Graveyard Hut – The Superb Off-Meta Deck

Hey guys, my name is YoloSwagBoss321, coming at you with an interesting deck with Graveyard and Barbarian Hut Deck.

Barbarian Hut is pretty much the most underused card in the game next to Clone, but I honestly think it deserves way more love and usage (will get into that later in the guide).

This is my first time doing a Clash Royale Arena guide, so I hope I could be able to meet your expectations.

Without any further ado, let’s get right into the deck!

Graveyard Hut Deck for Arena 8+

Clash Royale Barbarian HutClash Royale GraveyardClash Royale KnightClash Royale Archers
Clash Royale Electro WizardClash Royale The LogClash Royale SkeletonClash Royale Poison

Continuous pressureWeak to 3M
Strong buildupWeak to LavaLoon
Can be used as a fast deckAwkward Hands

Now, I’m sorry that this deck has Electro Wizard, but I have some good news: it is NOT a staple of this deck. Musketeer would work just as well, if not better, than Electro Wizard. So fret not ftp players, a Musketeer will do just fine.

Cards Breakdown

Barbarian Hut: This card is used in different ways against different decks.

  • Against Hog decks, you want to put your barb Hut 3 tiles from the river (pulls the Hog even from a pig push).
  • Against a Giant deck, put it in the same lane as the Giant so the barbs can clump.
  • Against Royal GG, use it reactively.
  • Against Lava Hound, keep on applying pressure to the opposite lane.
  • For Three Musketeers, there is not really a designated way, just put it in the safest position, four tiles from the river (not if they are using Hog three muskets. Then put it three tiles from the river).

In conclusion, Barbarian Hut is used to apply pressure, or go on a “counter push” (with the barbs and the support troops).

Graveyard – Your main win condition. This card is unbelievably strong when used correctly. Use it only when tanked with by a Knight, barb, or Electro Wizard. If there are Archers coming down the lane (for you) then Graveyard to tank for the Archers and Poison.

Poison – Insurance for damage from the Graveyard. Clears most of the Graveyard counters except Valkyrie (unpopular in the current meta). Use on defense against overleveled Minion Hordes ( D; ).

Log – Mostly used on defense for buying time, but can be used for predictions.

Archers – Main defensive card, used for going on a counter push with a Knight or barbs.

Knight – Your primary tank for Graveyard. A monster on defense and a durable tank on offense. Nothing much more to say about this beast of a card.

Skeletons – Used mainly for distraction in this deck. Cycle it sparingly, not wastefully (need it on defense vs e barbs and other tanks).


Electro Wizard – Mostly used on defense and turned into a counterpush. Destroys all swarms and is a well rounded defensive card.

Musketeer – Use her range to snipe other lanes and go for the counter push.

General Gameplan

Offense and Defense

Use the Barbarian Hut to apply pressure. The Knight is used to tank only when you have an Elixir advantage. Otherwise, use the Barbs.

Try to get the Barb Hut out first. If not, then cycling Skeletons and splitting Archers aren’t bad plays either.

Try not to play Knight or e wiz in the back. Just wait for your opponent if you can’t make any of these plays. Throughout the game, just whittle away their towers and make absolutely sure that you use the barb Hut’s MASSIVE health pool and it’s DPS to help protect your towers from tanks and Mini tanks. Use Skeletons to pull and Knight to tank while your Archers, e wiz/ Musketeer, and Tower all go to town.

Popular Matchups

Bait – Get the value of Poisons on offense and use Log on defense. Practice the E-wiz timing to hit all three Goblins in the Goblin Barrel.

Lavaloon – Use the Barb Hut to pressure, as said above and use Electro Wizard and Archers on defense. Poison if needed. Make sure the Barb Hut pulls the Balloon, but not the Hound (if both are pulled, drop an E-wiz and Poison, plus Archers when the Balloon overtakes the hound to attack the defense).

3M – Poison and Log to kill one side, and E-Wiz or Knight the other. Even Skeletons would work if the one Musketeer is not supported.

Miner Control – Worry about the main Graveyard push and defend the Miner with Knight. It won’t be that big of a deal unless they get the Elixir advantage. In which case you have to even it out by investing in Barb Hut and defending well.

Hog Control – Get value of Poisons on offense and use Barb Hut so they can never get damage through.

Siege – Again, Barb Hut to tank the siege unit. Use E-Wiz or Archers to quickly snipe it.

Giant – Place barb Hut in the same lane as the Giant and deal with support by using Knight, e wiz, and Poison. Kill the Giant using one Elixir Skeletons or Archers and the Barbs from the Hut.

Royal Giant – Place barb Hut reactively and deal with support by using Poison, E-wiz, Knight, Skeletons, etc. Shred the Royal Giant with Archers and counter push with the Barbs, the Archers, and/or the Knight.

Spawner? (very rare. almost unseen) – Graveyard Poison the same lane as the spawner. Make ABSOLUTELY sure that there is a tank.


Thank you for reading this deck guide. I really hope I get to know all of the people in the CRA community.

I really hope you enjoyed this deck guide, and I will see you in the next guide!