Stunning Sparky Hog Deck for Zappy Lovers

Hey what is going on guys!

RSivak here with a cool Sparky deck that I’ve been testing for a long time. I have finally build together what I think is a strong deck, it got me 12 wins in a classic challenge and I was able to push up 200 trophies to 4148. Plus it has gotten me quite a few three crown wins!

It has a couple other Legendaries, but they can be replaced, not as effective though.

Stunning Sparky Hog Deck

Clash Royale GiantClash Royale Hog RiderClash Royale SparkyClash Royale Minion Horde
Clash Royale Ice WizardClash Royale ZapClash Royale PrincessClash Royale Barbarians

Cards Breakdown

Giant: One of your win conditions in this deck.

Giant is perfect for creating a big push and punching your way through enemy defenses.

He deals decent damage and his perk is his slow movement speed which can allow you to build up a huge push.

Perfect for distracting troops while your Hog Rider weaves in and out to reach the tower, or when combined with a Sparky, your opponent will have trouble placing anything to defend the Giant. Forcing him to address the Sparky first and let this hefty Giant to pummel the tower.

Hog Rider: Secondary win condition.

The Hog Rider is a great card for dealing chip damage and will be your main damage dealer until double elixir.

Costs less than a Giant and can move faster allowing him to make a quick little push if you have an elixir advantage.

Pressuring your opponent, you can also easily push the other lane with a Hog Rider at the same time your Giant push is heading toward their other tower.

Hog Rider can be used to bait out Infernoes for your Giant, giving you a strong push that will deal damage on their tower.

Sparky: Not really the main win condition. Sparky performs a variety of roles in this deck.

If your opponent lacks any stun, then Sparky can easily become your main damage dealer, but if your opponent has Electro Wizard or Zap, then you have to change your playstyle to using Sparky on defense to wipe out Hog Riders, Giants, Golems and other pushes.

If you end up using Tornado (instead of Princess), then you can easily use Sparky and Tornado to completely wipe out their entire push with a Sparky blast.

Minion Horde: Minion Horde is an awesome card, has one of the highest DPS in the game and can shred through even the beefiest card in a pinch.

It also is great bait for Electro Wizards, and Zaps which make it a perfect card for this deck.

Good for defense, or if your opponent uses his spell on another card and he lacks any air splash, then Minion Horde and Hog Rider/Giant could be devastating to your opponent.

Ice Wizard: Ice Wizard, he is great on defense. Halting enemy pushes to a crawl while your defensive troops cut down anything in their way.

His constant slowdown gives your troops more time to hit and deal more damage.

For replacement, Ice Spirit is probably your best bet, gives you a mini Freeze and can help get more damage done for you.

Zap: Zap, perfect utility spell card. The only spell in this deck. Perfect for swarm clearance and finishing off any weak tower.

Not much to say about it, it’s just an all around great card.

Princess: Now it gets interesting.

Princess is great for firing a small horde of flaming arrows to cut down any swarms that would menace your push. She has a massive range, giving her the ability to fight while staying out of the way.

Perfect behind a Giant (far behind!) wiping out any any defenses. And with Zap, not even Minion Hordes can defend against your Giant Sparky push!

There are a lot of substitutions for the Princess, Fire Spirits, Tornado, or Fireball are the best. Fireball if you want immediate tower damage, and a strong spell, Tornado if you can play it well and drag enemy troops into the splash of Tornado. Fire Spirits if you need a cheap high damage swam control card.


Barbarians: Another defensive card.

You will often be on the defensive and counter push with your defenses, and Barbarians are a meaty shield capable of wiping out even the most tanky troops while keeping a good chunk of their health for offense.

Perfect for blocking out a Hog Rider from reaching your tower and can easily shut down Giants, Golems before they deal too much damage.

General Game Plan:

A great start is a lone Hog Rider with Zap read, or a Princess in the back. If forced, you might have to play an Ice Wizard or Giant in the back

You usually don’t want to commit to a massive push early on, and I rarely play Sparky until double elixir.

Keep making Hog pushes, and using Princess to chip. Defend with Minion Horde and Barbarians. Use Ice Wizard if you need to slow down the enemy.

Once you hit double elixir, you hit your stride, you can start off with a Sparky in the back and support if they don’t Rocket it. Once your push reaches the bridge, drop a Hog off on the other side and force them to defend both sides. Have Zap, Princess or Ice Wizard for swarms.

Ice Wizard is not your best bet for swarm clearance, so Zap and Princess need to be ready.

If they use Arrows on your Princess, then you use Minion Horde behind your Giant or Hog to provide a lot of pressure on your opponent.

You want to play the game based on your opponent. If your opponent keeps countering your Sparky perfectly, then you use the Sparky as bait, force them to focus on it while you make Hog pushes on the other side giving them trouble as they have to spread their defenses thin.

Never play your Sparky into an Electro Wizard! UNLESS, they play their Electro Wizard in the back and you can drop off troops in front of the Sparky to distract the Wizard like Giant, Barbarians, Ice Wizard and Hogs.

Once you take a tower, you can start playing Giant in the pocket and Hog at the bridge, using your Sparky to wipe out any offense that your opponent might play.

If they have Inferno Tower, use Giant to distract and kill it while your Hog reaches their tower to hammer away.


  • Use your Hog Rider as the tower damager until Double Elixir, unless they use an Inferno to take out your Hog, then you can push with a Giant early on.
  • Keep Sparky out of the match until Double Elixir, he is just too much of a commitment early on and too easily countered which can put you behind.
  • Play the game base on your opponent. If he is able to constantly counter your Sparky, then make the Sparky the bait and push with other cards, he will focus on the Sparky and then you can let your other troops take a tower. If he has trouble with
  • your Sparky then you can use him to be your main damage dealer.
  • This is an expensive deck, so make sure you play it carefully!
  • You want to double lane pressure with this deck. Giant Sparky one lane, and a Hog Rider Minion Horde the other can make an opponent panic!


3 Musketeer: Only an issue if they start to outcycle you. Otherwise you should be fine.


Beatdown: More of a skill based match up. Your Sparky should provide amazing defense if it can get shots off, but I’d use Barbarians and Minion Horde instead of Sparky for defense until Double Elixir.


LavaLoon: Minion Horde to wipe out the Balloon, Ice Wizard to slow and Princess to clean up the swarms.


Hog Rider: Can get tricky if they cycle faster, just do the best you can on defense until you hit your stride in Double Elixir.


Royal Giant: Barbarians, Minion Horde, Ice Wizard, shut him down pretty well.


Siege: Siege can’t touch this deck. Just too much bulk. You just need to make sure that their Siege targets your troops and not your tower.


Elite Barbarians: Barbarians counter for one plus elixir on your side. Enough said.


So there it is guys, a Sparky guide for all! It is best played on ladder. I hope you guys enjoyed this deck guide and hope you get a lot of wins with it!

RSivak out.

Bonus: Hog Sparky Deck – Double Pressures