Golem Graveyard Deck Is Back! Stronger Than Ever!

After the uprising of the swarm conspirators, many thought that Oblivious, the Golem who never felt pain, had tanked its last bullet unceremoniously by a Musketeer.

golem graveyard

Golem Graveyard

Undetected to the whole kingdom, Oblivious had been merged with a cave in stasis until someone could fulfill their destiny. The Night Witch was absorbing bats to save for fights, when she noticed a slumbering presence. Oblivious’s life force was still there, but wasn’t active. Night Witch was banned explicitly from Necromancy due to abuse of the power, but did not care. Oblivious was reactivated. With the swarm conspirators being reduced to a small village rather than a worldwide organization, a new terror could reign. One that fought for the kingdom, but with a different purpose. A team strong enough to overthrow the now tyrannic King while retaining the army that made the kingdom so strong in the first place. Also, Ice Spirit got the boot. Not good enough.

Yes, only one card has changed but it’s been since January and the game has changed a lot. Mostly in favor of this deck, actually. So here is my rehashed guide for Oblivious, the Golem.

Personal Introduction

Hello! I am Siddmaster. I’ve always loved making me some deck guides for the community to enjoy. I’ve called this deck my baby before.

I’ve also posted this in other places, but I wanted to post it here as well to ensure it gets to as many people as possible.

It’s that special to me compared to any other deck I’ve made.

Hopefully you will enjoy my style and guide!


In November, when I made this deck originally, I saw the King’s Cup meta and thought, “this is the first meta I actually like to use… but, I can make this better”.

Now there were a few decks used at the time, which are pretty standard even now, but the one I based this off of was a certain Golem Lightning deck.

But, you know, Rocket is like, the best spell in the game. I knew that before people were using Rocket. It was a surprise card.

But the real X-Factor is the Graveyard that I had just unlocked, luckily near its launch. Nobody used Golem Gravy, or at least not in the spotlight. Also, Archers got bopped and switched for Bomber because Bomber is way better practically.

And all was well.

…until, of course, Night Witch was released, and showed herself in my shop.

Now, from the moment she was revealed, I thought she was the coolest card. What other card can do these things? It’s amazing and amazingly overpowered for what I want her to do.

So I broke my one shop rule, and bought two copies from the gold from the gold challenge (thanks Supercell for that perfect timing!).

Ice Spirit, again, was booted, because of meta changes, and just the fact that no other card could be kicked out without hurting me badly.


So you may just want a list of the deck. Your wish is granted! I’ll include my levels along with my PB: 4782

Clash Royale GolemClash Royale Night WitchClash Royale GraveyardClash Royale Rocket
Clash Royale Baby DragonClash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale BomberClash Royale Skeleton Army

Golem (6), Night Witch (2), Graveyard (2), Baby Dragon (5), Skeleton Army (6), Rocket (8), Mega Minion (9), Bomber (12)


Difficulty: 8/10 (difficult!): You have to know this deck extremely well to make it work. At some times you will have to utilize extreme troop pathing to make it through an assault. But, when you do master the deck, it does work very well.

Defense: 7/10: Just because you’re sacrificing a lot of your tower health on purpose doesn’t mean you can’t defend in a pitch! Skarmy, Mega Minion, Baby Dragon and Bomber will lend a hand in those tight situations. Rocket as well.

Offense: 7/10: Some cards will catch you off guard, and your pushes will be stopped in face of an unanticipated counter. When your pushes are countered, it is devestating because these pushes can grow 15+ elixir very easily, even before overtime. But, when you obtain the momentum, there is sometimes nothing your opponent can do to stop a three crown.

Surprise Factor: 6/10: Most people are not expecting this style of deck, but Golem+Night Witch has become so popular recently that the deck is no longer as surprising as it once was.

Cyclability: 3/10: The lowest cost card in this card is 3, making the fastest possible cycle 13 elixir long. If you want time values, this fastest cycle (starting from zero elixir) lasts for 36.4 seconds, or 18.2 seconds in double elixir time. Though it plays faster than it looks like from these numbers.

Individual Cards

Clash Royale GolemGolem: Bread and butter of this deck. Irreplacible.

