Electric Shell Siege Deck – Awesome Mortar Rocket Deck!

Hello everyone!

This is KPK, and it’s my second guide to CRA. My first one was posted couple of days ago and was named Lanceyard. You can check that out as well.

I had told in my previous guide, that my next guide would be SparkyJack Heal, but that deck was a disaster trying out, but I got a better one which is the Electric Shell Siege Deck. The name itself suggests, that this deck has an Electro Wizard and also The Log. But fear not, there are few replacements for them, which I will mention in the deck. This deck also has a Rocket! So it’s gonna be pretty fun!

So let’s get started!

mortar rocket

Clash Royale MortarClash Royale KnightClash Royale RocketClash Royale Electro Wizard
Clash Royale Inferno TowerClash Royale GoblinClash Royale Fire SpiritsClash Royale The Log

Card Breakdown

Clash Royale MortarMortar

Mortars give awesome value for 4 elixir being just a Common Card! Their blind spots are actually an advantage! And most of all, they deal Area Damage!

Clash Royale KnightKnight

The tank for this deck, and for the Mortar.

Knights absorb a Bulky Load of Damage for 3 elixir, and are the answer to Menacing Elite Barbarians.

You can replace him for Ice Golem or Valkyrie, but I feel Valkyrie would provide better value.

Clash Royale Electro WizardElectro Wizard

He lands with a POW! Stuns enemies with a POW! Gives defensive POW! Gives offensive POW! And answers Sparky, Inferno Dragons and Inferno Towers with a shocking POW!

Basically, gives powerful defense and offense for just 4 elixir.

You can swap him for anything dealing area damage, like a Bowler, Executioner and a Baby Dragon.

Clash Royale RocketRocket

Enemy tower under 1000 hitpoints? It’s Sudden Death? Or do you have to kill that Sparky or Musketeer under a tower? An annoying Goblin Hut or Furnace near the Tower? All of them can be answered with one devastating 6 elixir card – THE ROCKET!

Rockets, can stop you from drawing the match but have very low uses in terms of defense.

You can try Lightning, but I haven’t tried it out, and feel Rocket is good enough, considering that we have an Inferno Tower in this deck.

Clash Royale Inferno TowerInferno Tower

Our best resource, against Rocky Golems, Gigantic Giants and pesky little Hog Riders.

In case of Golem Lightning Decks, place the Inferno Tower 4 tiles front and 3 tiles left/right.

Clash Royale GoblinGoblins

Not the Gang! Just the stabbing, zap-resistant trio!

Goblins give superb value for just 2 elixir, and have great uses, both offensively and defensively!

They’re half the Goblin Gang, but give double the value of it! You can swap it for Bats, Goblin Gangs, Ice Spirits or any swarm for 3 elixir or cheaper.

Clash Royale Fire SpiritsFire Spirits

Fire Spirits deal the highest damage for just 2 elixir, dealing over 500 damage at Level 9.

Stop pesky Hordes and Gangs near the precious Mortar with Fire Spirits.

Clash Royale The LogThe Log

Currently, in the Top 5 Legendary Cards, The Log gives a sweet advantage against many swarms, Goblin Barrels and is quite awesome!

If you don’t have The Log, you can replace it for Zap, Arrows or Tornado.

General Gameplan

All right! First things first. We wish the opponent “Good Luck” (Completely Optional)

This deck is 3.5 elixir, and has counters to many decks. I pushed 200 trophies consecutively in just one hour, and this deck is quite powerful!

Secondly, ensure that you’re playing in Good Internet Connection, because many successful matches, can get completely changed in just 30 seconds.

Starting Moves

Build your moves, slowly! Don’t quickly tap the Mortar. The opponent will be ready to blow you down, with 10 elixir on his sleeve.

Start with something good like Knight at the Back, Electro Wizard at the back. Goblins from the back is good as well.

Don’t just Rocket a random tower. This will give the opponent advantage to play a move like Sparky, Executioner and such. Rocket can be the starting hand, if this move is done behind a tower.

Try waiting for 5 seconds, after the Bar reaches 10 elixir. If the opponent still didn’t make a move, you can start.

