Royal Giant Counterpushing Deck for F2Ps! Are RG Decks Dead?

Hi guys, it’s me RohanReigns and this is going to be my first ever deck guide post on CRA. In this guide, I’m going to show you my Royal Giant deck that helped me and will help you to reach Arena 10 with ease.

This deck has awesome defense and incredible counterpush potential. A lot of players might tease you for using “No Skill” Royal Giant but in my opinion, it TAKES some skill to play.

Royal Giant Counterpushing Deck

Royal Giant Counterpushing Deck for Arena 9+

Clash Royale Royal GiantClash Royale ExecutionerClash Royale TornadoClash Royale Ice Wizard
Clash Royale MinionsClash Royale BarbariansClash Royale ZapClash Royale Goblin Barrel

Before getting into the card breakdown section, I want to introduce myself a bit.

I am a level 10 F2P player and I love to test and use variety of decks. I have used almost all kinds of deck archetypes ranging from beatdown to siege and control. My cards of this deck are pretty low level but still I’m getting a lot wins against high level players.

So now let’s get into the cards breakdown section.

Cards Breakdown

Royal Giant – Your main win condition of this deck

Basically you will be using him as a counterpush after a successful defense since this deck has high (3.8) Average Elixir Cost. You can also use him behind the king Tower in some cases.

This deck contains Goblin Barrel and we all know how much devastating a Goblin Barrel+Tank combo is if not countered properly.

Yes, this deck is weak against Inferno Tower but you will be using RG only for few hundreds of damage whereas your Goblin Barrel will do the rest. Use Minions above your RG to take care of their Inferno Tower.

Many will use Arrows or Zap to counter the Minions which is better because this will open the door for Goblin Barrel to cause huge amount of damage to their towers.

Goblin Barrel

Your secondary win condition. DON’T use this card on defense as those Goblins are the backbone of your offense. In case your opponent counters it every time with Zap or Log, perform the Goblin Barrel Placement trick to make them misplace their spells and keep those Goblins alive.

Just place the card a few tiles away from your usual placement. I prefer placing them at corners but choice is yours. I’ve won many battles with this sweet trick.


Great defensive troop and a support troop for your push. Kills swarms with ease and dies only to Rocket. Synergizes really well with Tornado to stop beatdown pushes especially Lavaloon decks.

With insane amount of HP, this card is my favorite swarm killer in the entire game.

Ice Wizard

With a handlebar mustache, this guy slows down troops by 35% in tournament standard allowing your arena towers to finish off their troops easily. Also synergizes well with Tornado.

Executioner+Ice Wizard with Tornado is a sure-fire defense with a huge counterpush potenial.

The only legendary in this deck but can be replaced with Archers. And unlike Wizard, Ice Wizard can control his hair! (Lol)


These sneaky creatures with amazing DPS is useful for distracting their Inferno Tower, killing melee troops such as knights and also useful for baiting their spells. Minions are versatile and holds a useful position in RG decks.


If left unattended, Minions can do over 500 damage to their towers at tournament standard.


Your main defense. Use it to shred tanks such as RG, Giants and Golems. Feel free to replace it with buildings but I prefer them over buildings as they can used to counterpush.


This spell is one of my favorites. Since this deck contains two splash damage troops, Tornado is a must-have card. You can Tornado your opponent’s hogs or miners to activate your king Tower which gives you a free Cannon the entire game. You can use it offensively too for keeping Minion Horde and other troops away from your Royal Giant.


Replaceable with Log of course. I don’t think this card needs much explanation. Use it to reset troops’ and Inferno’s charges, take out skarmies and kill Minions with the help of Tornado or Ice Wizard.


This deck contains a legendary card, the Ice Wizard but it is freely replaceable. The only irreplaceable card in this card is your main win condition, the Royal Giant. Here are the replacements:

  • Ice Wizard: Electro Wizard, Archers
  • Executioner: Wizard (Not recommended)
  • Zap: Log, Arrows
  • Barbarians: Guards, Skeleton Army, Inferno Tower
  • Goblin Barrel: Miner, Graveyard


Simply put, this deck is a slow beatdown deck with decent counterpushing ability. You have got amazing defenses that can counter almost all kinds of decks. I’ll talk about the matchups in the matchup section below.


Always start slow with Minions or Ice Wizard at the back. You may also use Executioner or RG in the back if you’ve got bad starting hands. Tossing the Goblin Barrel at their Tower is also a good option.

Defend their attacks and if possible don’t expose your RG yet. You can use your Goblin Barrel at their towers while your counterpushing troops will tank.

For example, your opponent uses Hog+Log and you counter it with Barbarians. As soon as the Barbarians get targeted by their Tower, deploy your Goblin Barrel. Keep doing such counter pushes till mid game.

1:30-1:00 and Double Elixir

Now it’s time to expose your Royal Giant and bring him into the battle field.

As I’ve always said, this deck is a counter pushing deck. So defend their attacks first with your troops and then pop up your RG in front of your remaining troops.

I always save Minions for the Inferno Tower. As soon as your RG gets targeted by their Tower, deploy the Goblin Barrel and get your Zap ready for their Skeleton Army.

This deck requires passive and slow counterpushes since it has impenetrable defense.


Lavaloon: Ice Wizard and Executioner paired with Tornado will completely cripple their push. Play smart and always save your Executioner and Tornado. Lavaloon decks have weak defense and that’s an advantage for your RG. You can play your RG in the opposite lane if your opponent plays Lava Hound at the back but don’t overcommit and save your Executioner if not Ice Wizard.

Golem Decks: Same as Lavaloon decks. Play smart and don’t over commit. Never forget that this deck is a counter push deck!

Hog Rider decks: Tornado their Hog Rider to your King Tower and it becomes pretty easy. Most of the players use predictive Log. Use your Barbarians to counter huge pushes since they are spellproof too. They will have pretty good defense so executing small pushes will be the best option.


This deck works pretty well for me and I’m at 3309 currently with this deck.

Use this deck once and do let me know about its flaws or better replacements in the comment section below!

Thanks for reading. Clash on!