Best Sparky Siege Decks

Hi, I’m dankmelk (IGN: DarkMilk) and I am a Mortar enthusiast. The Mortar has always been my favorite card, it has taken me into legendary and where I am now (about 3950 with Sparky Siege). Most people don’t use the Mortar because it “is a troll and completely useless and terrible”, but I think it was placed into the game for a reason. And that is to play Sparky Siege and destroy the meta :P.

Warning: Part of the guide was made during the Elite Barbarian meta.

Best Sparky Siege Decks

Best Sparky Siege Decks

The Two Types of Sparky Mortar Siege

  • One is getting chip damage with the Mortar while using positive Elixir trades, similar to a control deck.
  • Another way you can play Sparky Siege is with my favorite strategy: “King of the Mortar”

The point of the “King of the Mortar” strategy is to basically play the Mortar then protect it from your opponent using whatever you can, even if it isn’t a positive Elixir trade (only in double Elixir time).

Sometimes, using the same deck as the deck you use for the king of the Mortar strategy, you can play control if your strategy is not working.

Honestly, adding Sparky to a Siege deck sounds crazy to most people so I’ll explain how I can add Sparky to this type of deck, the best I can. I have two deck examples, one for each of the strategies.

Deck #1: Electro-Sparky-Mortar Combination

Clash Royale MortarClash Royale Electro WizardClash Royale SparkyClash Royale Ice Golem
Clash Royale ArchersClash Royale CannonClash Royale TornadoClash Royale fireball

The current version of the deck and how I play each card:

Mortar: When I originally started using Mortar in arena 8, at about 2400 trophies, I had a level 5 Mortar. It started as a troll until I realized that the Mortar was actually an effective way to play the game (Wow! Amazing right?). I then played several Mortar decks up until I hit legendary arena. Then I started to realize how unfair having a level 13 royal Giant was and I thought to myself, if only I had a level 13 Mortar!

My mission from there on was to get a max level Mortar and now I’m getting pretty close!

My point from that little rant was that the higher the level of the Mortar, the better it is. However, if you are just starting to play Siege I would suggest you do not level up your Mortar because IMO Siege is a very difficult play style and most of my friends just don’t understand how to play Siege.

Now to actually talk about the Mortar!

The Mortar provides some of the best chip damage out of any troop in the game! At 300 damage per shot at lvl 12, the Mortar can get just one small shot on the tower and you have tower damage at 4 Elixir!

I usually play the Mortar when I have a large Elixir advantage over my opponent, at the start of the game, or after I have defended my opponents push and have some troops to support my Mortar

I usually place the Mortar one tile away from the bridge so that I have a chance to react to the opponents defense.

Electro Wizard: I was lucky enough to pull the Electro Wizard from a legendary chest during my opening and get it in the shop two days later to level it up to lvl 2.

Similar to the Ice Wizard, the E. Wizard is the perfect defense, providing constant Zaps to the opposing troops, allowing amazing synergy with the Mortar.

The Electro Wizard has so many unique uses to slow down the opponent and to just protect the Mortar.

Some effective basic uses I find for it is killing Minion Horde by placing an Ice Golem then placing the Electro Wizard on top of it!

The E. Wizard is also very effective stopping Elite Barbarians and Hogs, only allowing one shot for the e barbs if you use the Ice Golem kite, and 1 hit for a Hog.

Good Replacements: Mega Minion if you want more support or Zap if you want an extra spell, or Ice Wizard.

Sparky (2): I was unlucky enough to pull this as my first two legendaries (tear) but I have actually found a use for the Sparky in my new deck.

The Sparky is very helpful for clumping troops together with Tornado and then completely destroy them with a Sparky.

The Sparky can also, single handed, take out a tank and it’s support. This is by far the most entertaining part of the deck!

Besides defense, the Sparky can be used to protect the Mortar or even transfer it to offense and have an Ice Golem tank for it.

Sparky can’t really be replaced in this deck but if you want a Mortar deck without Sparky then let me know and I can provide.

