Inferno Lava Deck for Arena 9+

Wassup guys! Sorefist2 again! Now look, I know that you guys haven’t seen a deck from me in a long time! So, here I am again, this time presenting to you an Inferno Lava Deck that pushed Maxdude, one of the best trophy pushers in Arena 9, to 3500 trophies in no time flat!

It is very capable of dealing lots of damage while at the same time preventing your opponent from inflicting any, with popular defensive cards like Executioner or Goblin Gang, along with underused but effective defensive cards like Fire Spirits or Cannon.

Anyway, I KNOW you guys are hyped about this, so let’s get to it!

Inferno Lava Deck

Inferno Lava Deck for Arena 9+

Clash Royale Lava HoundClash Royale Inferno DragonClash Royale ExecutionerClash Royale Poison
Clash Royale Goblin GangClash Royale ZapClash Royale Fire SpiritsClash Royale Cannon


  • Goblin Gang: Skeleton Army, Minions, Archers
  • Executioner: Wizard, Witch, Ice Wizard, Baby Dragon
  • Fire Spirits: Ice Spirit, Arrows

Cards Breakdown

Lava Hound: Of course, you main tank of the deck. He is used to soak up damage to allow the main win condition, the Inferno Dragon, to get up to the Arena Tower and melt it (literally)!

What’s also good about it is that you have a secondary win condition hidden inside the Hound itself, the Pups! They deal lots of damage if left ignored, so you can attempt to chip with the Pups if the Inferno Dragon is not dealing enough damage.

On several occasions, Maxdude’s opponents carried Electro Wizard, so he used the Pups to kill the Tower in OT. Hey, this card totally rocks, so it’s no surprise!

Inferno Dragon: Such a very good all-around card, and your main win condition in this deck.

On offense, it is a real moving Inferno Tower, so it’s no wonder he has the capability to literally melt anything attacking the Hound (Electro Wizard being an exception). Once he reaches the Arena Tower, however, is when his offensive power is at its greatest.

His defensive strength is above average too. By using the tank-and-spank method (which I prefer to call the distract and destroy method) with Goblin Gang to kill support, you can easily shut down a beatdown style push with ease!

Be careful if your opponent is using Golem, however, as the Golemites can prove troublesome for the Inferno Dragon and possibly prevent a counterpush with Hound.

Executioner: Splash support for the Hound and Inferno Dragon. Kills pesky Minion Hordes and Skarmy that can distract Inferno Dragon and prevent some much-needed damage on that Tower.

The Exe himself also deals quite a bit of damage too, so it is possible to counterpush with Hound after defending against mass swarm or spawners.

If you do not have him, you can use Wizard, Ice Wizard, or the Witch. All of these substitutions are amazing splash attackers who can all be used to support the two staples of the deck. Also note that if you use Witch, her Skeletons can provide additional support.

Poison: One of the best spells ever, hands-down. It can be used both offensively and defensively.

On offense, it can support the Inferno Dragon if someone uses a Horde or Skarmy to distract it. Normally, you should use it to kill swarm if your Executioner is distracted by a mini tank.

Defensively, it also works well against spawner decks and glass cannons, like Three Musketeers, and in conjunction with Zap, can even kill them!

You can substitute this for Fireball, although it reduces the support capabilities of this deck.

Goblin Gang: The pseudo-Skarmy of the game. They have a very similar mechanic to Skarmy, but there are less Goblins and a form of air defense.

This strengthens the deck’s capability against LavaLoon, since most have Lightning and Mega Minion. Goblin Gang can distract and destroy Mega Minion, and Inferno Dragon survives Lightning.

If you do not have Goblin Gang, use Minions. They provide the same cheap support without sacrificing air defense capability, making them a good choice for a substitute.

Fire Spirits: These poor little guys that cost just 2 Elixir are so underused in the higher Arenas these days! You barely ever see them anymore (unless you count those spawned by Furnace)! Despite that, they fit into this deck perfectly!


They are a form of cheap AOE if you can’t afford Poison, meaning you can still save your Inferno Dragon from large ground and air swarms alike. However, the best part about them is that if you pair them with Cannon, they counter Elite Barbarians for a positive trade! All in all, these guys are so versatile and powerful, they need to be brought out of the shadows!

Cannon: Another underused defensive card, mainly because it is overshadowed by Tombstone in the meta. However, here, Cannon’s direct damage is very key to this deck’s success.

Cannon counters Witch and Wizard for a positive trade for all of them. It can also keep Mega Minion distracted long enough for an even trade.

