Best Mortar Cycle Deck for Arena 8+

Hey, Duf here. This will be my first post to CRA ever. I am here to bring you a Mortar deck that has been working wonders for me at 4k trophies. This might be a longer post, but I thought that I should share my deck anyway. This is a 2.9 Average Elixir Cost Mortar deck that I made, and the cards in it are:

Clash Royale MortarClash Royale Electro WizardClash Royale The LongClash Royale Ice Golem
Clash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale SkeletonClash Royale Inferno TowerClash Royale fireball

Best Mortar Cycle Deck for Arena 8+

I am currently at 3973 trophies with this deck and my levels are 10/7/4/2. I play A LOT, and I mean A LOT of Royal Giant, which most people would think is a problem, but this deck does surprisingly well against them. This is because you are able to quickly cycle the Inferno Tower. The Inferno Tower is the best defense in the game, in my opinion, because it can provide extreme value. It can shut down Giant Skeleton, Giant. Golem, Lava Hound, Hog, and many other troops, while still being able to support your Mortar.


  • Cheap deck that can cycle Mortar VERY quickly
  • Can easily keep up with Hog cycle
  • Does well against Royal GG (Surprisingly)
  • Can spell cycle quickly if needed
  • Can control the match very well if played correctly
  • Does well against Zap Bait, 3 Musketeer, Miner control, Siege, Beatdown and Lava decks.


  • Somewhat weak to Graveyard decks
  • Weak to Lightning
  • Elixir Collectors can be a pain
  • Performs poorly in 2 Crown games

As you can see, there are a lot of pros and not too many cons, but this deck still has its flaws. This deck is weak to Graveyard but can win if played right. The best Graveyard counter in this deck that I have found is Ice Golem, Skeletons, and maybe Log if needed. This works relatively well, as long as the Graveyard RNG isn’t too bad.

This deck is weak to Graveyard but can win if played right. The best Graveyard counter in this deck that I have found is Ice Golem, Skeletons, and maybe Log if needed. This works relatively well, as long as the Graveyard RNG isn’t too bad.

This deck is VERY weak to beatdown decks with Lightning. This deck can win, and I have won against Lightning, but it is quite difficult simply because of the fact that Lightning can destroy Inferno and another troop as well as hit the tower. I have beaten it by cycling Inferno, but it is easily the hardest deck to beat with this deck.

This deck performs decently against beatdown decks because you can Fireball the supporting troops and Inferno the tank. I say that it does okay to beatdown decks because if they destroy your Inferno Tower, that could cost you the game.

Lastly, this deck performs poorly in 2 Crown games because, well, it is a siege deck. For those of you who have never used siege, or are just starting to use siege, siege is generally bad in 2 Crown games.

I am sure that some of you are wondering why I use Mortar over X-Bow. That is because of 5 main reasons.

Why I use Mortar over X-Bow

Mortar does splash

Mortar can perform as a very good defense in certain situations, and the fact that it does splash is extremely helpful. You can use mortar as a defense for (example) Royal Giant, and the splash can help take out the support troops. The splash can sometimes help you out on offense too because people will sometimes put troops like a princess, or other troops next to their tower, and with the mortar’s splash buff a couple balance changes ago, can be very helpful.

Mortar costs less elixir than X-Bow

This doesn’t really need an explanation, but this means that you can build very cycle-y decks using Mortar that may not have been as cheap with X-Bow. This also ties into the next reason.

Your opponent can’t make as many positive elixir trades 

One example of this is with a Bowler. X-Bow gets destroyed by Bowler, and it is a negative elixir trade. With Mortar, the Bowler can take it out, but your opponent would lose one elixir instead of gaining one. There are many examples of how you would save elixir. Another example is with an Inferno Tower. If they used an Inferno tower on an X-Bow, they would make a positive elixir trade, but with Mortar, they would lose one elixir. Also, I have faced a lot of people who’s counter for X-Bow/Mortar is Rocket. I am sure that you can figure out why this is beneficial to you since Mortar only costs 4 elixir. Also, when your opponents are very desperate, they will result to Fireball-ing your mortar, which basically gives you a free couple Mortar shots. At tournament standard, a Mortar does 229 damage per shot, which is the same as a Fireball’s tower damage. So in a way, the mortar is a 4 elixir card that shoots out Fireballs, which also cost 4 elixir. These are just a few ways that you can benefit from the Mortar being 4 elixir.

The Mortar’s range (and “dead zone”)

I really love the Mortar because of this reason. The X-Bow’s range is 11.5 tiles, but the Mortar’s range is 3-11 tiles, meaning that it shoots over anything that is close to it. I like to call this the Mortar’s “dead zone”. This means that if there is a Giant on the Mortar, the Mortar will actually ignore the Giant and shoot over it. This was one of the key reasons why I switched from X-Bow to Mortar.

Mortar is a Common card

This is a key reason that made me switch to Mortar. You may not think much of it, but this allows you to upgrade your Mortar MUCH quicker than you could with X-Bow. You can request for up to 40 Mortars a total of 3 times a day in Legendary Arena. That means you could potentially get 12o Mortars a day, which comes out to 840 Mortars a week if you request 3 times every day of the week. Yes, there is Epic Sunday, but that is 4 (if you’re lucky) X-Bows a WEEK as opposed to 840 Mortars a week. This is not including the Mortars that you could pull from chests, which is statistically higher than the amount of X-Bows that you will pull from chests.

