Miner Poison Lumberjack Control

Hey guys ApocD21 here from Clashicide bringing you my newest 12 win Grand Challenge deck, the Miner Poison Lumberjack Control! I have a trophy high of 5272 and 220,000+ challenge cards won!

I just got 2 12 wins in a row with this deck! But what’s great about it is that is it getting a buff to Lumberjack in the latest patch!

Miner Poison Lumberjack Control Deck

Clash Royale MinerClash Royale LumberjackClash Royale SkeletonClash Royale Goblin Gang
Clash Royale FurnaceClash Royale Electro WizardClash Royale PoisonClash Royale The Log

General Gameplan

This deck does function without Lumberjack or Electro Wizard. They can be substituted for Battle Ram or Musketeer respectively.

Miner is the main win condition. vs most decks he is going to be focused on the Tower. But he is great at picking off Princess and then getting a couple shovel hits for an even trade plus some chip. I like to play tricks with Miner and consistently mix up his placement. Sometimes I will fake going for his Elixir Collector and go for the Tower and Poison the Elixir Collector plus what they used to defend.

Most game you will want to start with Furnace in a forward position 2 tiles away from the river so that a Hog Rider or Battle Ram cant bypass it in the opposite lane. Furnace is usually the second largest source of chip damage in your deck. and if they don’t have a proper counter is a major source of Elixir advantage. While Furnace is getting a small nerf I think it is inconsequential as it will still stop a Hog.

Skeletons are the a major source of positive trades. Stopping Mini P.E.K.K.As, Musketeers, Electro Wizards, and even Bowlers for positive trades. A Log plus Skeletons can stop a Hog if you know they don’t have a spell in rotation. Skeletons help enable Miner/Poison or Miner/Goblin an pushes with all the positive trades.

I can’t say enough about Goblin Gang. They are a 3 Elixir card the demands a response. Ignoring it will cause over 1,000 damage to a Tower. They are great vs tanks, Elite Barbarians and even Graveyard. They are a nice counter push if your opponent doesn’t have The Log or Elecro Wizard in Rotation. As even a zapped Goblin Gang with a Miner tanking can take a Tower.


Lumberjack is getting a 4% health buff in the next patch. While that may not seem like much it is closing the gap even smaller between him and Mini P.E.K.K.A’s health. It will let him survive an extra hit more often. Dead Lumberjacks leave Rage and raged Miners do a ton of damage and is worth trying to take advantage of.

Electro Wizard is probably the most versatile card in the game currently. Acting as a Zap/ Musketeer substitute in one card. Electro Wizard plus Skeletons will stop a Hog Rider for zero damage. Or by itself Hog will only hit once.

The Log. If your opponent is playing Skeleton Army or Goblin game you may need to prediction Log so that Miner can lock on the Tower. Log will kill Goblin Gang faster then Poison so your Miner takes less damage. I often dont Log Goblin Barrel as I can use Goblin Gang or Electro Wizard plus Skeletons to prevent the damage allowing me to use Log offensively.

Finally Poison is another major source of chip damage and will be used offensively 90% of the time. Killing Electro Wizards, Minions, and Skeleton armies that are trying to stop your miners. I do find that I need to Poison some Lava Hound Pushes.

In my opinion this deck is very well positioned vs Hog Rider decks. Just make sure you keep the Furnace far enough ahead so that the Furnace cant be bypassed early. And later you can move it back a tile if you are sure he needs to commit to the Tower you are defending.


Vs Three Musketeer and Golem decks that rely on Elixir Collector you Should easily be able to keep them off their Collectors between Miner and Poison. Try to always force them to use units to defend the Collector so you can get more value out of your Poison.

Lava Hound Balloon decks can be tricky. Make sure you are hitting the Balloon and hound with your Electro Wizard. while drawing them to your Furnace. If they are heavily committed you may need to Poison too.

Vs Graveyard based decks we have many tools. Lumberjack is great if you need to defend inside of a Poison. If they Freeze you can Use Electro Wizard to clear them. And if they don’t have Poison or don’t have the Elixir yet. Goblin Gang will take it out for a positive trade.

Thank you for checking out my article guys!

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