Insane Hog Rocket Deck for Arena 8+

Hey guys RSivak here with a cool new new Hog Cycle deck with the Rocket. It’s super cheap at 3.1 average elixir and with two perfect cycle cards in the Skeletons and Ice Spirit

It is super fast and you will be able to easily get down your Hog Riders way before they can cycle back to their defensive building allowing you to easily get swings onto the tower. Once you get it down to around 800-900 HP, you can just focus on cycling to Rockets and defending to pull out a perfect win.

hog rocket

Insane Hog Rocket Deck

Clash Royale Hog RiderClash Royale LumberjackClash Royale RocketClash Royale Electro Wizard
Clash Royale SkeletonClash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale ZapClash Royale Tornado

Hog Rocket Deck Analytic

Cards Breakdown

Hog Rider: Main win condition. The Hog Rider is a really strong card, but I also think he is balanced. He does a ton of damage if ignored for a much cheaper cost. Deals more damage than a Giant but with much less health. He suffers from distractions.

He is very easy to pull with buildings and as such oftentimes can’t make it to the tower.

In this deck, you can cycle back to the Hog so fast that it lets you keep chipping down and dealing damage with your Hog, while they try to defend as best they can without a building in rotation.

Rocket: Secondary win condition, and really just an awesome support card. The Rocket works well because of it’s ability to prevent Pumps from getting your opponent ahead of you. Perfect for bringing in a buzzer beating win or for wiping out a good chunk of a massive push coming your way.

The Rocket can also be a punishing card. If you miss or mess up with the Rocket, your opponent gains a massive elixir lead and usually it could cost you the game.

It become vital to be able to properly place the Rocket, and pay attention to what cards you can Rocket if they are dropped in the back.

A good rule of thumb is to Rocket any card 5 elixir or more as long as you hit the tower, Musketeers, Electro Wizards aren’t worth it enough for me because Skeletons or Ice Spirit can do a good job mopping them up for a positive elixir trade.

Zap: Cheap, fast and hits everything in a small radius, good for Goblins, Minions and basically any other swarm. Not much else to add, Zap is really just a strong card.

Ice Spirit: Perfect cycle card. It’s mini Freeze mechanic allows you to get more hits or cycle back to a card and gives you a chance to pause an enemy push easily. Ice Spirit works well at stopping a Balloon for a second preventing even death damage if played correctly.

Electro Wizard: Your core defense. Not going to lie, there is no replacement for him in this deck. Musketeer doesn’t have the constant stun that is absolutely key for you to slow down pushes.

He is perfect for stopping so many cards like Knight, Valkyrie, Princes, lone Balloons, Mini P.E.K.K.A’s and only lets Hog Riders get one hit off on the tower if played correctly. He is an absolute beast on defense with his great damage.

He is your only card for air defense, but trust me. I have been able to beat Lava Hound decks with this deck and I’ll explain how you guys can too down below.

Lumberjack: Lumberjack is climbing up the ladder as one of my most used cards after his buff. He is great on defense and offense, dishing out massive damage and his ability to keep up with the Hog Rider gives him an impressive chance to shine in this deck. Once he dies and pops the Rage, your Hog will get a ton more hits in.

On defense he shines at his ability to mow down tanks with his insane damage. Combine him with the Electro Wizard and you can easily deal with a lot of pushes.

Best replacement if you don’t have him is the Mini P.E.K.K.A, but you lose a lot of offense, as the Mini P.E.K.K.A just hits way too slow, allowing swarms to do more damage.

Skeletons: Cycle cards and a great card for dealing out damage. They deal a ton of damage and can take out a Hog Rider after he swings once giving them immense value. They pay with vulnerability, being easily one shot by pretty much anything.

Good for cycling and getting damage in as long as something is tanking for them like a Lumberjack or Electro Wizard.


Tornado: Tornado, the final card, and one of the most important ones in this deck. Tornado is great for pulling an enemy push into the middle or the kill zone allowing both towers to attack, or all three if you activated the king tower.

Tornado can pull a Hog into the King tower to activate it giving you a strong advantage throughout the game.

Perfect for pulling away Royal Giants preventing them from getting hits off.

There are just so many possibilities, like pulling all the Musketeers into one lane and Rocketing them and the tower for great elixir trades. There are still so many possibilities with this card.

Take a look at here for more details: Tornado – The Advanced Guide!

insane hog rocket deck

General Gameplan:

A great start would be a lone Hog Rider to scout their defenses and try to get a swing or two in. Zap anything if you can get value.

Next usually you just want to cycle back to your Hog Rider, and this time pair it with either Ice Spirit or Lumberjack or both.

Rocket down any Pumps, Executioners, Wizards, Witches, Sparkies, 2/3 Musketeers as long as you are able to hit the tower. If they drop the pump in the center so you can’t hit the tower still Rocket it so they don’t gain an elixir advantage on you.

Don’t neglect your Tornado! If they send in a Miner or Hog, pull it to the King tower and activate it as soon as possible to give you a great advantage throughout the game.

If they drop a tank like P.E.K.K.A, Golem or Lava Hound in the back rush the other lane. Especially against a Lava Hound as they will usually lack major ground troops and a Lumberjack Hog Rider push can get in massive damage if you Zap any Skeleton and or a popped Tombstone.

Once double elixir hits you will be cycling through cards like crazy, and when defending I oftentimes get down two Electro Wizards and they are can easily shut down almost anything especially when you Tornado their push into the center of your Arena into the kill zone.

If the split Musketeers ahead on their towers, then Tornado them into one lane, and wait to Rocket until they hit the bridge to hit any other cards they play to get more value. Once you get down their tower to less than 900 hp, you can cycle and Rocket it down for the win.

The key to this deck is to make sure they never get a strong full push down your lane, if they do then you will end up in trouble, push the other lane and split their push into two lanes to have an easier time to beat it.


3 Musketeers: If they split in the back, Rocket the two and hit the tower, and the lone Musketeer can be beat my Skeletons or Ice Spirit, add cards as needed if they support that Musketeer.

Beatdown: Don’t let them build up, push the other lane and pressure constantly. Keep the pressure on them and force them on the defense no matter what. If you let them get rolling it can become difficult to stop.

LavaLoon: Similar to Beatdown. Use Tornado to pull to the center and freeze with Ice Spirit and get another Electro Wizard down. When they drop it in the back, push with Lumberjack and Hog Rider, with a Zap ready for the Skeleton Army or Goblin Gang that most Lava Hound decks run.

Hog: Lumberjack, Skeletons or Electro Wizard do the best job, Electro Wizard does the best all round, but Skeletons are much cheaper, but weaker.

Royal Giant: Tornado to the center, but Skeletons, Lumberjack and Electro Wizard do a good job killing the Royal Giant and any support.

Elite Barbarians: Cycle to Skeletons, Ice Spirit and Lumberjack, the freeze will help get you a great positive elixir trades as the Barbs stop attacking for a bit. Tornado if needed.


  • Rocket should be played wisely it’s a big commitment and oftentimes can decide the match.
  • Keep getting your Hog onto their tower! It’s your main win condition.
  • Lumberjack is super versatile on defense and offense in this deck! Make sure you use him for both!
  • Keep Electro Wizard for defense, he is an absolute wall to go through, really strong at defending a lot of pushes.
  • Tornado is key. Make sure you use it well.

That’s it for this deck guide guys! Hope you enjoyed and I hope this deck gets you a lot of wins! Until next time!

Note: Thumbnail image stolen from EquiNyx22