Giant is too fragile. Giant Skeleton is too expensive. PEKKA gets distracted way too easily. Executioner shreds Lavahound. Hog Rider is too fast. Same with Ram. Miner won’t fit a heavy deck. Golem is literally perfect.

Explosion and Golemites ensure that a push lasts long enough to always deal damage.

Clash Royale Night WitchNight Witch: The perfect defense, the perfect offense.

She is the purely best card for a Golem deck. Hard counter to Ram. Bats to stall any defenders on a push.

Clash Royale GraveyardGraveyard: Surprise! The push isn’t over.

Use either at the very beginning of the tower targeting your tank, or at the tail end when the opponent is exhausted.

A real threat when you have momentum going.

Clash Royale Baby DragonBaby Dragon: The Baby Dragon finds its niche in a Golem deck. No other decks can use the Baby Dragon in this meta as effectively as a Golem deck.

Clears out swarms, and is moderately tanky to deal with offensive and defensive threats.

Can be paired with Graveyard/Bomber when in an extreme need for a push.

Baby Dragon+Mega Minion is surprisingly effective if you can’t use anything else.

Clash Royale Skeleton ArmySkeleton Army: The Skeleton Army (henceforth referred to as Skarmy) is not your only defense.

No, everyone has been using this card wrong. Only use Skarmy if one of these conditions have been met:

  1. You have enough elixir to keep defending if they get Zapped
  2. If you know their cycle well enough to know their Skarmy counter is out of hand
  3. If you’re counting their elixir and they have zero because of overextension
  4. If you are in extreme need of the card, or can bait out a Log in the wrong spot; maybe Elite Barbarians are at your tower in the last 2 second of the game and you’re low on lix.

Those are all scenarios that Skarmy is acceptably used in. In the right hands, Skarmy is a great pressure card on defense, but in the wrong hands, the card is a waste of space.

Clash Royale RocketRocket: The best spell in the game has to chat with you! Or, at least the best spell for this specific deck and playstyle.

Rocketing huge, overextending pushes, such as Hog-EB, Rocketing Pumps, Rocketing 3 Musketeers, and even more, Rocket is always a comforting card to have in hand.

Sure, maybe it will sit in your hand a bit, but when you need it, the Rocket will always pull through.

Clash Royale Mega MinionMega Minion: A great defensive beast!

Mega Minion is one of the most economic defensive options available, because of the necessity of dealing with it when it comes towards the opponent’s tower, because it can deal two hits alone (when on equivalent level with the tower).

Defending a Hog push puts you can either give you a 3+ elixir advantage, or a +1 with two hits on the opponent’s tower.

Minions have never been such pushovers with this three elixir card.

Baby Dragon tries to defend against something? Forget about it, Mega Minion will erase memory of it existing.

Amazing card to fit into this deck.

Clash Royale BomberBomber: One of the best cards in the game, for certain.

Clears out swarms without even thinking about it. Probably because he has no brain.

Clears out Elite Barbarians with minimal damage. Decimates Barbarians. Lumberjack no more!

The Bomber needs to be saves for when he matters most, though, or else he’ll be killed before even doing anything. So sad.

General Gameplan

This is not a deck for those who want to be with the crowd. Or play like a normal person. This is a weird deck, not a fundamentals deck but you need to have fundamental skills to play it. Be prepared to make some painful plays.

If you don’t read any of the rest of this thread, read this: every push is a game of chess with this deck. What are their patterns? Use everything with a plan and a reason, unless it’s the first moves of the game. You will then have success with this deck.


Your optimal starting hand will be Golem, Bomber, Baby Dragon, Rocket, with Mega Minion up next.

This ensures you’ll be able to counter almost anything possible from the opponent.

Summon Golem as quickly as possible (when at 10 elixir, of course). This is a horrible idea on paper, but as some of my FAS clanmates would tell you, it’s not a horrible idea.

Now, you want your opponent to be pushing on the same side as you, best case scenario with EBs or Hog. Other tanks also really work out. Why? So you can defend with your support, which then walk behind the Golem you’ve already placed. Bomber can deal with EBs, then wreck some Skeletons. It’s all about the smart plays. Look at each scenario, and determine if each is worth it for the push.