Here’s a tip. If your opponent played something bulky like PEKKA, Lava Hound or Golem at the back, play Mortar at the opposite lane. You’ll atleast get 2 hits on the tower, if the enemy doesn’t have much of resources.


Right! This is important!

Now, Siege users need patience, because 20% of the Matches have a Probability of Drawing the Match.

After starting moves, you should know your cycle for the match. At the same time, analyse the cards the opponent has revealed and how many they haven’t

E.g: A Hog user has a deck of : Hog Rider, Valkyrie, Princess, Goblin Gang, The Log, Goblin Barrel, Inferno Tower, Fireball. A typical Hog Spell Bait combo.

So frame some EXPECTATIONS

  1. If the Mortar is Placed, he will counter it with Hog Rider/Inferno Tower
  2. My Knight will be countered using a Valkyrie.
  3. If he’s started with a Valkyrie at the back, it means he’ll play Hog Rider behind it.

Suppose, a Hog Elite Combo. A typical bridge spam.

  1. If I counter the Hog with the Inferno Tower, he will play E-Barbs on opposite lane.
  2. If I play Knight/Mortar on one lane, he’ll bridge spam the other with E-Barbs.

That’s a simple idea, I’m giving you to frame your cycle. Then, probably when he plays Hog and you lock it with the Inferno Tower, you might play Mortar on the same lane, to confuse his cycle. I lost to a Golem + Elite Barbarians, bridge spam combo, since I didn’t plan things right and also because, he sent Elite Barbarians in the opposite lane every time. He sent Golem + E-Wiz + Bomber on one side, and Elite Barbarians separately on the other.

I used Inferno Tower to attack the Golem, then played Knight to stop the E-Wiz. By that time, I was low on elixir to play E-Wiz + Goblins, on the other lane where he sent Elite Barbs. That confusion blew me off! And he finally snatched one tower. Yeah! That was quite a tough match-up, and he didn’t have a Collector.

The Mistakes I made in the Golem+E-Barbs deck :-

  1. I didn’t use Rocket defensively; that way I could have stopped E-Wiz and Bomber.
  2. I didn’t anticipate/expect things right. Every time he played Golem, I should have instantly set off Inferno Tower.
  3. If I did Step 1 and 2 right, I could have stopped Elite Barbarians too.

In the above case, you can’t go offensively, since it’s quite pointless against such powerful pushes. And Rockets were important too.


Yup! This is one mistake everyone commits, including me! That doesn’t mean you should remain too calm, or else you’ll lose your calm in Double Time.

  1. Hog Users, always look for overcommitment of elixir. This is why they push on the opposite lane. HENCE, Start your moves, slowly one after the other, to be prepared for a Big Push!
  2. Choose the right card! No this is quite a mistake that often happens. I think I placed a Knight, but turns out I placed Fire Spirits, because I didn’t look at my own cards! It might seem like a tiny one, but you might end up placing the Mortar in the place of an Inferno Tower or vice versa!
  3. 10 can become too unlucky! – Don’t Stay at 10 elixir, for a lot of time. If opponents are building a push, don’t be helpless! Play any card, to get another card to fight your opponent.
  4. Simple Overcommitment – Don’t place Knight+Mortar+Fire Spirits, all together, either because, your opponent might just bridge spam you to death on one lane, or he might Rocket it all up!

Shelling it Right!

By that, I just mean about placing your Mortar and knowing a bit more on Mortars.

Firstly, in terms of PLACEMENT –

  1. Place the Mortar, on most cases ONE TILE away from the Bridge. This gives more space to play other counters. Be careful while doing this! Don’t rush it and play it 2 tiles away, because you just wasted the Mortar.
  2. Don’t place it at the Center. This creates blockage for troops moving to the Bridge. Place it to the edge.
  3. And Forget Turtling! That’s just a very horrible combo that doesn’t work anymore.
  4. In case of big pushes, like PEKKA, Golem and Hound, place the Mortar to the opposite lane. Don’t do this too often! You need to damage atleast one tower.

