The introduction of Royal Giant pretty much hammered the last nail into the coffin. A ranged extremely high HP and medium DPS same Elixir cost troop can easily take down the X-Bow from their side of the map.

Thus, X-Bow is such an underused strategy now, but it is still viable with this deck. I will show you how to defeat Royal Giant with X-Bow later on. I will talk more about X-Bow in the gameplan part.

Secondary Win Condition: Rocket. Often X-Bow is kind of like a chip damage troop. You get from 500-1000 damage when you use it, and have to place it over and over.

However, after you get your opponent tower to around 500 HP, depending on the damage of your Rocket, you can simply play a defensive X-Bow and Rocket the opponent tower down.

This will take a lot of skill, and most of the time you don’t want to Rocket anything less than 3 Elixir along with the tower.

I recommend Rocketing Musketeers, Three Musketeers, Wizards, and Witch, but not Valkyrie, Knights, or Bowlers unless you desperately need damage or have a high Elixir lead.

Sometimes you will be forced to Rocket on defense especially against Elite Barbarians, but with the defense of this deck it most likely wont be necessary.

Support Troops and Buildings:

Elixir Collector: In my opinion it is the most important card in this deck. It gives you an Elixir advantage of 2, but is very risky.

I always place it in the intersection of my crown tower and king tower, unless I know he has miner or Rocket. This is because sometimes I need to use a defensive X-Bow and I don’t want to give my opponent huge Fireball or Lightning value.

Knight: Probably the most balanced card in the game that has hugely risen in popularity ever since Ice Golem got a nerf.

I use it to kill glass support troops like Musketeer or Wizard, and then I use it to tank for my X-Bow. Such a great card in my opinion to “overlevel”.

Skeletons: When Le Doot got added, Skeletons pretty much took over the arena. Almost everyone runs Skeletons. High DPS, but their low cost makes them a bad choice to Zap or Log. Really hard to get a positive Elixir trade on. Great for tanking hits as well. I definitely think they are a bit OP and might get a DPS nerf soon.


Electro Wizard (replaceable with Musketeer or Archers): I love the Electro Wizard. It does great DPS, can multi shot, spawn damage, and is just super versatile.

In my opinion it is the best legendary in the game. When paired with Log it is especially good.

Often they will use a Knight to tank your X-Bow. I pop Electro Wizard down, and opponent supports Knight with Archers  to kill the Electro Wizard. If I Log the archers, it doesn’t kill them, but since my Electro Wizard can multishot, it will kill the archers while killing the Knight. What a card!

Log: Second best legendary in the game. A necessity right now due to Zap bait. I try to reserve Log for goblin Barrel or gang. Fire Spirits can take care of Barrel too. Use Knight or Skeletons on princess, then counter attack with your X-Bow.

Log is a really good support card too. If they use Musketeer to tank for your X-Bow, use Log on her which will kill her faster.

Fire Spirits: Finally, Fire Spirits. Especially good against Elite Barbarians, Barbarians, Minions, and Minion Horde. I love how they almost kill regular Barbarians, a huge positive trade.

Great support card for your X-Bow as well as on defense.

General Gameplan:

This deck relies on the Elixir Collector. Never place your X-Bow down until you understand their deck.

Use a collector to generate more Elixir, while playing defense with 1 Elixir Skeletons, Knight, and Electro Wizard.

Once you understand their main win condition, whether it be Giant, Hog, Golem, RG, or Mortar, you can go into action.


Here are the common matchups and how to deal with them:

Royal Giant: One of the most common matchups. I win around 40% games against RG, which isn’t bad especially as RG is a hard counter.

What you should do when you see an RG is:

  1. Kill the support troop. For Minions, use Fire Spirits, for Musketeer, Electro Wizard, etc use Knight.
  2. Plant Skeletons on RG as well as Electro Wizard.

You will still end up taking like 600 HP of your tower, but now his counter to your X-Bow is out of rotation.

Since RG is almost always paired with Barbarians, they might use this to counter your X-Bow. Make sure your Log or Fire Spirits are ready, as well as Knight.

This may be your only chance to take their tower with your X-Bow, since they already played their RG and are likely to save it for later to counter your X-Bow.

Remember, you are relying on this one push to take their tower into Rocket range. Once you have it into Rocket range, then just play defensive X-Bow in the safe tower range RG-defense plant, for the rest of the game.

Zap Bait: this is easy since they only have two real counters to your X-Bow. Knight and inferno tower. Electro Wizard completely shuts inferno tower down, and Knight is easy to deal with, simply use your own Knight. The rest of a Zap bait deck are squishy troops you can shut down with Fire Spirits or Log.

Giant/Golem: Good matchup. Like RG, wait until they place Giant in back, then pressure another lane with X-Bow. They normally don’t have two tanks, so it’s tough for them. You just don’t want to let them know you have X-Bow.

Hog: Great matchup. Hog is easy to shut down. Electro Wizard counters it and lets it only get oneshot. Skeletons counter it, Rocket, Knight, then on the counterattack they won’t have anything for your X-Bow.

Giantloon: Very hard to win against…for obvious reasons.

Lavaloon: I have around a 30% win against this deck: You have to kill their support Mega Minion (distract with Skeletons and kill it with Electro Wizard), as well as regular Minions with Fire Spirits. Then you may have to Rocket the balloon down.

Anyway, these are the main matchups, and I definitely have had a lot of success with this deck. After you get practice against RG, you should be in good condition with X-Bow and ready to win!

Hope you can break ladder with this deck.

For any questions or commends let me know!