New Meta Prince Bait Deck

Hello Everyone. My name is Lucas. Today, I’ll be introducing to a great Prince Bait Deck that is going to become your favorite one after you Play it.

Well, let’s just get into the main blog without any further ado.

prince bait

Clash Royale PrincessClash Royale PrinceClash Royale ZapClash Royale Ice Golem
Clash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale Goblin GangClash Royale Goblin BarrelClash Royale Electro Wizard

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My Thoughts

First, I would I like to introduce my thoughts over the Deck.

I think that the bait element in the deck makes it really strong and the Prince is a very solid tank killer with the Princess Spanking all the troops with her insane range.

I also lost to this deck a couple of times in Challenges and used it myself to know how it works.

On the Leaderboards, I saw “Loupanji” (A Pro) using this deck.

The deck has a really high potential of defence and now that the Prince is buffed and is very hard to Counter, you will get him to the tower Majority of the times and that’s how you get the special dose of your damage and use your Goblin Barrel to chip away at the tower.

Now, I’ll be explaining the role of each card in this deck so that you can learn how to use it up and retrieve maximum output knowing the information I’ll list.

Cards Breakdown

Clash Royale PrincePrince

The Prince deals really high damage and I consider it as overpowered since it has been buffed.

It’s very hard to Counter it and your opponent will be spending a lot of elixir on him.

You can pressure your opponent with the Prince whenever they use a pump or a high cost troop.

Make sure to hover the zap around to Counter any swarm units.

His Charge begins at a very fast rate now and he deals around 650 damage just in 1 blow.

Against Golem decks, you’ll want him to destroy the Golem(tank) and to Counter the entire push, drop the Ice Golem(support distractor) and the Mega Minion(Support Killer) to ruin their entire push.

Clash Royale PrincessPrincess

The Princess is the Second best legendary in the game in my opinion(many of you may not agree).

She has insane range that can be used to take down Golem Pushes as I mentioned earlier.

She can be used as a last resort to take down the opponent’s tower by dropping her at the bridge.

Her Main role in the deck is to bait the opponent’s Log for your Goblin Barrel.

She costs only 3 elixir and is a great splash damage card allowing you to clear swarm troops coming towards you.

Clash Royale ZapZap

Is this even a question to be asked?

When building a deck, you always need The Zap spell or The Log.

But, why did I choose the Zap? It’s because There is a lot of skeleton barrel miner madness.

Also, you will want to support your Prince when he’s going for that Counter Push.

The Zap is also a common card, meaning it is easy to level up.

The Zap spell is also faster than the log allowing you to support your push quickly.

Overall, the Zap is anyway better than the arrows in a lot of ways.

Clash Royale Ice GolemIce Golem

Which card can tank better than the Ice Golem? None!

He’s a really cheap tank meaning that he can be easily available for you when you’re trying to use him as a tank in your pushes.

He has like 800 or more health and that’s a lot health.

He can be used to kite units into the other lane.

He’s one of the best cards that can be used for Tank and Spank Combo.


He can act as a Lightning rod for those moments when your opponent is trying to lightning cycle you.

In the deck, he acts a support distractor as I discussed earlier.

He is used for protecting your Princess from other cards with your Mega Minion helping it out. He can act as a tank for the Prince making him even deadly.

He also pairs well with the Princess/Zap to take out cards like minion horde paired up with a miner.

Clash Royale Mega MinionMega Minion

The Mega Minion is a very important card in this deck.

It is one of your major defence cards against air troops like the Balloon.

He’s also a support killer for those large pushes. He is used for protecting your Princess from other cards.

I don’t recommend to start with the Mega Minion because you’ll want to save him for other purposes and overall, it’s just a very important card in this deck.

Clash Royale Goblin GangGoblin Gang

The Goblin Gang is one of the best swarm units for your deck.

They’re good counters to cards like the Miner, Mega Knight and the Hog Rider that are very common in the Meta right now.

They don’t die to Zap and it makes them really special.

You can use them to support your Prince when he’s going for the rush in case your opponent drops a pump or a high cost troop.

The Goblin Gang is a common card and very easy card to level up.

They also help you to bait your opponent’s Log or the Zap and allow your Barrel to deal Damage.

Clash Royale Goblin BarrelGoblin Barrel

The Goblin Gang is your WIN Condition in this deck.

Your overall chip damage is to be dealt by the Goblin Barrel.

You can also use it to bait and then use your Prince and Gang together to take a tower down.

The Goblin Barrel is only worth 3 elixir and that makes it easy for you to afford it easily on your pushes.

You can also use it on defence but it’s not recommended to do so because it is your attack card.

There is no High damage spell in this deck so, you’ll want to save your Barrel to consistently damage their tower.

I recommend switching positions of the barrel in a very weird and awkward situation when you think you can catch your opponent off guard.

Clash Royale Electro WizardElectro Wizard

The Electro Wizard is absolute savage against cards like the Miner, Balloon and the battle ram.

He can also stop the Prince and the Sparky making him a great defensive card to use.

He is also available as a Zap spell to you in case you need to Counter your opponent’s swarms.

He is used for defending your Prince when he’s tryna destroy that Golem.

Golem and Mega Knight Decks have Inferno Dragon these days which will kill your Prince pretty fast. The Electro Wizard prevents most of the threats and is a great defence troop for an all air push like how the LavaLoon Decks do.

He can attack 2 units at once making him handle 2 lanes at a time. This tactic is useful when you’re low on elixir although it’s not highly recommended.


Generally, many people just look for some good decks and start to use them. Later, they fall in whatever they are trying to do.

You need to have a mindset or a gameplan whenever you’re trying to play any deck!

When you’re playing a bait deck, in general, your mindset is to chip at their tower and go All Defense Mode.

But, it depends on how your opponent plays too!

Here is what I follow as a gameplan:

  1. Chip at 1 Tower only
  2. Keep all my concentration onto one thing
  3. Check my defense regularly
  4. Look for positive trades and the best ones
  5. Use a proper strategy to defend against Large Pushes
  6. Save Hard Counters
  7. Rush the opposite lane on the right time

Usually, this is what I do. When I’m playing, and there is a change in my mindset, I look for something that I can replace in my plan that I’ll be implementing into the game and that is exactly what is called as a Gameplan.


Good Job Clasher! You’ve made it to the End. I hope you enjoyed this guide and if this helped, make sure to share this with your Clash Buddies!

My name is Lucas and I’m signing out!