Archers: I would say the Archers are one of the most useful troops in the game at this time. They can take out Minions, skarmy, barbarians, support troops, etc with just a few shots. They are also an effective counter to the graveyard.

Unlike goblins and Minions, Archers cannot be Logged, arrowed, or Zapped.

While being a great defensive troop, the Archers can defend the Mortar while it obliterates the opponent’s tower.

Splitting Archers can be used as a kiting tactic or when you have ten Elixir.

Replacements (not as versatile): Mega Minion, Musketeer, Ice Wizard.

Ice Golem: Ice Golem is also a very versatile troop as it can serve many different purposes.


Some things I like are that Ice Golem plus Zap/Tornado can take out a Minion Horde and the Ice Golem can be a strong tank for just 2 Elixir.

If my opponent doesn’t have a Zap or it is out of cycle then I can Ice Golem, archer push, maybe with a Sparky and Electro Wizard.

The Ice Golem can tank for my Mortar, giving me time to counter the opponents reaction to my Mortar.

The Ice Golem is also one of the best troops for kiting because it is slow enough that most troops will follow it wherever it goes.

Combined with Archers, the Ice Golem kite move will take out Elite Barbarians. The Ice Golem can counter skeleton army with its death explosion.

If your Ice Golem is not high enough level to kill skeletons you play then I would recommend switching it with Ice Spirit, Zap, Log, or Fire Spirits. Because of the recent balance changes, Ice Golem can be replaced by Knight.

Cannon: Having the Cannon gives you an extra defense to help in defending Giant pushes as well as Hog pushes. If needed, you can use the Cannon as a last resort against Archers and other small troops.

Having a high level Cannon is definitely not needed because it makes only a small difference.

The Cannon is not essential in this deck and can be replaced with Tombstone.

Tornado: I think the Tornado is easily the most exciting card in the deck because of how many interesting uses it has. A couple of them are: pulling a miner/Hog/elite barbs into the king tower and activating it or you can clump troops together then completely make them disappear with the Sparky, just hope they don’t have Zap.

An alternative to Tornado is Zap or Log.

Fireball: Basic high damage spell that you can use to take out hordes of troops or support troops on big pushes. Cheap and effective but can be replaced with rocket if Sparky EVER COMES INTO THE META.

How to Play

This deck is a little easier to play and in my experience is better.

During normal Elixir time I tend to place my Mortar only to get a few shots off, getting chip damage.

Sometimes I wait a minute of so in the game to place my Mortar because before that, my opponent has absolutely no idea what deck I’m running.

When I make my move and do play my Mortar, my opponent is surprised and may not react right away giving you a few seconds. In these few seconds your Mortar could lock onto the tower. When this happens just try to protect your Mortar and not let your opponent take it down. If you hold your opponent off for just 15 seconds, you could have more than a thousand damage on the tower! Once it hits double Elixir time then its your time to constantly place your Mortar and get damage on the tower. If your opponent starts to predict your placements with the Mortar then you could mix it up and play another card first.

How to Defend

Defending is one of the most important things about a Mortar deck. Without defense, you would be absolutely screwed.

Most Mortar decks are based on 1-0 wins and this is the same. Sometimes I can pull off a 2-0 win but it is a lot more challenging. So, do not let your tower get destroyed, preserve your Elixir and stay constant and strong the whole game.

The Sparky is a very strong defense because it deals mass amounts of damage and can destroy hordes of troops, although you can not rely on it to take out incoming Elite Barbarians because it can be Zapped.

In the current meta, about 98% of decks have Elite Barbarians so you have to be careful and mindful to not overcommit. Elite Barbarians are very strong can be countered in a few ways.

  • One way, is to play Bowler towards the middle of the map but on the same side as the elite barbs. Then you want to place an Ice Golem to distract the ebs while the Bowler pushes them back and kills them
  • Although this is 7 Elixir and is not a positive Elixir trade, the Bowler gives you a nice counter push.
  • Sparky can also be used if the opponent does not have Zap.
  • Ice Golem or Knight is an amazing distraction and can be used for kiting.

Lavahounds and Golems can be taken out with Archers, Electro Wizard, and Sparky.