If they don’t rush you with EBs, Hog, or Giant+support, they are likely playing a tank. If they play a tank, Night Witch if she’s in hand. This play will give you tons of bats to wipe out your opponent’s tank before they ever reach your tower, and then the bats go on to support your Golem.

If they rush the other side right after you just invested in your Golem, minimize damage while also minimizing the elixir spent. Bomber could wipe out EBs. If your tower is under, say, 500 health, don’t even bother, and just use your Bomber on your side of the King’s Tower. This way, you can wipe out the cards from your side, and still have the support, and hopefully trade towers. This is a comeback strategy for the most part, but could also help just gain momentum early.

If you don’t have Golem in hand at the start, or your opponent rushes before you place it, just react to the situation. The most safe first moves when nothing is going on are Mega Minion or Bomber. If they place a tank in the back, Baby Dragon+Graveyard on the side of their tank will catch them off guard sometimes, and maybe even kill their tank on their side of the river. Sometimes risky moves do indeed pay off! Just be smart about it.

During double elixir time, your main goal is to get a tower and rush towards a second tower, optimally in the same push. You can target the King’s Tower, or the second Arena Tower depending on the situation. If a Golem or Baby Dragon is tanking, you can place a Skeleton Army in the hole, acting as a splitting, immediate Graveyard for only three elixir, making for a nice surprise threat for the opponent to deal with.

Surprisingly enough, this deck is very spellbaity. Baiting Fireball/Lightning/Rocket is my favorite tactic, just because there is so much that can be targeted by those spells that your opponent may not be able to keep up once there are supports in different positions. Be sure to know your deck and your opponent’s to optimize spellbaiting.


There are some big threats to this deck, but with knowledge and some willpower (some would call it elbow grease), you can overcome them.

Clash Royale TornadoExenado Based Decks

Exenado is a terrifying strategy with a deck that contains so much support, especially Night Witch.

Your best ways to deal with this defensive strategy and decks built around it are the Mega Minion, or Rocket if the Executioner is near the Arena/King’s tower.

Another way to deal with it once your opponent catches on is spellbaiting. You can place one/two supports behind your Golem, and immediately they will Tornado. You can then place a third support to deal with Executioner, then move on to the tower.

Clash Royale KnightKnight/Archers/Skeleton/Inferno Defensive Decks

This is one of the most terrifying threats to a Golem deck

Your best plan is to try to get in with Graveyard. They don’t have too many counters to this, and even if the Inferno Tower splits your Golem into Golemites, they can tank for the Skeletons.

Bomber and Mega Minion are also invaluable DPS.

Clash Royale BalloonBalloon Based Decks

Balloon is terrifying mainly because you don’t have heavy air splash aside from Rocket.

Mega Minion needs to be used only in the right moment, and Rocket needs to connect on a big push to make a good trade.

Build up to making a huge push to where your opponent can’t defend- because let’s face it, most Balloon decks crumble defensively due to the extreme need to support a Loon to do damage.

Clash Royale GraveyardGraveyard Based Decks

Graveyard can catch you off guard, but if you’re prepared to defend against it, you should have no worries. Bomber and Baby Dragon do very well against Graveyard on its own, and maybe an emergency Skarmy.

If they already have a tower down, be very aware for a surprise pocket Knight, and kill it immediately upon spawning so your towers can mow down the inevitable Graveyard.

Clash Royale Night WitchNight Witch Defense/Based Decks

Night Witch is a pushover in the wrong hands, but in the right hands can lead to a very scary situation for your Golem. Baby Dragon and Mega Minion are basically necessities to counter her. Don’t let her build up Bats, and you should be fine.

Clash Royale Three Musketeers3 Musketeers Bridge Spam

Normal Bridge Spam is easy enough to counter, just a case of Night Witching the Ram and shredding the Barbarians, maybe placing a Skarmy to counter an incoming Bandit. Very easy.

Three Musketeers, though, complicates the situation.

Three Musketeers decks usually carry Pump to bait Fireballs and Rockets, so you have to make the difficult decision to either give them a +2 or give them an unstoppable push. Bomber is a necessity, and Skarmy is actually needed for once to counter something.

