Easy-to-use Giant Graveyard Deck for Everyone!

Hey guys, it’s Megasweep again with a deck guide for y’all Graveyard players out there!

Been a while since I’ve written a guide, so today I want to share with you the strongest deck I have ever personally played! Note that this deck works in ladder (any Arena!), Challenges, and tournaments!

giant graveyard deck

Giant Graveyard Deck

Clash Royale GiantClash Royale GraveyardClash Royale BowlerClash Royale Mega Minion
Clash Royale Baby DragonClash Royale SkeletonClash Royale TornadoClash Royale Zap

Cards Breakdown

Giant- Your first win condition.

I tried Golem instead of Giant but it doesn’t work as well because using Golem is too risky while playing with Graveyard in my opinion. Giant is safer to use and is just as dangerous when played correctly.

Giant can also be used to gauge out your opponent’s counters, because it only costs 5 Elixir (this won’t work for the Golem, which costs a whopping 8 Elixir).

In this deck, Giant is your primary tank and win condition.

Graveyard- Secondary win condition! Also, my favorite card in the game!

When using this deck in the lower arenas, you will have to be more careful because a ton of players carry Valkyrie. However, if you are in the higher arenas, try waiting for the opponent to play a Valkyrie in the back as an investment, and then use Graveyard and see what happens.

Graveyard can also be used to counterpush.

For example, when using Bowler to defend Elite Barbarians, if the Bowler still has about 75% of its HP still remaining, try waiting for the Bowler to cross the bridge and then place down a Graveyard. I’ve taken this risk once before, and I won a tower easily.

When timed correctly, the Graveyard basically gives you a free crown.

Bowler- Ah, I mentioned this card a few sentences ago didn’t I?

Well, if you’ve seen any Graveyard deck in Legendary Arena on TV Royale, 99% of them will contain a Bowler.

Why is this? I may have mentioned above.

Counterpushing with Bowler+Graveyard is deadly. It allows you not only to defend a push but take a tower as well.

I believe the Bowler needs a small nerf, perhaps damage -3%? I’m not sure, but I love this card.

Note that Bowler can also be your secondary tank. Not a win condition, but the primary defensive card of the deck.

Mega Minion- Bowler+MM FTW!

Bowler and Mega Minion together can defend nearly ANY push at all, let it be Elite Barbarians, Golem+Night Witch or even an RG!

Mega Minion is amazing, because for a cost of 3 Elixir it is just so viable on defense.

This is one of the three or four cards that I try my best to include in every deck.

Baby Dragon- So you can see now that this deck is a control+hybrid beatdown deck!

Beatdown because of the Giant Graveyard, control because of the amazing defensive ability and counterpushing of this deck, and Baby Dragon helps in just that!

You can use Baby Dragon+Graveyard to rush your opponent (although this is highly not recommended, because rushing hardly works at all in this deck) or defend a minor push or a major push with the help of Mega Minion or Bowler. Baby Dragon can also be a support card for Giants, and thankfully doesn’t die to Lightning!

Baby Dragon is for sure one of the best cards in the game, because it is a great support, defense, and also a mini tank that can tank for Graveyard the EXACT same way Bowler does in a counterpush!

Skeletons- After the nerf, I have been thinking of replacing this card.

If the Skeleton count was still 4, you could easily surround and take out a glass cannon with Skeletons. However, now Skeletons aren’t as good (well, duh, that’s what a nerf does).

However, Skeletons are still extremely versatile. They’re not OP anymore, so I would recommend using this card to take out Hog Riders (I see many less experienced players constantly Zapping Skeletons, so that gives you a little positive Elixir trade there) or just to distract and cycle.

Can be replaced with Ice Spirit or Goblins.

Tornado- One of my favorite spells!

I love Tornado because you can pull troops away from your crown tower, toward your king tower, or just pull all the troops together and let Bowler finish them all off (this works better with Executioner, but Executioner isn’t in this deck).

In this deck, try using Tornado to activate your king tower or pull all the troops together so Bowler can finish them off.

Tornado is not to be misused. If you do misuse the Tornado, you’re in big trouble, buddy.

Zap- I choose to use Zap because it’s cheap, mine is quite overleveled for my arena, and it’s the Zap spell.

Do I need to say more? Zap is Zap.

