Mortar Graveyard Hybrid Deck for Arena 9+

Wassup guys! It’s DabMaster2 back at it again with another deck guide for you guys. Today, I’ll be showing you my Mortar Graveyard Hybrid Deck. This deck uses the mortar for long-ranged siege damage and the Graveyard to beatdown the opponent. Mortar and Graveyard is a real dynamic duo!

Mortar Graveyard? Why not!

Clash Royale GraveyardClash Royale MortarClash Royale ExecutionerClash Royale Tornado
Clash Royale Ice GolemClash Royale Ice WizardClash Royale Skeleton ArmyClash Royale fireball


Before we begin, here are substitutions for the cards

  • Mortar* – X-bow
  • Graveyard* – Goblin Barrel
  • Ice Wizard – Musketeer, Ice Wizard
  • Ice Golem – Knight
  • Executioner – Wizard
  • Skeleton Army – Goblin Gang, Guards
  • Fireball – Poison
  • Tornado – Zap, Log, Arrows

*Not recommended to be replaced

What is a Hybrid Deck?

A hybrid deck is a deck that which combines two different deck archetypes. These decks are hard make, hard to use, and when used correctly, very deadly.

I strongly recommend you taking a look at here to read more about Hybrid decks!

General Gameplan

This deck is siege-beatdown hybrid deck. It is also played very much like a control deck. You will want to make positive elixir trades and play it slow.

Start of Match (3:00-2:30)

Always, in every beginning of a match, search for your opponent’s win conditions and their counter cards to your win conditions. Pay close attention if your opponent has a Valkyrie, Minion Horde, Skarmy, Goblin Gang, etc. which are hard counters to your Graveyard. Play it slow for now. Don’t over commit when doing a Mortar attack.

Starting Plays:

  • Ice Wiz at the back
  • Executioner at the back
  • Skarmy split at the back
  • Ice Golem at the back

Mid Game (2:29-1:01)

Your goal for the Mid Game is to continually chip away at the enemy tower with the Mortar by getting 1-to-2 hits off at a time. Just keep cycling back to Mortar.

To keep things spicy, add in some Graveyard pushes too, to keep your opponent on their toes.

Don’t go for a Mortar Graveyard attack yet because that takes a lot of Elixir and is very hard to pull off.

Double Elixir (1:00-0:00)

Tim to get REALLY SPICY! Do the same thing you’ve been doing in mid-game by cycling through Mortars except this time, you can now add in the Graveyard! Your main Graveyard tank is the Ice Golem while you have the Ice Wizard and Executioner to defend the Mortar. Don’t forget, you can still use your spells offensively.

Mortar VS. X-Bow

When using the Mortar, many people think it’s more used like an X-bow.

The X-bow is used more as a beatdown card. With the X-bow, you heavily defend it to keep it on the tower as long as possible and beatdown your opponent’s tower.

The Mortar is more of a control card. Your main goal with the Mortar is to chip away at your opponent’s tower by getting 1-to-2 shots off at a time, then cycling back to it to constantly chip away damage.

Fun Fact: Mortar will do 1368 damage on a crown tower if left alone. More damage than a Sparky!

Mortar Placement

There are 3 effective spots to place the mortar on offense.

1 tile from bridge, closest to the edge of the arena as possible – This is the optimal spot because it allows your Mortar to be more protected by being able to place more troops in front. Your opponent will have to place troops close than usual to defend against the Mortar.

1 tile from bridge, center of the lane – This position is not as strong as the first one, but this allows most flying troops to be attacked by the crown tower.


Right at the river, at the center of the arena – This spot is great if your opponent’s main counters to the mortar are melee troops. It forces the melee troops to walk around the river to get to the bridge (except for Hog). This spot is weaker to distractions and ranged and flying troops.

mortar placements

How to Use the Mortar on Defense

The mortar can be strong and solid defense. There are many advantages:

  • Kill chip damage troops (Fire Spirits, Princess, etc.)
  • Damage support troops. The Mortar’s splash damage allows it to hit the support troops.
  • Counter Hog pushes. The splash damage of the Mortar allows it to stop and Hog and its support
  • Tank damage for another building. If your mortar deck has another building, it can tank damage while your other building is doing the main damage.

