Rocket Barrel Deck – The #1 Deck Last Season

What is up guys, Corrosive Logic back again with another guide for the Rocket Barrel Deck!

I suggest you keep reading because at the end of this guide I will reveal the insane trick that won me so many games in overtime!

Rocket Barrel Deck

Clash Royale RocketClash Royale Goblin BarrelClash Royale KnightClash Royale Inferno Tower
Clash Royale The LongClash Royale PrincessClash Royale Fire SpiritsClash Royale Skeleton Army

Rocket Barrel Deck

Last season finished up with “GET REKT M8” aka CMcHugh coming in first place on the Global Leaderboards. Naturally, I had a look at his deck and I tried it out! I was already playing a similar Miner bait deck so it wasn’t too difficult for me to pick this up. Long story short, I tried his deck in a Grand Challenge and got 12 wins, meeting some very good players in it! Below I also have a video of the grand challenge gameplay and chest opening!

Card Replacements:

I know not all of you are going to have legendaries so I’ll tell you the 2 card replacements you could make. Keep in mind that this deck might not be as effective if you change it up.

Princess – Can be replaced with Dart Goblin

Log – Can be replaced with the zap

Quick Overview:

It’s immediately clear that this deck’s main win condition is chip damage with the Goblin Barrel and Rocket. The deck takes the form of a spell bait/control archetype, so in my opinion it’s good to use in ladder since it is so strong defensively.

Fire Spirits are needed in this deck for more aerial defense, the Knight is there to kill support units and splash units such as the Wizard, Electro Wizard, Executioner, Bowler etc.

Now that you’ve absorbed the general idea we can start having a deeper look at the deck, I will give you as many tips as I can that I have learned from using it.


Yes today we are going to start with defense. Instead of talking about the cards and their defensive functions, I’m going to list out different matchups and tell you what you should do.

Lava Hound:

First of all, you’ve got your Inferno Tower for the Lava Hound, then play the Princess on the other side of the map. Be ready for the Miner with your Skeleton Army or Knight. If they have a massive push going with Balloon/Minion Horde/Inferno Dragon, once all their troops are gathered on the Inferno, it’s ok to Rocket them. Sometimes they will Log your Princess so when their hound pops it might be necessary to use your Knight or Skeleton Army to tank the lava pup shots. If you can, try and cycle back to your Princess as soon as possible.

Another thing you can do is to play a Goblin Barrel during their push, so that they will have to use their Log or Zap on it, allowing your Inferno to charge up or Princess to survive. Also don’t use the Fire Spirits until their troops have all gathered up, otherwise it is just useless.

Giant/Golem Beatdown:

Of course you have to rely on the Inferno Tower again. If they are playing Minions/Musketeer/Electro Wizard then you will have to play your Inferno Tower 4 tiles from the river, on the side that their push is coming from. Use the Knight and Skeleton Army to kill their support troops. If they have Zap, they’re going to have to choose between the Skeleton Army or Inferno Tower. If they have Lightning, then you will have to play the Inferno beside the bridge and one tile towards the other crown tower in order to avoid a Lightning on both your tower and the Inferno.

Some of the beatdown decks these days have 3 spells, Log, Zap and the Lightning. These are extremely difficult to play against with this deck. You are going to have to mix up your Barrel placement to throw them off, and use the Princess as heavy bait.

Miner Control and Bait Decks:


Miner control might make a comeback with the recent poison buff. As long as you save your Knight for the Miner, you should have no issues as it can survive poison or fireball and kill the Miner.

Against bait decks, you just have to be aware of their win condition, and what cards you should leave to counter it everytime. Against Goblin Barrels, pay close attention to the shadow so that you know exactly where it’s going to land.

Playing against Miner or Goblin Barrels will mean that your Inferno will get almost no use, however if they have medium troop pushes such as ice golem Musketeer, or a Knight, it’s always useful to just plop down the Inferno and counter everything.

Hog Decks:

The Inferno by itself is a brilliant counter to the hog. Hog + Zap or Hog + Ice spirit pushes can usually be countered by the Inferno. Eventually a hog player will either have to do something about your Inferno. They can try and out cycle it, so you just have to cycle offensively very quickly too! They can just prediction fireball your Inferno with troops protecting the hog, in these cases you just have to invest a lot of troops to defend it.

Skeleton Army is a great counter to the hog, if you’re playing a good player then they will very likely try and prediction Log your Skeleton Army. Being aware of this you have to either change the Skeleton Army placement or play it late, after their Log. If you don’t want them to have a chance of doing that at all then simply play the Goblin Barrel which they will very likely have to Log.


Obviously, you should Rocket the sparky every time and deal lots of crown tower damage. If you don’t have enough elixir, you can always just wait then Rocket everything they use to support their giant/royal giant.

Against the Xbow, you’ve got to also try and Rocket everytime. The Xbow player has no choice but to outcycle you, or try and catch you on low elixir. Since you pretty much won’t be able to get any damage with your Rocket, you might have to play for a draw if they can counter your Goblin Barrel well.


Rocket Usage:

First of all, Rocket every opportunity your opponent gives you as long as you have enough elixir to defend. Rocket Musketeer, witch, Wizard, Bowler, Executioner, etc. if you can also hit the tower. You can also Rocket 3 elixir troops such as ice Wizard or Mega Minion, but that depends on how much elixir you have or if you are in need of the damage. Generally, in the first 2 minutes I wouldn’t use it on a 3 elixir troop unless I was ahead in elixir or if I had no other play to do.

The Goblin Barrel aka Chip Cycle Machine

In a lot of my deck guides, I will tell you that offense always translates into defense. But surprisingly I don’t think it applies to this deck. There’s no point in having a big counter push going if they are just going to Log your Goblin Barrel. I would just rather a full HP Knight cross the river on his own and see what the opponent does to counter it. Fire Spirits and the Princess are part time chip damage assistants. Sometimes I just like to use the Fire Spirits on their own, you’d be surprised at the amount of players that let them land.

Varying your Goblin Barrel placement is crucial. The moment they use their Log on your Princess or Skeleton Army, just place it right on their tower. If they never use the Log on anything else, use the Goblin Barrel behind their tower when they are distracted, so that their Log will miss. Skeleton Army is actually a really good Goblin Barrel counter, if they are using that to counter your Barrel, then play it at the front of their tower, followed by a Log to take out the Skeleton Army.

Clutch Game Winning Trick

Once their tower has less than 1000 HP, and you are in overtime or close to overtime…..then you can perform this amazing combo. Rocket + Goblin Barrel.

GIF made by Will hehe

Playing the Rocket, immediately followed by the Goblin Barrel allows the Barrel to be hidden by the smoke for about a second. This first appeared as a party trick on Reddit, and another reason for youtubers to clickbait, but lo and behold top players starting picking up this trick.

I reckon I tried this roughly 7 times in my grand challenge run, and 5 out of 7 times my opponent doesn’t see the Goblin Barrel and loses the game, watch my video if you want to see it in action. So yes it does work, it’s not just some street performance, it’s a game winning “Trick” for clutching overtimes.


I hope you like this deck, I sure think it’s a good one. As always, I would very much appreciate it if you could subscribe to my youtube channel, as it encourages me to continue putting my time and effort into these guides! Thank you.