Lava Double Dragon – The Aerial Army

Hello everyone, this is eysz, otherwise known as swagger in-game. This is my first guide dedicated to a deck.

For starters, this deck is my go-to, and has taken me from 2.8k to a solid 4.1k in less than 5 months (It’s also completely original). In that time, I have encountered the Ebarbs meta, Executioner bug rampage, Lavaloon, and now, the Deck will have to learn to adapt to Night Witch.

I’ve used this Deck to beat Phonecats and a few players from Arab Empire in Grand Challenges

lava dragons

Lava Dragons

Clash Royale Lava HoundClash Royale Inferno DragonClash Royale Baby DragonClash Royale Mega Minion
Clash Royale ArrowsClash Royale LightningClash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale Tombstone

Cards Breakdown

Lava Hound – The main tanker of the Deck, that really sets the premise for the rest of the cards that will support and snowball a huge push.

Personally, I believe that the Lava Hound is the best high-Elixir tank, because it is the only large air investment, has a decent death rattle that forces a response, and amazing synergy with all air troops.

Baby Dragon – I’ve loved the Baby Dragon since I began playing at global launch, having it in Giant-Baby Dragon, Prince-Baby Dragon.

Though it fell out of favor in the meta for a large chunk of time, it’s coming back due to a need for splash attackers that hit air, while also being decently tanky.

In this Deck, the Baby Dragon often gets behind the Lava Hound to take care of Minions and does general chip damage.

Even if it is not very expendable, four Elixir is a small investment to be a quick tank in many defensive situations.

Inferno Dragon – Though many consider the ID to be a terrible card though it retains the Legendary card status, I think this is because this game is a offense-oriented game; even the more defensive troops do quite well on offense (think Bowler).

However, the Inferno Dragon, quite frankly, is terrible offensively without massive support and overwhelming advantages.

The card is mainly used as a tank killer in lieu with Tombstone.

Mega Minion – Another versatile powerhouse in this Deck.

Spell resistant up to Fireball, able to heavily minimize damage of heavy pushes, and make small pushes appear scarier, the Mega Minion hold the place of jack-of-all-trades on defense. The small Elixir to place makes it easier to cycle and tank in times of dire need. On offense, it can occasionally be the last man standing, continually attacking while the opponent watches with dry Elixir.

Ice Spirit  – Your cycle card, that will allow you to quickly get back to defensive options, while also being a great damage minimizer itself. Also note that the Ice Spirit is the only ground troop in this Deck, so make sure that Tombstone and your spells are in hand when Ice Spirit is expended, as quick at-the-bridge pushes can screw you over.

Tombstone – Tombstone was in meta a few months, but it has gradually fallen out of favor because the meta has shifted to beatdown that requires Inferno Tower or another killer, and Elite Barbarians simply aren’t as rampant (still op though), which the Tombstone can completely shut down with proper placement. No matter if it is popular currently, it is extremely versatile, but to achieve its full potential, it must have correct placement. This is often the difference between two Hog shots or none.

Arrows – All-purpose spell, but takes the specific niche of quickly killing Minion Hordes, which are the bane of all air decks. In addition, Arrows prevent spell bait decks form completely destroying you. Make sure to have these in your hand as your push begins to form.

The Log or Lightning – This is where it gets interesting. For my first push to 3.8k, I used The Log because I felt I needed more defensive ground options. Having this spell in the Deck allowed me to totally destroy spell bait archetypes, since my Deck would have two low-cost spells. However, as I progressed to Legendary Arena and the Leagues, more of my opponents were using Ex-Nado and Inferno Tower, all hard counters to my Deck. Lightning, though used very situationally, propelled me to a stable position, mainly because of the reset on an Inferno Tower’s charge, and it also did heavy damage to towers if I needed that in overtime. Sometimes I switch back to my Log just because it’s a Level 3 😉

How to play this deck?

The playstyle of this Deck is reminiscent of Golem decks, which often will create big pushes only in Double Elixir, and either chip or hard defend the first three minutes.

However, the playstyle will most likely have to change depending on the archetype and core you are facing.

This is how to play with this Deck against current common meta decks.

Giant Beatdown
Golem Beatdown
Miner Control
Hog Cycle
Max RG + EB Players
3M Beatdown/Cycle
Spell Bait

Regarding New Cards

Read more about all of the new cards at here.

  • Bats: are going to be the a pain in the ass for this Deck, not just because of this Deck’s air core, but also because of the sheer defensive value it serves for only two Elixir. For little more than Skeletons it can deal heavy damage to your Mega Minion, Inferno Dragon, and Baby Dragon when it is helping on defense. This Deck may perhaps have to switch out the Arrows for Zap as Goblin Gang sees a decrease in usage, and Bats will certainly be meta.
  • Skeleton Barrel: Though easy to counter on your side of the field (pretty sure Baby Dragon and Tombstone do just fine), I may actually consider placing this in my Deck by substitution out either Mega Minion or Tombstone. They are both 3-Elixir cards, and while they provide incredible offensive value, do not perform as well on offense. I experimented with a Hound-Graveyard Deck, and I was amazed at its effectiveness. However, the one main flaw was that the Graveyard was too expensive. The Skeleton Barrel provides a neat substitute that also has value on defense against other air decks.
  • Flying Machine: This is the laughingstock of the newly announced cards: four Elixir for a fragile air Musketeer simply does not fit in the meta, especially after Bats are released. It could replace Inferno Dragon as defensive options, but the Dragon is more spell-resistant, which is a key factor in defensive ability. The Machine could pose problems when they are used to defend against your push, but I’m pretty sure a Mega Minion can solo against it.
  • Mega Knight: Over-hyped but seeing the leaked gameplay tells me that it’s not too much of a problem to counter in this Deck, mainly because of your Tombstone and Inferno Dragon. You have no cards that will warrant a damage-boosting jump from the Knight, and the spawn damage won’t affect any air troops. I also highly doubt this legendary will be used too often in ladder.
  • Cannon Cart: Seems too expensive, but apparently it can take out an entire Tower on its own, so it should not be ignored. A fast movement speed means that the Inferno Dragon might struggle with retargeting issues, so your best bet is Tombstone combined with anything else for extra firepower.

Alright folks, that’s it for now! Any feedback and support is welcome, and look forward to more Deck guides in the future.