Golem Bandit Beatdown Deck for Arena 9+

Hey Guys, Its Young Money here! I know its been a while since I last posted a deck, but I’ve recently been experimenting with new decks, as we have seen more cards added to the game.

The most recent of course, being the legendary Bandit. The meta currently is very confusing, but I have seen a lot of Electro Wizard decks, as well as the recurring zap bait decks. Right now, I am hovering around the 4200 mark, at level 10. In the last week, I’ve pushed from 3900 to now 4200 trophies with this strong deck.

Golem Bandit

Clash Royale GolemClash Royale BanditClash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale Zap
Clash Royale fireballClash Royale Baby DragonClash Royale elixir collectorClash Royale Mega Minion

Golem Bandit Beatdown Deck

Golem– The big, bad tank. It costs 8 elixir, and is a huge investment.

At tournament standard (LV. 4) it has 4256 hitpoints, which is INSANE! It is a beast! However, you have to utilize it in the right situations.

Don’t play this card unless you have at least 1 elixir pump down. If you don’t, one of your towers may be taken, due to a easy Elite Barb or Hog push.

Another reason, I use this card, is because when it explodes into the Golemites, it deals death damage, and can take out Minion Hordes, or Skeleton Armies.

I strongly recommend you take a look at this page to read all of the tips and strategies for the Golem.

Bandit– A very underused card, however if utilized in the right deck, can be very powerful. Since, the release, I’ve maybe only run into 5 bandit users, which is very surprising to me.

It only costs 3 elixir, which is always great, as you can cycle much easier. In addition, it deals a significant amount of damage, with its dash. I mainly use the Bandit a little behind my golem push, so it can charge up and dash.

Ice Spirit– Only 1 elixir, this card seems to be a very popular and strong card. The ability to slow down incoming troops by 1.5 seconds may not seem the best

However, if you take into account the cost, and how you can reset the Royale Giant, Sparky, or Inferno Dragon is incredible.

Zap– Although, there are constant nerfs to this card, it is evident that it is still a extremely OP card in the game. Similar, to the Ice Spirit it can reset lock on troops, and is vital when playing against zap bait decks.

Make sure to use this card wisely and in the right situation because if you do not, it may cost you.

Elixir Collector– Many people have strayed away from this card, with the recent nerfs.

The math may show, that you aren’t gaining elixir profit by playing this card, it actually benefits, because in the long run, it can help stack and build up your pushes, overwhelming the enemy.

Make sure, you place them in strategic locations.

For instance, don’t put them near a tower you have lost health from already, when you know they have Direct Damage. Also, similar to the Golem, don’t play this card unless you know the other cards you have at hand, can counter an enemy push.


Fireball– In my opinion, it is one of the best direct damage cards in the game, if not the best.

It doesn’t cost much elixir at all, and can almost take out Witches, Wizards, etc at tournament level.

This can be replaced by Lightning, however I use it because it keeps the overall cost of this deck lower.

Baby Dragon– It isn’t the most OP card in the game, neither is it the worst. It is mainly a support card, and that is the role in this deck.

Because my Golem pushes easily get countered by Skeleton Armies, Minion Hordes, etc, I use this splash damage card to take them out before they deal a significant amount of damage to my Golem.

Although, you might think replacing it with a wizard or witch is beneficial, the Baby Dragon is a flying unit, and won’t be attacked by Barbarians, or Skeleton Armies.

Mega Minion– This used to be known as the Meta Minion. It still could be referred to as this, but it has received nerfs in the past, that do not make it as strong.

Despite this, if placed in the right place, and at the right time, it can be very deadly.

If placed behind the Golem, and paired with the Baby Dragon it will serve as defense for the Golem, and once at the tower, it will pack a punch.


Lava Hound Decks– It is actually quite strong against these decks. I usually end up winning 75% of these battles. I usually just stack up on Mega Minions and Baby Dragons, to deal with the Lava Hound. Fireball can be used to take out any troops behind. However, since there is no defensive building in this deck, it is quite hard to beat LavaLoon Decks. Because the Mega Minion cannot always take out the Balloon behind, if they have support cards as well.

Hog Cycle Decks– These battles seem the hardest for me, but I continue to consistently win 90% of these battles. It may seem that since I only have the bandit for ground defense, it actually works quite well. You have to place it behind the tower the hog is approaching, so it can dash and deal a large amount of damage. Usually, my tower ends up being at 1000-1500 health on my tower, but in the last minute I can start up my Golem push, that he isn’t expecting, and either 3 star him, or tie (or rarely win with a two crown victory) in overtime.

Zap Bait Decks– These are probably the most common decks I come up against, and consistently win about 50% of these. This is the main weakness towards this deck, because the elixir difference. This deck’s average cost is 3.9, compared to cycle decks which are usually sub 3.3 elixir costs. The constant spam of Minion Hordes, Goblin Barrels, and Skeleton Armies is very tough to counter, especially because there is only one splash damage card in this deck (Baby Dragon). If they also have a miner, it is even harder, because they can keep taking out my elixir pumps, which makes starting a push even harder.


Overall, this deck is very strong, and doesn’t take too long to master. By the time this gets posted, the update will probably be dropping, which brings the Royale Giant Meta back into the game most likely.

This deck focuses on build up and patience. By the 1.5 minute mark in each game, I am not even mad that my towers are only at 1500 health, because I know I can easily 3 crown an opponent with this deck.

Focus on building up elixir and defending any push for the majority of the game. At the last minute, place your Golem when your opponent isn’t expecting it.

I usually end up winning with 3 stars, or 1 stars.

Thanks for staying with me, if you’ve made it this far!

I’ll probably be working on Royale Giant Decks, as well as counters when the new update drops if I get good support on this Deck Guide.

This is Young Money, signing out! Peace Guys.