Giant Miner Spitball Deck for Arena 7+

Hey guys! RSivak here, just wanted to show off this really cool Giant Miner Deck that I found a lot of top players using and I decided to give it a try and it has been working fantastic! It’s strong and counters a lot of things very well.

Clash Royale GiantClash Royale MinerClash Royale The LogClash Royale Zap
Clash Royale fireballClash Royale MinionsClash Royale MusketeerClash Royale Minion Horde

Cards Breakdown

Giant: Your primary win condition, get him to the tower and watch him pummel it down. Very tanky and pretty cheap for his stats. Drop him off in the back and support with Minions, Musketeer or Miner as needed, Zap, Fireball, Log any defense and watch him take down towers.

Miner: He’s just really good right now, but in this deck, he is more of a defense oriented card, that can be used for offense. Tanks Elite Barbarians for Minions or Musketeer to kill or he can knock out a Witch behind a Giant or Golem allowing your Minions, and Minion Horde to take out the tank without fear. He’s the jack of all trades in this deck he is offense combined with defense. If you don’t have him I suggest the Knight, as it can perform the same role, but with less mobility.

Zap: Standard spell, perfect for weakening Goblins and Minions, or shutting down Skeleton Armies, Fire Spirits or to reset charges on Inferno Towers, Inferno Dragons and Sparkies.

Fireball: Instant damage spell card, Knocks out Musketeers, Witches, Wizards, Barbarians to an inch of health making their support troops easy to kill. Perfect for finishing off a game or stopping an opponent’s push.

The Log: Goblin Barrel, Tombstone killer. This card is great for its knock back allowing more time on defense and when paired with Fireball, almost all of your opponent’s support troops will be wiped out. Usually for a positive elixir trade making your defense easier. Arrows if you don’t have The Log, but The Log gives more value as it costs less.

Musketeer: Purple haired sharpshooter, this card gives you great single target damage to pick off any pesky troops, does great damage when dropped behind the Giant. If you seem to be facing a lot of Lava Hound decks or decks with a lot of spell bait and swarm card, sub in the Wizard. He is just as good but a bit more expensive for the ability to deal splash damage.

Minions: 3 elixir cheap damage card, perfect for wiping out Mini P.E.K.K.A’s Valkyries, Knights, Musketeers from damaging your tower. Perfect combo of defense and offense.

Minion Horde: Your little surprise card, usually I wait to play this card as they might Fireball my Musketeer or Zap/Arrow my Minions giving me a chance to go all in with a Miner Minion Horde push to deal massive damage if they are caught off guard. Your strongest defense, it will shut down so many tanks so quickly and easily take out Lava Hounds, Golems, Giant Skeletons, Giants. While vulnerable to splash, that’s where your Miner comes in distracting long enough for you to wipe out the tank.


General Gameplan:

I usually like to start off with a Giant in the back if it’s in my hand. A Musketeer in the back also works. If you don’t have either, then a Miner Minion push is ok.

If you have a really bad starting hand, the three spells and Minion Horde, then I usually just wait for my opponent’s move, and play from there.

You want to be careful not to overextend early on as this deck is a little heavy and you could pay if they defend well.

You want to space out Musketeer and Minion placements to prevent too much value for your opponent’s spells.

Once you know their cards, you can start to bait out the spells and understand their cycle allowing you to drop Minions behind your Giant knowing that they lack splash units or spells right now or they have no elixir. This kind of mental attention is key because your entire Giant support could be easily wiped out with Fireball and Zap/Arrows.

Use Miner to tank for the Inferno, Zap if you need to reset it. Miner should be ready to defend and cut down any support units before they even reach your side of the Arena. Make sure you don’t EVER clump up your Minions as it just gives your opponent a massive elixir advantage if they counter it.


Lava Hound: This is a great match up, just drop off Minions on the Hound and watch it get destroyed, and if they Arrow it then drop off Minion Horde and prepare for a counter-push. Lava Loon is the same, just take out the Balloon first, and try to place the Minions to avoid Balloon death damage.

Spell Bait: You have three spells, they will have trouble even touching your tower. Save Fireball for Princess, so your Minions are safe and Log for Goblin Barrels. You should be able to wipe them out with your strong Giant, Musketeer, Minions push.

Beatdown: This is an interesting matchup. You have Minion Horde to deal massive dps and as long as you avoid the Death Damage from Golem or Giant Skeleton your troops should be fine. Giant decks get absolutely destroyed by the Minions so it shouldn’t be a problem, remember not to clump your defense it is vital you spread them out.

Elite Barbarians: Save Miner and Minions or Musketeer for defense,  usually your best shot at stopping them. These guys are way to strong in my opinions. Hopefully they get a nerf soon.


  • Pay attention to your opponent’s cycle and his counters to your Minions!
  • Use Wizard instead of Musketeer if you need more splash.
  • Careful on offense, don’t over commit with Minions/Minion Horde, they are high risk but high reward!
  • Make strong Miner plays to shut down supports and distract enemy troops giving you more time to kill.
  • If they Fireball or Arrow your Musketeer or Minions. A Giant/Minion Horde or a Miner Minion Horde is a good idea, they are unlikely to have a cheap counter!

That’s it for this guide guys. Hope you enjoyed it and hope this deck will grant you a lot of victories!