Golem Lumberjack Beatdown – The Meta Crusher

Hey guys its Giant Poison FTW and today I am going to show you the Golem Lumberjack deck that pushed me from 3300 to 3700 in just a matter of days (10 straight wins).

Golem is extremely strong right now (Goison hasn’t been working so well lately) and many a time you build up one or two unstoppable pushes to easily take towers.

Lets get into it!

Golem Lumberjack Beatdown

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Golem Lumberjack Beatdown

*Note, substitutions are not as effective as originals

Cards Breakdown

Golem: Golem is the beefiest tank in Clash Royale. Because of its eight Elixir cost, make sure you only play it when you have at least one Elixir Collector down or you are in double Elixir.

Almost always, you will build up a strong push by starting a Golem in the back so you have time to regain Elixir and support your Golem. Many times It is the support units behind the Golem that do the most damage, not just the Golem itself.

Replacement: None

Lightning: Lightning is an essential in most Golem decks. It allows you to make huge positive Elixir trades and take out the Golem’s worst enemy: Inferno Tower.

It is important to try to get the defensive building, a defensive troop like Electro Wizard and the Tower when playing Lighting in order to gain the best value. Use it also to take out Three Musketeers, Elixir Collector, and to finish off towers.

I like to save the Lightning to be paired with my Golem, but you can clip the Tower along with hitting a 5+ Elixir troop.

Replacements: E wiz (not recommended)

Lumberjack: Lumberjack’s massive DPS, his speed, and his Rage effect help alot if complement the Golem so well. He is also excellent at dealing with glass cannons and Hog Rider, and geting some chip damage.

In double Elixir, I like to pair him with the Golem and either Mega Minion or Baby Dragon in order to give the Golem and support troops the Rage effect so they can deal a ton of more damage.

Replacement: Mini P.E.K.K.A (it has no Rage spell which is very important to this deck so its not recommended)

Mega Minion: This is your primary anti air defender and can take out Balloon, glass cannons, Lava Hound, and works as a great support troop.

A simple push with Golem + Mega Minion can deal enough damage to take out a Tower with ease.

Replacement: Musketeer, Electro Wizard

Baby Dragon: Baby Dragon has made a huge comeback in the meta and pairs extremely well with the Golem. Its tankiness and air splash defense are vital to the success of this Golem deck.

He is currently one of the best support troops in the game and should be used to support the Golem due to the attack range and slow movement speed.

Replacement: Wizard or Executioner

Arrows: This spell takes out swarms, protecing your Golem Lumberjack push. This spell is so versatile and is great in the fact that it can take out Minions and ground swarms.

Replacement: Zap/Log/Fireball


Elixir Collector: Elixir Collector is extremely vital to the deck. Because this deck has a heavy cost of 4.4, the Collector is necessary to build up a Golem push before double Elixir.

Replacement: None

Skeletons: For only one Elixir this card can do so many things. It can cycle, take out class cannons by surrounding them, kiting and help stop a tank such as P.E.K.K.A or Giant. It can also singlehandedly limit a Hog to only two hits.

Replacement: Goblins

General Gameplay

Normal Elixir Time:

If you have a Collector in your starting hand, wait till you get to ten Elixir and then place it down. This is important because you need Elixir to build up your pushes later on.

While using this deck, taking some damage is totally okay. Or even losing a Tower before x2 Elixir time is very normal because you are going to crush the opponent in the last 1 minute!

With such a heavy deck, you need to take some damage so you have the maximum amount of Elixir to make a large push.

For example, if I am getting ready to make a big push and a halk health musky or Wizard comes, I will take the damage of the two shots, or the two Hog swings, but then respond with a push that takes their Tower.

Single Elixir Pushes:

  1. Golem + Baby Dragon + Mega Minion (Collector required): This simple push can usually take down about half a Tower. Place a Golem in the back and then build up to ten Elixir then add Baby Dragon and Mega Minion to support it. The Golem will tank for the units and they can deal massive damage. Only do this push if they don’t have Inferno Tower or Inferno Dragon, or your sure you have outcycled them.
  2. Golem + Lighting + Baby Dragon/Mega Minion + Arrows (if needed): (COLLECTOR REQUIRED) This is probably the largest push you will be able to do in single Elixir time. Start a Golem in the back and then build up ten Elixir. Add in a Baby Dragon or Mega Minion, and then be ready to Lighting the building, medium health troop, and building for a massive Elixir trade and have nothing in the way to stop your push. This push can sometimes take a Tower or deal massive damage to it.

Double Elixir:

This deck is unstoppable during the x2 Elixir time! At around 1:15, I like to place down a Elixir Collector so I have loads of Elixir during double Elixir time.

Golem + Lumberjack + Baby Dragon + Lightning: This push almost always takes a Tower as it is very difficult to stop. Start a Golem in the back and then build up to 10 Elixir, which should happen quite fast. Add in Baby Dragon, and then when the Golem reaches the bridge, add the Lumberjack. This speeds the Golem up, and have Lightning ready for the push/defenses. Your Lumberjack and Golem should deal massive damage and take the Tower.

If you want to take a second Tower and the opponent doesn’t have Inferno Tower of Dragon, you can put a Golem in the middle of their side and then a Lumberjack at the bridge. The opponent won’t have time to decide what to react to and can result in huge damage.


This deck’s defense is relatively week, as it is meant to take some damage but then devastate the opponent with two or three unstoppable pushes that usually give you 1 or two towers easily.

Hog Log Bait: Win rate: 75%

You should be fine against this deck. You might take some Hog damage at the beginning, but that is ok. You have Lumberjack and Mega Minion to deal with the Hog and its support troops, along with Skeletons. In the end, you will be able to overwhelm them with one or two massive pushes with Golem, and you have Arrows and Baby Dragon to deal with the swarms.

Lavaloon: Win Rate: 20%

Lavaloon is one of this decks few weaknesses. Use Mega Minion on the Balloon and Lavahound, along with Baby Dragon, but the best thing to do is to actually try to three crown them with one massive push and ignore the Tower they take. Or, you can play for the draw.

Giant Beatdown: Win rate: 60%

The bigger tank usually wins. Against Giant beatdown, match their Giant push with your Golem push. Your push should win as you have a much heavier tank and you will be able to take a Tower.

Miner Poison: Winrate 80%

This deck destroys Miner Poison as the defense can easily be crushed by lighting and you can usually take two towers. Building up two to three massive pushes, which is quite easy with this deck usually can give you a two crown victory.

Graveyard: Winrate: 50%

You have two decent counters to Graveyard in Lumberjack and baby drag + skellies, but you will usually need to take two towers to win, because Graveyard decks can usually only take one Tower.

This deck is a really good deck for pushing! Enjoy!!