Miner Dart Goblin Control Deck

Hi, I am a level 10 named Alon on Clash Royale from the clan, “Breit Kingdom”. Right now I am at 4300 with cards 1 level higher than tournament standard. Today I will be happy to show you this deck, which philosophy I have been using since 2400 trophies.

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Miner Dart Goblin Control Deck

Before I start, I recommend this deck to anyone who has the Dart Goblin and Miner (2600+).

Cards Breakdown

First, I will show you the cards in this deck, and a brief description of what their role is in this deck.

Miner – 90% of the time the Miner is used on offense, to chip away the enemy Tower (in this case DO NOT use him to take down an Elixir Collector). Sometimes also valuable on defense when good trades are limited because of the hand you are at.

Dart Goblin – 90% of the time it’s use will be on offense, in a combo with the Miner. It is also a valuable card on defense: To destroy enemy spawners, defenses, and enemy troops from a distance.

Inferno Tower – To take out enemy tanks and such. Sometimes also just a great distraction, because of its great HP value (this Inferno Tower use is very valuable against Zap Bait decks, which do not usually have a tank).

Valkyrie – 95% of the time the Valkyrie will be placed on defense, to take out enemy support troops E.g. Musketeer, Witch, etc. Sometimes also very valuable because it can start a large counter push.

Mega Minion – Also usually placed on defense and sometimes to cycle back to the Miner and/or Dart Goblin. Also a great card for a counter push.

Skeleton Army – One of the best defensive cards as of today; great for countering, distracting, and chipping on enemy troops. Very commonly used as a cycle card on offense.

Fireball – In double Elixir, this could be your most valuable weapon. Great at chipping down your enemy’s tower in double Elixir (try not to Fireball too much in regular Elixir time). Also used very much on defense, to destroy a swarm of troops, which are bunched together, in order to destroy the enemy’s push. In this deck the Fireball is reserved for chipping down the opponent’s Elixir pump.

Zap – Good at prohibiting from weak troops to getting to your tower, or getting damage on your troops. Also good at taking down an enemy’s tower in crunch time, if necessary.

Next, I will be explaining and describing this deck’s strategy, philosophy, I will give you some defensive help and tips on countering, and I will also give you some sources which will help you expand your Clash Royale knowledge and skills.


The initial push here is Miner and the Dart Goblin. This is such a valuable push because:

  1. The Miner is constantly chipping at the tower, while protecting the Dart Goblin, and giving it time to do work on the tower.
  2. The Dart Goblin’s chipping at the Tower at incredible speed and does a decent amount of damage at the Tower per hit for a 3 Elixier card.
  3. It’s incredibly hard to stop the Miner and Dart Goblin at the same time, as the Miner’s placement is hard to predict, and in the meantime, you have around 1 second after the Dart Goblin’s placement, to have a troop in the Arena placed, to distract the Dart Goblin for a couple of seconds.
  4. This push is fast and doesn’t require a lot of Elixier; you can take advantage of your opponent placing a Golem, Elixier pump, etc.

The Miner Dart Goblin push does around 1700 damage, if left alone, at tournament standard.

This deck is called the Miner Dart Goblin CONTROL deck, because it acts exactly as a normal Miner Control deck would.


A Miner Control deck is a defense first deck. This means you defend first, and then attack for a good counter push. This is exactly how this deck works. After you defend with the Inferno Tower, Valkyrie, Mega Minion, Skeleton Army, etc., you attack with the Miner and Dart Goblin, which are supported by the defensive troops.

In a Miner Control deck, you usually attack at 10 Elixir. This is true for this deck, because if you get countered easily, insuring your opponent a positive Elixir trade, he has the option to counter push, which is not good, because after a 6 Elixir, failed push, you won’t have a lot to defend with. So it is better to start a Miner Dart Goblin push, when you are at full Elixir.

