New Meta Hog Lightning Deck for Arena 10+

Hey what is going on guys! RSivak here with an awesome Hog Lightning Payfecta Deck that has been working so well for me in Challenges and Ladder gameplay.

It just rocks everywhere. It is a little legendary heavy. Unfortunately, I don’t see any viable replacements for two of them.

Enough chit chat, let’s get into the cards!

hog lightning

New Meta Hog Lightning Deck for Arena 10+

Clash Royale Hog RiderClash Royale LightningClash Royale Skeleton ArmyClash Royale Tornado
Clash Royale The LogClash Royale Ice WizardClash Royale PrincessClash Royale Goblin Gang

Cards Breakdown

Hog Rider: Your win condition. The Hog Rider will be dealing the damage to towers, and when paired with Lightning, you can take out the troops your opponent places to defend against the Hog, while dealing a bit of damage on the side.

Make sure that you pay attention to how your opponent likes to defend against it, if he uses Skeleton Army, then keep your The Log ready, if he uses Inferno, keep your Lightning ready.

Never use your Hog Lightning combo early on. It is way too expensive and if your opponent soaks it up and counter pushes, you could end up in big trouble.

Ice Wizard: Ice Wizard is definitely one of my favorite cards right now. His tankiness and constant slow down make any enemy push reduce to a crawling pace giving more time for my troops to get damage done.

He survives Fireballs that are one level higher making him decently tanky. Super cheap for three elixir, he doesn’t deal much damage, but he doesn’t need too. His utility is his slowdown allowing your other troops to finish off the enemy.

Tornado: I hear a lot of people tell me that I should use a building instead of Tornado, but the fact is that a Tornado is an impressive card.

It can activate the King tower easily and give you an immense advantage early game. Deals well with swarms, weakening them down to the point where a single Princess shot will incinerate them. It’s perfect for pulling away any troop from your tower and into the Kill Zone where all three towers can target it.

If you have the King Tower activated then a lone Hog Rider can be countered by using the Tornado to pull it into the Kill zone.

Lightning: Your Positive Elixir Trade maker! Lightning will be giving you amazing Elixir trades, wiping out Pumps, Witches, Wizards, Musketeers, and severely hurting Executioners, Infernoes, Sparkies and Valkyrie’s.

This card is great for wiping out Cannons, Inferno Towers and other buildings that would pull your Hog away from the tower, while it also deals a hefty 300 extra damage onto the tower and wipes out any pesky troops nearby like a Musketeer.

I don’t often use it until double elixir, except if I get immense value, and at least take out 6 Elixir completely from my opponents push, or it could hurt you early on.

Skeleton Army: Skeleton Army, one of your main defense card against Giants, Royal Giant, Elite Barbarians. It deals so well with tanks and with so many Log Bait cards in this deck, at least one will be able wipe out the enemy push with sheer numbers.

Boasting a massive DPS, Skeleton Army can usually deal with most cards, it only falls to Valkyrie, even other splash units can’t take them all out if you surround the unit. Skeleton Army does a great job of dealing with Wizards, Bowlers, and even Executioner.

The Log: Your Swarm control, perfect for killing off the pesky Goblin Barrels, Skeleton Armies, and pushing away a troop to give your more time. Not much to talk about The Log, it is just a great card, and does it’s job so well. Deals good damage and it’s knock back is useful for resetting Charges on Princes, and Battle Rams.

If you don’t have The Log, then use Zap it is your best replacement.

Goblin Gang: Your mixed defensive and offensive card, Goblin Gang is really popular because of how strong it is. It deals a ton of damage and even has a little of air defense with the Spear Goblins. They can be easily used on offense after defending by dropping a Hog Rider in front, and they deal more damage on a one for one basis compared to Skeletons, and the Stab Goblins are resistant to Zap making them much stronger for survival.


Never place the Goblin Gang and Skeleton Army in the same place or either one with the Princess, it’s asking to give your opponent amazing value if they Log it.

Princess: Final card, your siege card, and splash damage. Princess has what the Ice Wizard doesn’t. She can deal a good chunk of damage making her perfect for wiping out swarms if your Log is not in rotation, or Minions are coming.

She is fairly squishy and as a result you want to play her in the opposite lane that your opponent is pushing to make sure that they don’t get more spell value.

General Game Plan:

A good start is a Princess in the back. If you don’t have her in the starting hand, then a lone Hog Rider. If you are unlucky, you might be forced to split your Goblin Gang and then split your Skeleton Army before you can get to one of the core cards in the deck (Princess, Ice Wizard, Hog Rider).

Pay attention to how they defend against your Hog Rider, so that you can a counter lined up next time you play the Hog Rider. Keep making positive elixir trades.

Use Tornado to activate the King Tower if they Miner or Hog Rider your Arena Tower. If they use Lava Hound, Then place a Princess in the other lane, and Ice Wizard to defend. Tornado to the center to give yourself more time. If needed, you might have to Lightning to prevent any Balloon damage on the tower.

Keep making pushes and using Princess t pressure them.

Don’t let someone build up a big push, keep the pressure up on them. Use your defense and counter push with it.

Make a strong defense but don’t overcommit on defense. The biggest problems you can make are over committing with this deck. It can cost you as  you have to be able to defend with swarmy troops. Don’t dump them all in one place and watch a Log or Arrows wipe them out. Spread your defenses so they can’t get much value for their spells.

Keep making small pushes with your Hog Rider, and if you can wipe out at least 5 elixir worth of troops with Lightning and hit the tower then do it. You can slowly whittle it down to zero this way.

Once you hit double elixir, you can start pushing more, and if they start to ignore your Princesses, then they can stack up all over the arena.

Lightning anything of value, and keep throwing your Hog at their tower.

Make sure you have a good rotation, and whenever using your swarm troops to defend, make sure you surround the troops, especially against splash damage cards.

Once you bring the tower down to 500, then you should be able to cycle Log and Lightning for the win!


Hog: Keep their Hog off your tower, activate it with Tornado, and keep using Tornado to pull it to the kill zone and it should die off easily. Use Log to wipe out any Ice Spirits, and Goblins sent in behind.

3 Musketeers: Lightning, wipes out two and hits the tower, the other Musketeer shouldn’t be too big a hassle.

Beatdown: Don’t let them keep pumping, and make sure you have the pressure on them, don’t let them build a big push.

Lava Hound: This deck actually stops LavaLoon pretty well. Princess other lane, Ice Wizard to slow, and use Tornado to pull everything into the radius of the Ice Wizard shards and Princess Arrows. Lightning if needed (Rarely is Lightning needed). Spear Goblins in the Goblin Gang can be used to do a bit of cleanup.

Royal Giant: You have 3 hard counters. Skeleton Army, Goblin Gang, and Ice Wizard. Ice Wizard slows down the Royal Giant shots by a tremendous amount. The swarms cut through him.

Elite Barbarians: Goblin Gang or Skeleton Army, if they have Zap, make sure you have both in rotation, don’t drop them in the same place. Add Ice Wizard if needed.


  • Don’t place your troops next each other, no reason to give your opponent more value for his spells.
  • Lightning is a very strong card, but can set you back a ton if played wrong. You want to make sure you wipe out at least 4-5 elixir worth of troops with each use while hitting the tower.
  • Activate your King Tower as soon as possible! And make sure you use your Tornado! It is super useful in this deck.
  • Surround enemy splash units, that way you can kill them off before they can target your tower, and the troops attacking the tank.

That’s it for this guide guys! Hope you enjoyed and I hope this deck gets you a lot of wins and trophies! Until next time!