Try to build an unstoppable push, and then splash the defensive Three Musketeers with Bomber+Baby Dragon, or Rocket.

Clash Royale P.E.K.K.APEKKA decks

PEKKA is laughable unless they have other Golem threats with her. Night Witch along with your other support will shred a PEKKA. Push the same lane and watch her down very quickly, and then their tower.

Clash Royale Minion HordeMinion Horde

Keep Baby Dragon on hand or use your Golem to tank shots for your Mega Minion to kill them. Play safely around them, or else they’ll take all momentum away from you.

Clash Royale Clone SpellClone

If it surprises you, your first tower may be down. Use your Baby Dragon and Bomber to not let Clones overrun you.

Clash Royale SparkySparky

Sparky isn’t normally a threat, but if you are unfortunate enough to face one on a higher level than your Rocket… and you have a push going on, she may pose a threat. Graveyard counters her on offense, and air spam or Skarmy counters her on defense.

Other Matchups

Clash Royale Hog RiderHog/EB (or both)

Really a simple plan. Push the lane they want. Don’t be afraid of a little tower damage, but don’t let your tower die in the first ten seconds. Counter push. Two or three crown them optimally. This deck destroys Hog and EB.

Clash Royale Royal GiantRG (+EB, Hog, etc.)

RG is the easiest deck to play against

His pushes are slow, and his support is always very vulnerable to your splash troops… which support your Golem… and you can also kill RG at the same time because they’re in the same place. Which go on to support your Golem… Safe to say there’s not much RG can do against you, unless they’re the best players in the game.

Just Baby Dragon/Mega Minion the Minions/Baby or Inferno Dragon, Bomber and Knight; Bomber their Archers. All the while killing their RG. When your Golem is slowly walking towards their tower. GG EZ.

Clash Royale Lava HoundLava Hound

Good pure Hound decks aren’t too common, but can be a pain to deal with if they’re really good at them.

As with Loon, save your air defense cards for their push’s support, and Lava Hound is super fragile.

Not much to this one, play your cards right and you’ll be good.

Clash Royale MinerMiner Cycle

Miner is laughable in the face of Golem. You can always either defend or ignore their pushes, and just destroy them before they have the time to realize they messed up.

Ignore a lone Miner if your tower is above 1/4 health, his damage isn’t worth an equal trade; or worse, if they Zaps Skarmy, they can minimize his loss to a -2 instead of -3. If they send Minions, GG, etc., Mega Minion or Bomber. This way you’ll always be at an advantage without losing your tower.

Clash Royale GiantGiant/GSkeleton

All giant decks are different, but there is one constant: Giant/GSkeleton get shredded by Night Witch when she’s protected by another card from his support.

Abuse this on defense and counter push. If you can avoid the GSkeleton’s bomb, that is.


  • Baby Dragon can easily take out waves of Fire Spirits, Goblins, Spear Goblins, Skeleton Army, Minions, and Bats. Use this to your advantage.
  • Sometimes, your opponent will put a troop in an ill-advised place if you quickly rush with Baby Dragon+Graveyard. A Knight or Minions near the Arena Tower can easily be hurt, or die along with damage to the Arena Tower from the Baby Dragon.
  • There is no leveling order to this deck. Every card does need to be upgraded, though, because most of the cards in this deck rely on equal level interactions. Not saying it’s impossible; I beat level 13 RG and EB all the time, but it would really help to focus on this deck. That being said, the cards to prioritize before the rest are Bomber and Golem on Sundays.
  • Don’t worry about lagging out and having to reconnect. You’ll be playing at the same pace either way!
  • While this deck could be classified as slow paced, it is really aggressive. You have to make smart but aggressive plays to win.
  • I’ve always had a problem with Clash Royale not having as much individuality as it should. I hope people learning this style of play will give them a little more individuality as they play at their best.


I’ve loved this deck from the start. It’s special. It’s my baby. I feel other Golem decks have to work to take this one out, as well as a lot of the top meta decks. Considering I adore beatdown, this may well be the best deck I ever will create. Considering the unique playstyle, this deck may or may not be for you, but I hope you have learned from it either way!