TIMING it right –

Yup! A Part of overcommitment and EXPECTATIONS column. Don’t keep playing the Mortar, every time you hit 4 elixir. We don’t want a Bridge Spam to destroy everything!

Play Mortar, in a cyclic method. Everytime, say you place Knight at the back/ E-Wiz at the back, you can then play Mortar.

ASSISTING the Mortar –


Keep few cards handy, because there are some commonly used counters for Mortar. Minion Hordes are played, this means Fire Spirits must be handy, or E-Wiz.

Rocket Time!

Rockets are not all about booming the Tower. And believe me it’s a SUPER-BAD Starting MOVE!

Here are some facts on Rocketting (At Tourney Standards)

  1. If the Tower has 589 HP or lower, Rocket + Log combo will completely destroy it.
  2. A tower having 986 HP or lower, needs two Rockets to whammy it down!
  3. Tower with 1082 HP or below, classifies for one Log and Two Rockets.


Important! Use Rockets if,

  1. It’s Sudden Death, and Tower has 1082 HP or below, to defeat it in two blows with One Log.
  2. There is an Elixir Collector (Wherever it’s placed) PSST.. Don’t worry about 3M. There are many ways to stop ’em in this deck.
  3. A Support Troop like Executioner, Musketeer, Witch, Bowler, Sparky,Wizard etc.. is played back.
  4. There is good advantage, say, a Musketeer and Inferno Dragon are both in the the range of the Tower.
  5. DEFENSIVELY, if there is an Night Witch+Valkyrie+ Hog Rider, place the Rocket 3 tiles away to defeat the Hog + Valkyrie.
  6. There are Spawners ONLY with range of the tower. NOT a LONE TOMBSTONE in the middle!

Don’t USE THEM against –

  1. A Tank placed at the back! Huge waste! You’re getting no advantage from that!

Getting the 2nd Tower!

If you got the 1st one, go for the other Princess Tower! Not the King Tower. Your opponent needs more time to reach the one near your Princess Tower. Place it towards the Edge!

Rocket Tank

Send a Knight, and pull opponent’s troops near his tower. While the Knight is tanking, fast-fire a Rocket there. Not a worthy tactic. Just a funny one!

Why not the Goblin Gang?

Goblins give quite good value in this deck. Here are some interesting things!

  1. Placing it behind the Tower, at the right time, can help you completely counter a Goblin Barrel.
  2. Goblins can defeat Witches, Executioners, Miners, Electro Wizards and Sparky for positive trade. NOT AGAINST BOMBERS!
  3. Goblins+ Knight can completely shutdown Elite Barbarians, Giant and Hog Rider.


This is quite important! So I’ll have to talk through this before I mention other things.

Clash Royale Hog RiderHog Rider

Don’t overcommit elixir. Hog Users take most advantage of this. Inferno Tower is the best answer.

When Hog Riders are deployed to destroy the Mortar, use Goblins to defeat them fast.

Hog Riders can come with Valkyries. Distract the Valkyrie with Knight, and play Inferno Tower in the Hog’s range. Watch out for Pig-Pushes. If it’s Hog + Swarm, use The Log and then Inferno Tower. When facing a Hog Lightning Combo, your Inferno Tower will be left with a sliver of health. This time, use Electro Wizard + Goblins/Fire Spirits/Knight.

On the Offensive Hand, keep cycling Mortar. Keep E-Wiz, Goblins,Fire Spirits, Knight and The Log Handy. Fire Spirits are for Minions, Goblins are to deal with a Hog Rider for cheap cost. Knight + Goblins come in handy for Elite Barbarians. The Log is for swarms and Princess. E-Wiz can handle Sparky, Inferno Dragon or any ranged troop attacking the Mortar.

Clash Royale GiantGiant

Giant Pushes are slow. They always build up from the back. Like a Musketeer on the back, and proceeds till she reaches the bridge, where the Giant is placed. Rocket the support troops!

Inferno Tower is the best answer. Keep Fire Spirits handy to deal with Night Witches, potentially to kill the Bats. Rocket is also beneficial to damage all support troops if Giant is played at the back.