Using the Mortar’s Blind Spot

Many people usually don’t think about the blind spot, but you can use it to your advantage.

With the blind spot, it makes Hogs and Giants not as reliable as a counter since the mortar can still get some shots off at the tower. If you can defend these troops fast enough, it can allow your Mortar to get more damage off.

When Do I Use Mortar or Graveyard?

When choosing to use either Mortar or Graveyard, it is mostly your choice.

At the beginning of the match you have the choice to use Graveyard pushes or Mortar attacks. If you prefer to play very aggressive, use Graveyard attacks and if you prefer to play more passive control, use Mortar attacks.

What Should I Do If…?

…I’m One Tower Up

If you are one tower up, I suggest to play heavy defense if your tower is still able to survive. When attacking the other tower, your Graveyard will be countered much more easily. Invest much more defense on your mortar then chip away at the tower with the Graveyard.

…I’m One Tower Down

When you are losing, it is hard to come back with this deck. Attack on the other lane that your opponent has destroyed because in that lane, your opponent can place down troops right on top of your mortar. Focus on chipping away at the enemy tower slowly, but surely.

…My Opponent Has Valkyrie

Valkyrie is in my opinion, the best Graveyard counter. There are 2 ways to deal with the Valkyrie.

  1. Tornado her away from the Graveyard and into the Mortar. This option is not very strong since the Graveyard probably won’t do that much damage to the enemy tower. This is reliable if you only need that extra chip damage to win the game.
  2. Since your opponent used 4 elixir to counter the graveyard, they have 4 elixir less to counter the mortar. Simply ignore the valkyrie and invest more defense into your mortar to allow it more chip damage.

…My Opponent Has a Giant/Golem/P.E.K.K.A/Lava Hound

Play mostly defense against these decks. With the Mortar as the only building, rely more on the Graveyard on offense and only if you can afford it, play the Mortar on offense. Use Executioner + Tornado + mortar to deal with the support troops and Skarmy to clean up their tank. With the Hound, Executioner + Tornado with the Ice Wizard slowing down is your best defense.

…My Opponent Has a Hog Rider

Hog Riders can be hard to deal with in this deck with the mortar as the only defense. Like playing against heavy beatdown, rely on the Graveyard more, though you can still play the Mortar on offense more as the hog rider is more easily countered than a tank. Save up the mortar on defense unless you are able to make a strong mortar Graveyard push.

…The Mortar Always Gets Distracted

With every siege deck, the biggest challenge is getting it to not get distracted and to lock on to the tower.

This deck has a fail-safe strategy to make sure the Mortar will always hit the tower. The TORNADO!! Simply tornado your opponent’s distraction cards near the tower so the Mortar can hit them and the tower! The Executioner will do extra splash damage and the ice wiz can slow everything down.

Countering Royal Giant

The (no skill, cancerous) Royal GG is the bane of every siege deck. Don’t forget, this deck still has the Graveyard!

Tornado the Royal GG close to the tower to let the Mortar deal damage to the tower. Then use the Graveyard + Ice Golem as well to damage the tower.

Look out for a big counter push. If use up too much elixir, you could get overrun by the massive counter push. Only use the mortar on defense unless you deal heavy damage to the enemy tower.

On defense, there are 2 strong Mortar placements:

  1. The best placement is 2 tiles from the crown tower and 5 tiles from the river. This placement allows the Mortar to draw the RG closer to your side of the field to defend easier and the Mortar can help take down support troops with its splash damage.
  2. The second place is hard to pull off. Right as the Royal Giant crosses the bridge, place the Mortar right in front of him. This allows the Mortar to potentially hit the crown tower while absorbing the RG’s damage in the Mortar’s blind spot. This placement leaves the mortar vulnerable to support troops and isn’t as reliable as placement 1.

That’s it for now. If you have any questions, comments, or insults, post them in the comments below. Have a Clashtastic Day!