Solid Mortar Deck for Arena 9+ (Updated)

Hey what is up guys it is Reezy! Today I’m going to show you a deck that is similar to the top Mortar Cycle decks with a few tweaks but it plays the nearly the same.

If you are missing any cards since there is one legendary in the deck so I will include substitutions, with the exception of the Mortar!

But note if your substitute a card the deck might play differently, or might not work at all depending on your play style ).

Mortar Deck

Solid Mortar Deck for Arena 9+

Clash Royale MortarClash Royale BowlerClash Royale ArchersClash Royale Ice Spirit
Clash Royale Goblin GangClash Royale The LogClash Royale ArrowsClash Royale Rocket

Cards Breakdown

Mortar: Your win condition! Try to keep it alive on offense as long as possible but getting 1 hit with it is totally okay. At tournament standard it will get about 230 damage on the Tower per hit.

On defense, it can kill support troops and tank a couple Giant, Hog Rider, or Golem hits. But never use a Mortar when there is a tank in front of an enemy Tower because it’ll target the tank instead of the Tower and you’ll get no value.

Pay attention to your opponent’s card rotation to predict their counters (like Minions, Minion Horde, Skeleton Army, and Goblin Gang) and then you can Log or Arrows them.

The most important things of all with the Mortar are never overcommit and never go all in on a single push! Just chip away their Tower!

Bowler: He has been my favorite card ever since I unlocked him. With his knock back effect, he should be the MVP in helping you take out most pushes.

He is a defensive beast! He counters Knight, Valkyrie, Barbs, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Lumberjack, any small swarm unit on the ground and most importantly the Elite Barbarians (because my god are they annoying ._. )

Place him in front of the Tower but not too close where splashers like Wizards, Witches and enemy Bowlers can splash at him and your Tower. He’ll be sure to take them out when they hide behind a tank!

He also serves as an offensive tank and does decent damage if left alone. At a high enough level he can survive all spells and still have enough health to do some more wrecking.

Overall he is an amazing anti-ground and swarm control.

Rocket: A Positive Elixir Trade generator (as long as you don’t miss)!

Rocket will be giving you amazing Elixir trades, wiping out Pumps, Witches, Wizards, Musketeers Executioners, E barbs and Sparkies. Nothing is better than surprising your opponent when they have 400 health left on their Tower in overtime to win the game.

I don’t love to use it often until double Elixir, except if I get immense value, and at least take out 6 Elixir completely from my opponents push, or it could hurt when they form a huge counter push early on.

Another great use for this card is to play last minute defense when the build up enormous push like Hog Ebarbs, musky and Sparky. And you need to defend your Tower, Rocket solves your problem and wipes them off the face of the arena!

The Log: As Orange Juice once said “POSITIVE ELIXIR TRADES”… The Log is another swarm control card, a pesky Princess Goblin Barrel slayer, and just an overall versatile positive trade machine for just 2 Elixir. Must I really explain more?


(Substitutions: Zap)

Arrows: Anti-air and anti-ground swarm control. Like The Log but has a wider range.

(Substitutions: There really is none for it to be value, but if your really want to Fireball?)

Goblin Gang: Such a versatile card on both defense and offense.  It deals a ton of damage  alone and even has a little of air defense with the Spear Goblins.

They can be easily used on defense against Graveyard and single hit attackers like Bandits, Knights, P.E.K.K.A, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Lumberjack, Princes and many more, also defending your Mortar by dropping them in front to protect the Mortar.

Plus they deal a lot more damage stat wise compared to Skeletons, regular Stab or Spear Gobs and the Stab Gobs are resistant to Zap making them much stronger for survival and getting extra stabs. (Substitutions: Minions)

Archers: Stronger and more resistant anti-air killers. They will survive Zap and Log. Although not as fast as Spear Gobs, they are more efficient in surviving to take out Balloons and Graveyard since they aren’t Zap-able.

(Substitutions: Dart Goblin, Minions, Princess, ice Wizard)

Ice Spirit: A amazing versatile card for one Elixir! It is like a Mini, mobile Freeze spell for one Elixir. It buys your a little more time to do some more damage or make a pesky Royal Giant or Hog re target or just Freeze it for a little while longer.

General Gameplay

If your start with a Mortar in your hand, use it but again don’t over commit, It is all about chipping down the enemy Tower. Be prepared to defend it (never place a lone Mortar your basically giving away 4 Elixir). And use Rocket and other spells wisely to take down the rest of the towers health.

I’ve been reading other Mortar guides and I loved the article by Apex (He also has a amazing Bowler Mortar deck), who gets a few very wise words from a greater clasher, Woody, with the 3 basic Mortar placements!

Note: I’m not trying to plagiarize, I just loved this and I really couldn’t explain this myself in my own words

mortar placements

  • Outer Edge: Standard offensive placement. Place the Mortar 1 tile from the river. This is the easiest Mortar placement to defend.
  • Front and Centre: Alternative offensive position. Works great when your opponents don’t have defensive building, Balloon and Hog Rider. Also a great place to distract Hog/Giant/Balloon and whatever which targets building.
  • Defensive place in the middle, where you usually place your Cannon/Inferno Tower. Mortar’s AoE damage is great against Barbarians, Musketeers… providing you the best way to prevent your opponents from reaching your Tower.


The most important rule about facing any deck in clash is keep your opponent on YOUR rotation!!!!!

Lavaloon: The most difficult to face since you don’t have a super duper strong hound killer. But just pre-place Archers and Gang not clumped together (to avoid being zapped,Log,Poison,Fireball, etc. ) and Rocket and arrow Mega Minion, Balloon, and Baby Dragon. To avoid these situations push opposite lane and they can’t build up a big push.

Royal Giant: Arrrrrrrghhhhhhh, These are the most annoying players just try t o minimize damage with Archers and Goblins and/ or keep cycling to Mortar so your opponent never has enough Elixir to drop that bearded annoyance.

Giant w/ support: Bowler to kill support and Archers and gobs the take out Giant.

Hog Cycle: Bowler counters Hog and with other troops counter Hog perfectly.

Zap Bait: Your have two anti-swarm/ bait spell cards and the Bowler so you should be fine.

Well that is it for my first guide and I hope this deck works out for you! I’d be more than happy if you guys gave your opinions and if this deck does and doesn’t work for you and if you guys like this I’ll have more guides in the future! 🙂