Deck #2: Sparky Mortar Control

Clash Royale BowlerClash Royale MortarClash Royale SparkyClash Royale Ice Golem
Clash Royale ArchersClash Royale ZapClash Royale Fire SpiritsClash Royale fireball

Mortar: In a control deck with the Mortar, you want to place the Mortar one tile back from the bridge and you just want it to lock onto the tower for a few seconds, just to get a small amount of damage. Normally the opponent will defend it before it gets locked onto the tower, giving you an Elixir advantage because they will have spent more Elixir defending it than you spent placing the Mortar.

Bowler: The Bowler is a very common card to have in a control deck because it is a great defense. At full Elixir, you can place the Bowler behind the tower with less health. This will give you a quick reaction to defend against faster troops like Hog or elite barbs.

Sparky: Another strong defensive troop that can take out hordes of ground troops, destroying them in one blast. The Sparky is one of the most entertaining cards because it can just anger the opponent. At the same time it is the most frustrating because it can be countered so easily. This being said, you cannot always rely on the Sparky to take out elite barbs because it could be Zapped, resulting in the loss of the tower.

Archers: I would say the Archers are one of the most useful troops in the game at this time. They can take out Minions, skarmy, barbarians, support troops, etc with just a few shots. They are also an effective counter to the graveyard. Unlike goblins and Minions, Archers cannot be Logged, arrowed, or Zapped. While being a great defensive troop, the Archers can defend the Mortar while it obliterates the opponent’s tower. Splitting Archers can be used as a kiting tactic or when you have ten Elixir. Replacements (not as versatile): Mega Minion, Musketeer, Ice Wizard.

Ice Golem: Very offensive and defensive card, the Ice Golem is one of the best card to kite other troops, while being the cheapest tank. Troops placed on top of the Mortar can be distracted by the Ice Golem and follow after the Ice Golem, while the Mortar gets an extra shot or two.

Fire Spirits or Ice Spirits: Fire Spirits and Ice Spirits are very strong card, no matter the meta. They both can take out a horde of troops or obliterate an opponents elite barbs. If you just need to slow down just one troop to prevent them from getting to the tower, then you can just throw down an Ice Spirit. With intense stopping power, I think you need at least on of the spirits in this deck!

Fireball: There is always a use for the Fireball, whether it is taking out a Giant’s support or if it is getting the extra 240 damage that you need. Be careful using the Fireball on collectors because most collector decks have some sort of tank and support troops, such as three Musketeers, which are extremely dangerous.

Zap: In every deck you need either the Log or the Zap, and I run whatever I feel like that day. In this deck if you use Fire Spirits than you can use Log, because you have more air support, but if you are using Ice Spirit than I would recommend Zap because you might have trouble countering a Minion Horde with a Log.

The average Elixir cost is a decent 3.5/3.4 depending on if you go with Fire Spirits or Ice Spirit, respectively. I have some gameplay on my youtube channel on how I personally play the deck.

How to Play

The “basic” gist of this deck is to create lots of positive Elixir trades and get constant chip damage with the Mortar.

When you defend your opponents push you want to try to use your leftover troops to defend your Mortar which you can place at the bridge. This allows a cheap but semi large push that can take off a thousand or so damage off the tower.

Overtime, with constant chip, the opponents tower will start to wear down. If my deck isn’t working then I usually play full on defense or just try different types of pushes.

In normal Elixir time, I can only get the Mortar down a few times, getting a few shots on the tower, mostly if my opponent is constantly pushing. This is kind of an issue but once it gets to double Elixir time, this deck really shines.

In double Elixir time you can usually get the Mortar down with a few support troops. When this happens I just try to protect it. Most players either are really good at Siege or they just cannot play with it. If it isn’t working, then don’t force it.


With an ever changing meta, there is always a new card entering and exiting the meta. Sparky is one of those cards that has NOT yet entered the meta but is soon to be! Even though the Sparky is somewhat trash, she is still viable. I wanted to combine Mortar and Sparky and I had some success and wanted to share it so here it is! So just have fun and enjoy!