Card Replacements

  • Giant- Lava Hound (not recommended), Golem (not recommended)
  • Graveyard- None
  • Bowler- Executioner
  • Mega Minion- Minions, Electro Wizard
  • Baby Dragon- Wizard (not recommended), Witch (not recommended)
  • Skeletons- Ice Spirit, Goblins, Skeleton Army (not recommended), Goblin Gang (not recommended)
  • Tornado- Arrows (not recommended)
  • Zap- The Log (not recommended, overleveled Zap needed to kill minion hordes), Poison (not recommended)
  • Solid defense
  • Fun to use
  • Solid offense
  • Great synergies
  • Works in ladder, challenges, and tournament
  • Underleveled cards? Who cares? This deck doesn’t rely much on card level.
  • My friend used this to defeat Trainer Cheddar!!!
  • Contains a legendary, and that too one that is hard to use properly
  • Kind of weak against Zap bait
  • Most cards are either irreplaceable or replacements are not recommended
  • No buildings
  • No high damage spell (ex. Fireball, rocket)
  • Doesn’t 3-crown
  • Extremely weak against Three Musketeers (if you see a 3M you probably already lost)

General Gameplan

Early Game (3:00-2;00)


So ideally, you want to either wait for your opponent to make a move (my favorite thing to do) or invest Elixir by placing Skeletons in the back.

I would avoid a Bowler at the back because Bowler is vital for defending pushes. Same goes for Baby Dragon and Mega Minion.

A Giant in the back would allow you to find your opponent’s counters, deal some chip damage, and possibly even take an entire tower out by using Graveyard with it.

A Giant crossing the bridge is the only time you should ever use Graveyard in the first minute.

Mostly, now that you have taken a tower with Graveyard (assumingly), you will want to stall your opponent for the rest of the match, because it’s really tricky to get more than one crown with this deck.

However, most likely you will have not taken a tower.

Mid game (2:00-1:00)

By now, you want to try counterpushing. Counterpushing is your goal here.

Try defending your opponent’s pushes with Bowler and Baby Dragon and by the time they have defended and are crossing the bridge, try and get a Graveyard in.

This usually works because your opponent will have invested most of their Elixir in pushing, and they will have nothing to counter the Graveyard.

Most likely you will have secured a crown.

If you have, again, try stalling. If you don’t have, Giant in the back, by the time it crosses the bridge, place a Graveyard.

Try and get as many Graveyards in as possible because you want to secure one crown, then either stall or slowly go for a second crown.

Late Game (Double Elixir Time & OT)

If you have got a crown, focus on defending, defending, DEFENDING!

If you are able to counterpush, great!

I once defended a Hog Rider (the score was 1-0, I was winning) with Bowler, then waited till Bowler crossed the bridge, then put a Graveyard in. The opponent Rocketed my tower (score became 1-1), but my Graveyard got the score to 2-1.

If you have gotten two crowns somehow, I would suggest going for three, or if there is little time left then just defending.

If the game happens to reach OT, overwhelm your opponent.

I once managed to get two Giants, two Bowlers and a Baby Dragon down and I placed a Graveyard, my opponent hopelessly tried defending with Goblin Gang, but Bowler took them all out. Imagine five tanks and a Graveyard at your tower.

In OT, the goal is to attack, attack, attack.

With this deck, though, you are less than likely to reach OT.


Lavaloon: Baby Dragon + Mega Minion is the key!


Graveyard Freeze: An extremely tough matchup, because Baby Dragon is the only decent Graveyard counter in this deck.

With Freeze, you’re nearly dead.

Some players try using Bowler to counter the Graveyard but Bowler isn’t that effective at countering Graveyard.

If you have chosen to use Electro Wizard or Executioner, that’s the key.

However, Freeze is where it gets tricky. Try waiting for all the Skeletons to gather up (you will have to suffer some chip damage), then Zapping them all.

Three Musketeers: Probably the trickiest matchup there is.

Since you have no decent 3M counter in this deck, I would suggest completely overleveling your splash damage troops and using that to counter 3M.

Another tricky part about facing 3M decks are that 3M are one of the best counters to Graveyard, and recently I have been seeing many Miner+Battle Ram+3M decks in the meta.

So even though this is nearly, uncounterable, I would say…watch out? Not sure.

Elite Barbarians: Bowler. The Elite Barbs are gone.


Royal Giant: Bowler+Mega Minion, then try counterpushing with the Bowler and Graveyard, with MM doing extra chip damage.

Before the counterpush, using Bowler and MM will hardly allow the RG to get any damage in.

Giant, Golem: Same as my answer to RG. Except against Golems, try adding Skeletons in too.



So guys, this is the deck you’ve been looking for if you want easy wins.

It’s a small variation of splashyard (I actually simply subbed knight out for Giant and poison for Zap).

I tested this deck out a bit and found it to be very strong.

Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and I hope you enjoyed :)!