When both players are at 10 Elixir, these are the best plays to start off with:

  1. Miner – If you have a Miner it’s always good to play it at the Tower and react to how your opponent reacts to it. If you also have a Dart Goblin in your hand, play it with the Miner.
  2. Dart Goblin – Same thing, play the Dart Goblin at the bridge and react to what your opponent puts down.
  3. Skeleton Army – This is good for cycling, and sometimes your opponent won’t have anything to counter it, so you may get some free chip damage. The best placement for this is at the bridge.
  4. Mega Minion – The Mega Minion, in this situation, is purely for cycling reasons. The optimal placement is in the back behind your King Tower.
  5. Inferno Tower – The last thing you would do is place the Inferno Tower in the middle of your Base, between both of your Towers, for cycling reasons.

You would never play a Valkyrie, Zap or Fireball at 10 Elixir when it’s a ‘dead’ match.

On Defense:

NEVER play your Valkyrie at the back!

When the opponent places a Tank in the back (E.g. Giant), you FIRST play the Inferno Tower in a defensive position, in between your Arena Towers, so that you can build Elixir and can counter everything that they put BEHIND their tank.

There is only one exception to this: When the opponent places a Royal Giant in the back, because the Royal Giant can out-range your Inferno Tower. Also, the defensive position of the Inferno Tower should usually be different

To finish the analysis of this deck I will show you the cards in this deck, and cards they can counter well, and very well, in order for you to make better decisions using this deck. Take note that to counter these cards placement and timing of your and your opponent’s troops is very important. These counters will be single counters ONLY, which means that it would be a 1 v. 1 duel between cards.


  • Good counters: Spear Goblins, Ice Golem, Bomber, Ice Wizard, Princess, Archers, Dart Goblin
  • Great Counters: Musketeer, Electro Wizard, Wizard

Dart Goblin:

  • Good Counters: Goblins, Spear Goblins, Ice Golem, Minions, Bomber, Archers, Princess, Tombstone, Knight, Ice Wizard, Skeleton Army, Mega Minion, Cannon
  • Great Counters: Mini Pekka, Lumberjack, Electro Wizard, Inferno Dragon, Baby Dragon, Furnace, Balloon, Wizard, Graveyard, Goblin Hut, Bomb Tower, Barbarian Hut, Inferno Tower


  • Good Counters: Skeleton Army, Dart Goblin, Miner, Bomber, Archers, Princess, Guards, Knight, Ice Wizard, Dark Prince, Prince, Mini Pekka, Lumberjack, Battle Ram, Electro Wizard, Musketeer, Elite Barbarians (if supported with another troop)
  • Great Counters: Witch, Graveyard, Wizard, Bowler, Prince, Executioner, Barbarians, Sparky, Three Musketeers

Skeleton Army:

  • Good Counters: Goblins, Spear Goblins, Dart Goblin, Miner, Bomber, Goblin Barrel, Guards, Princess, Archers, Knight, Ice Wizard
  • Great Counters: Hog Rider, Dark Prince, Mini Pekka, Lumberjack, Battle Ram, Inferno Dragon, Electro Wizard, Musketeer, Witch, Graveyard, Prince, Bowler, Wizard, Executioner (AFTER MARCH UPDATE), Giant, X-Bow, Barbarians, Sparky, Royal Giant, Giant Skeleton, Pekka, Golem, Three Musketeers (if paired up with another troop)

Inferno Tower:

  • Good Counters: Valkyrie, Hog Rider, Mini Pekka, Lumberjack, Dark Prince, Prince, Battle Ram, Baby Dragon, Musketeer, Mortar, Bowler, Balloon, Wizard, Giant, Sparky (if paired up with Zap)
  • Great Counters: X-Bow, Royal Giant, Giant Skeleton, Lavahound, Pekka, Golem

Mega Minion:

  • Good Counters: Dart Goblin, Miner, Goblins, Minions, Spear Goblins, Bomber, Princess, Archers, Ice Wizard, Knight, Hog Rider, Executioner
  • Great Counters: Mini Pekka, Valkyrie, Electro Wizard, Inferno Dragon, Baby Dragon, Musketeer, Balloon, Bowler, Witch

I hope this guide helped you expand your Clash Royale knowledge, skills, and maybe even pushed you up in trophies!

Thank you for taking your time to analyse and understand this deck with me.