Giant Skeleton X-Bow Deck! Want To Try Something New?

Greetings everyone, this is hopelessCR sharing with you guys a very strange X-Bow Deck I made that is super strong in the meta, yet slightly off meta at the same time.

Innnnntroooooduuuuucinnnnng my Giant skeleton X-Bow Deck! Yes, you read that correctly, Giant skeleton and X-Bow.

This is more of a challenge Deck than a ladder Deck because it can take well into overtime to take a Tower in some matchups.

x bow

Giant Skeleton X-Bow Siege Deck

Clash Royale X-BowClash Royale Giant SkeletonClash Royale ExecutionerClash Royale Tornado
Clash Royale SkeletonClash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale The LogClash Royale fireball

Cards Breakdown

X-Bow: This is your win condition.

Make sure to not be aggressive with it and if you know you can’t defend it or are unsure don’t place it.

Generally you want to place it one tile away from the bridge, barely in range of their Tower, so that you can place troops in front of it if needed.

If needed you can place the X-Bow defensively in 4/2, 4/3, and 5/2 plants, which especially useful when you have already taken a Tower or put one into spell range and just need to defend.

Giant Skeleton: This card is NOT the win condition. Do not do beatdown pushes with it.

This is one of your main defensive troops and one of your two main X-Bow supports.

Generally I either use it defensively and then counter push with X-Bow or I place it in the back and then place the X-Bow a bit before the skeleton gets to the bridge.

He is an amazing X-Bow support because he tanks against everything and, when he dies, you can Tornado everything they were using to counter your push to the bomb and kill it all, allowing your X-Bow to demolish their Tower.

Executioner: This is your main defensive card, especially against air units and massive pushes.

Executioner and Tornado can easily shut down massive pushes, and if needed you can pair him with Giant skeleton, Skeletons, and/or Ice Spirit.

Just like the Giant skeleton, you can counter push with X-Bow. You can Tornado all of their defensive troops against your X-Bow together and he’ll generally take them out.

Never play him in the back with the only purpose being to build up an X-Bow push.

Ice Spirit: This is one of your two cycle cards. This card is amazing for positive Elixir trades.

It is very useful for retargeting troops and Inferno Towers. It is so annoying getting your X-Bow countered with just an Inferno Tower or Inferno Dragon, and this card, along with Skeletons, will help insure that never happens.

Skeletons: This is one of your two cycle cards, and can also be used to gain tons of value through positive Elixir trades.

Even with the nerf you can counter so much with them or assist other cards with countering stuff.

Log: Log is debatably the best spell in the game, even with the nerf. It can just get so much value, and even clip their Tower.

It’s also great for when your opponent tries to counter your X-Bow with Goblin Gang or Skeleton Army and you don’t have Executioner defending it (you may want to use it even if you have Giant skeleton defending it as you want them to spend more Elixir defending your push for more Giant skeleton value)

Fireball: This is your higher damage spell which can be used to finish off your opponent’s Tower, take out pumps, clip the Tower and hit a support troop, etc etc.

This card can also be used to defend your X-Bow, and can also be paired with Tornado.

Tornado: Tornado is probably the most important card in this Deck. It synergies with many cards in the Deck (Fireball, Executioner, Giant skeleton) and is so important for both offense and defense.

You can also activate your king Tower, which will be crucial versus Miner control decks and Hog decks.


General Gameplan

3:00 – 1:00:

At the start of the match, you want to play passively.

Generally you shouldn’t make the first move unless you have cycle cards, and then I generally cycle and wait. You want to play very passively with this Deck because if you lose a Tower you pretty much just lose the match.

If they do start off with a big tank in the back, depending on what tank you will want to X-Bow push the same or opposite lane if you have it in hand (Lava Hound, push same lane, anything else, opposite).

Once you know what they are playing you can start building up and doing X-Bow pushes.

Generally you will only use one of your two main X-Bow supports, Giant skeleton and Executioner, during this time.

Double Elixir:

This Deck is a bit better in Double Elixir because it allows you to use both Executioner and Giant skeleton in defending your X-Bow if needed. It also means your opponent can throw more at you, but Giant skeleton and Executioner are both good at clearing up large amounts of stuff.


Golem: This is actually a very easy matchup, even Golem Night Witch.

You have several options if they play a Golem in the back.

You can immediately play an X-Bow in the opposite lane to force them to spend Elixir to defend against it and then just defend with Executioner and cycle cards or Giant skeleton or you can plant a defensive X-Bow (4/3 plant) and wait until it crosses the bridge and exenado it and its supports.

If it’s the first Golem and they couldn’t really support it with anything you can just pull it to your king Tower to activate it and use Skeletons to minimize king Tower damage. Make sure to not give them Lightning value with your support troops.

Also make sure to Fireball their pumps unless they are using some weird Deck with Three Musketeers and Golem.

Three Musketeers: This is a very hard matchup and if you misplay a Fireball you will probably lose the game. Always save your Fireball for their Three Musketeers.

Since you can’t Fireball their pumps you can always punish them with your X-Bow every time they place one.

Hog: This matchup can be either easy or fairly difficult.

If they have Lightning it can be difficult because you can give them value with your X-Bow by using Executioner with it, so you will generally only want to use Giant skeleton with it.

You will always want to activate your Kings Tower so you can Tornado it into the center.

At times you may want to save your Tornado for offence by countering with something else or placing your X-Bow in range of hitting their Tower when a Hog is incoming and freezing it with Ice Spirit while your supports take it out with the Tower.

Graveyard: This matchup is moderately difficult.

You will want to not give them Poison value and pull their tank and supports away with Tornado and have your Executioner take them out while defending the Graveyard with Skeletons, Ice Spirit, and Log.

You can also use Giant Skeleton, but that is fairly expensive, but then you can counter push.

Lava Hound: This matchup is generally fairly easy.

Exenado wrecks pretty much any Lava Hound push, just watch out for Miner if they aren’t playing Lava Balloon.

Use Skeletons to protect your Executioner from the Miner, and Ice Spirit if needed.

You can punish them whenever they play  a Lava Hound by immediately X-Bow pushing in the same lane.

Siege: This can be easy or difficult.

You generally want to counter with Giant skeleton and push in the same lane with an X-Bow

If they counter your Giant skeleton with swarm cards you can either combo it with Log or use Executioner instead.