Before pushing, Maxdude decided to use Tombstone over Cannon, and he kept losing, so he used Cannon instead. Cannon, like Tombstone, counters the Hog Rider. However, Cannon can confine Hog to no hits, whereas with Tombstone, Hog will almost always get one hit no matter what. And because it deals direct damage, you don’t have to use a spell to keep the Hog in place.

If Baby Dragons are posing a problem, you can swap it out for Tesla, as it targets air for slightly less DPS than Cannon.

Zap: Don’t even need to write about it.

General Gameplay:

The gameplay here is to make constant positive Elixir trades using defensive cards and prevent your opponent from dealing damage, and counterpush with Hound or Inferno Dragon once done defending. In terms of the number of counterpushes you can use, there are a large number of them.

All will be listed below. You can also play aggressive and attack first, which is the style that Maxdude prefers. When you see a tank troop, like Giant or Golem, use Cannon to tank damage and Inferno Dragon to melt, or Goblin Gang to spank. If fast moving troops such as Elite Barbarians or Lumberjack are moving toward your towers, use Cannon+Goblin Gang or Cannon+Fire Spirits to kill them, depending on what comes.


Lava Hound+Inferno Dragon: A standard push that deals lot of damage, but needs support to take a Tower.

Lava Hound+Executioner: A very lethal counterpush that is great at doing splash damage.

Lava Hound+Poison: A cheaper version of the previous push.

Lava Hound+Fire Spirits: An even cheaper version of Lava Hound+Exe.

Inferno Dragon+Executioner: A very good counterpush that can take a Tower. Of course, can be done with Poison or Fire Spirits.

Lava Hound+Goblin Gang: I call this the “Pups N’ Gobs” push because when the Hound dies, the Goblins and Spear Gobs will still be doing damage when the Pups come out.

Inferno Dragon+Goblin Gang: A good counterpush to use, but make sure your opponent spent a lot of Elixir prior to this push! The Gang will provide a shield of sorts during Inferno Dragon’s approach to the Tower!

Intermediate Push: Lava Hound+Inferno Dragon+Executioner: The intermediate push. Like Hound+Inferno Dragon, but with splash support.

Ultimate Push: Lava Hound+Inferno Dragon+Executioner+Goblin Gang+Poison: The best push in this deck! Maxdude has even gotten Three Crown victories he never expected would happen with this push!


Elite Barbarians: Use the Cannon and Fire Spirits to take them down. Cannon’s direct damage is actually what makes this possible, as it deals quite a bit of damage to them.

LavaLoon: Cannon and Inferno Dragon are your two best options against this type of deck, but make sure you also deal with the Balloon using Executioner, because he may carry Lightning!

LumberLoon: Use the Cannon and Goblin Gang. The stab Goblins will take down Lumberjack while he hacks at the Cannon, and the Spear Goblins will kill Balloon. Use the Fire Spirits to kill it more quickly, since it will be Raged.

Golem/Giant/P.E.K.K.A Beatdown: Apply pressure using Inferno Dragon and any one of your splash cards, preferably the Exe or Poison. This works especially well if he just placed his tank, as it will do one of two things: take the Tower, or split his push. Or, play defensive and place Cannon, then use Inferno Dragon to kill the tank. However,this is more risky after he gains Elixir from the Pump. Maxdude prefers the first, pressure-applying method, as the opponent will most likely overcommit to defense, allowing you to tank with Cannon and spank with Goblin Gang to kill the lone tank.

Hog Cycle: Since your have multiple counters to the Hog, you don’t need to worry about outcycling him. You just have to make sure you come up with a strategy for whatever you will use. If it’s Cannon, place it in the center to kite. If it’s Goblin Gang, place it to the RIGHT of the Hog to allow them to dodge Logs (Maxdude’s preferred method other than Cannon). Cannon is of course going to be your main counter, and Gob Gang and Inferno Dragon counter Hog too!

Spell Bait: Fire Spirits and Goblin Gang, and of course Zap, work well against these decks, although it may be hard to get a decent counterpush up with all of their low-hit point troops. This is why you need to have Executioner or Poison in hand whenever you’re pushing to ensure you kill any swarms, and let the Inferno Dragon target the Tower.

Miner Control: Goblin Gang is your main Miner counter. Inferno Dragon can be used too if your Elixir bar is full, as you can counter push with it!

So that’s all for this amazing deck, and full kudos go to Maxdude for making it! See your next time, courtesy of Sorefist2!