Card Analysis

All of the cards in their deck play an important role. These cards were picked for their own reasons, and you could replace some of them if you really wanted to. They each serve their own purpose.



Mortar is the main card of the deck. This card is going to be your main source of damage and can be used offensively and sometimes defensively too. This card offers extreme value as stated above. I would not recommend replacing this with anything since there aren’t any other tanky splash siege buildings in the game as of now.


Skeletons are a great card for distracting Princes, Inferno Dragons, and other troops. This is a great card for countering Miners and allowing it to only get a few shots on your tower. Skeletons can also do a great deal of damage because, for 1 elixir, they can do a combined 201 damage per second at tournament standard! This is not a bad counter for hogs if you don’t have your Inferno in cycle and has great synergy with Ice Spirit on defense. I would not recommend replacing this with Skeleton Army because Skarmy can be zapped for a positive elixir trade, and doesn’t cycle as well.

Ice Spirit

This card is one definitely of the best cards in the game. Even after the freeze duration nerf, and the damage nerf, it is still one of the most valuable cards in the game. For 1 elixir, this card offers incredible value. There are not really any replacements for this besides maybe Fire Spirits.

Ice Golem

This is the single best card for kiting as of now. You can kite Elite Barbarians, Princes, Mega Minion…the list just goes on. This card offers great value for 2 Elixir. This card has great synergy with the Electro Wizard because these two can kill minions or an entire minion horde. The Ice golem can also act as a decent tank for just 2 elixir. It will kill an entire Skeleton Army at tournament standard if placed correctly. There are no good replacements for Ice Golem.

Electro Wizard

Electro Wizard is becoming one of the most used cards in the game right now. It provides excellent value for 4 elixir. It is very good at stunning Inferno Towers, Inferno Dragons, and killing Minions/Minion Horde with the Ice Golem. Electro Wizard can also counter a lone Hog or Giant if you have nothing else. It also has pretty good DPS, which makes it a good source of single, or…well, double-target damage. There are no great replacements for Electro Wizard, but Musketeer does a decent job. Musketeer does alright but will make the deck a lot weaker to air.

Inferno Tower

The best defense in the game right now. What else is there to say? Inferno tower can shut down huge pushes, and then support you Mortar after. There is nothing else that needs to be said. I will say though, Royal Giant out-ranges Inferno Tower, so be sure to put the Inferno Tower close to the Royal Giant…I learned that the hard way. A good tip is if the opponent sends over a tank, and they zap your Inferno Tower, ice spirit the tank, and your Inferno Tower will have no problem taking out the tank. There is no good replacement for Inferno Tower. Inferno Dragon DOES NOT WORK.

The Log

The Log is the best Legendary in the game in my opinion. The Log can take out a Princess for a positive elixir trade, and do 100 damage to the tower at tournament standard! Orange Juice would be proud. The Log can take out Goblin Barrels, Skeleton Armies, and also push back some of the tankier troops which can be very beneficial. The best replacement for this would be Zap, but that doesn’t work nearly as well.


This is a high damage spell. Fireball can take out a Wizard, Musketeer, Electro Wizard and many other troops with some help from The Log at tournament standard. If you get a good Mortar or two and get some decent tower damage, then you can just Fireball them out while controlling the match. Fireball is a very good card that is extremely versatile. I would not recommend replacing Fireball in this deck, but if you really wanted to, Rocket is also an option. Rocket could be used to take out Elixir Collectors, but would not counter Minion Hordes, or Barbarians for a positive Elixir trade.

The Basic Gameplan/How to Play

The main goal with this deck is to protect the Mortar while also making positive Elixir trades.

You want to out-cycle your opponents counters to Mortar and punish them if they’re at an elixir disadvantage. You will have a lot of opportunities to make positive elixir trades while using this deck.

As most siege players will know, a lot of prediction is involved while playing siege.

Now, I’m not saying that you should throw random prediction Fireballs trying to be some sort of God, but knowing when to play certain cards to counter your opponent is very helpful.

For example, if you know that your opponent has a Minion Horde, then throwing an Ice Golem in front of your Mortar wouldn’t be a bad idea.

When I play my Mortar and I am not really sure what they are going to counter it with, I will almost always play an Ice Golem because it can tank for whatever the opponent drops and give you time to react. Speaking of reaction time, troop delay is SO important when playing siege.

The average human takes 0.25 seconds to react to something visual, so when you play your Mortar, I like to leave a small bit of time before I place something in front of it, so that they play their counter into whatever you play.

Some of my favorite starting plays are playing Ice Spirit at the bridge to get some chip on the tower while also cycling, and playing split Skeletons in the back.

**IMPORTANT** Your Ice Spirit will only get to the tower if it is equal or higher level than your opponent is.


Siege is not an easy play style, but is very fun and satisfying once you get the hang of it. It is extremely satisfying when you predict something correctly and make a positive elixir trade. I hope that you all enjoy my deck. It is a very quick Mortar deck that currently works in all game modes. Good luck pushing!