The recent combos, are Giant+ Baby Dragon on one lane and Night Witch + Bandit on the other. Seems too tough? Rocket the Night Witch and Bandit! Giant is greeted with a beautiful orange Inferno Tower, and Baby Dragons are handled with an Electro Wizard.

Clash Royale Lava HoundLava Hound

Inferno Towers have a good job for this. Inferno Tower + Electro Wizard gives powerful defense.

In case of the Common LavaLoon, use the Rocket on the Balloon and Hound, then deploy E-Wiz to damage and defeat the Balloon.

Mortars don’t target air, and this gives more advantage, to play it in an opposite lane.

Freely play a Mortar in LavaLoon. This just keeps wearing down the Tower, and eventually you can Rocket them.

Clash Royale GolemGolem

Bulky? Big? Too scary? Nah! Play Inferno Tower placement effectively to counteract Lightning.

Golem + Night Witch right? Play Rocket whenever you see that Night Witch at the back. #destroyCollectors!

Use Knight to distract the Night Witch, and have E-Wiz handy. Play Mortar in the opposite lane, only as a starting move. Not forever! If Golem is used like Bridge Spam, you’re even lucky! Inferno Towers can be placed next to the Bridge, only if it’s not a Lightning user.

Clash Royale MinerMiner and Spell Bait – Goblins are the cheapest counter, but Knight is the most effective counter to the Miner.

The Log resolves Spell Bait, and Fire Spirits counter Hordes. The deployment Zap of the E-Wiz comes in handy. Goblin Barrels can be answered with Fire Spirits, The Log and Goblins.

In a Giant + Miner deck, use Inferno Tower well. I faced a Giant, Miner, Bandit user. The Miner was deployed at the Inferno Tower. I used Goblins to defeat him, and support the Inferno Tower. Bandit can actually dash from the river, so be careful! I used Knight at the right time! E-Wiz contributed too!

Mortar has no problem against Miners, due to their blind spot!

Clash Royale Three MusketeersThree Musketeers

3M + Battle Ram bothers you? This deck has the best remedies for Three Musketeers!

Rocket the Collectors! You can rocket Three Musketeers, if behind the Tower.

The cheapest shutdown for Three Musketeers is Fire Spirits + The Log! Knight + Fire Spirits is good as well.

Use Goblins/E-Wiz to shutdown the Ram. Use Goblins to dish down the Barbarians from the Ram.

Clash Royale P.E.K.K.AP.E.K.K.A

Easy as well! Goblins are great spell-bait! If they’re Zapped, you have Inferno Tower undisturbed destruction! Use Log if necessary!

If the Inferno Tower is destroyed in a PEKKA + Hog Combo, use Inferno for PEKKA, and E-Wiz + Goblins against the Hog.

Mortar can be played on good timing, when the PEKKA is used up.

Rockets are key to win such matches IF YOU’RE GOING NOWHERE!

Clash Royale Elite BarbariansElite Barbarians

Elite+Rage, Elite+ Log is used commonly.

Use Knight+Goblins to completely wipe ’em off!

Clash Royale Royal GiantRoyal Giants

Quite tricky!

Royal Giants aren’t most common, but ROCKETS are key to the victory.

Use Inferno Tower against the RG, but Royal Giants will be placed to distract the Mortar. Don’t Rocket ‘EM!

Clash Royale GraveyardGraveyard

In case of a simple Graveyard, Goblins are super-effective! E-Wiz isn’t most effective…

Knight is the best remedy against Poison-Yard. Against Mineyard Combos, Knight targets the Miner, and Use The Log to wipe out most Skeletons. Against Freezeyard, play the Knight again, once frozen, use Goblins.

Clash Royale X-BowSiege – Inferno Tower is your best hope against both X-Bow and Mortar. Tank it with a Knight or so if needed.

When, you’re unable to damage much of his tower, keep Rocketting the tower, if the Tower has under 2000 Hitpoints or so. This doesn’t work in Elixir Collector users.

Well, that’s it!

Hopefully, you like this deck!

It’s quite easy to use, with proper connections and proper tips. #Success!

Thanks a lot! And Watch out for my next guide – P.E.K.K.A Double Dragon! ONLY if it’s a success!

Thanks a lot!